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Tombstone (Alpha Version) By Corey Walden
Paperback: $10.00
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Grab your six-shooter, and get your game on. This is Tombstone, a rules-lite OSR-styled Wild West RPG. This Alpha version contains everything you need for endless adventure. Choose from six character... More > Backgrounds: Folk Hero, Gambler, Indian Brave, Outlaw, Soldier and Holy-Roller. Make a character, or select a Quick Play character and get into the action immediately. This booklet contains rules for character backgrounds, skills, weapons & provisions, exploration, combat, playable Scenarios, a map of Silverton, a mini-Bestiary, debauchery and excitement tables, and much more. A forthcoming version (available for purchase) will include all the artwork, maps, and plenty of additional content.< Less
Tombstone Digs: Phoenix By Caylah Lyons
Hardcover: $19.48
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Alex Silver was always alone. An artist, and general social recluse, he had never had any attachment to anyone else. That is, until the day of his death. The afterlife, Tombstone Digs, is the world... More > in which souls are paired, coupled together to realise their purposes. For Alex, his partner is a beautiful, effervescent, blond, boy. Talvi is a mystery, one Alex finds himself irresistibly drawn to. In order to find the truth behind Talvi’s true identity, Alex must face danger unknown to this world. However, the longer he works to find out the mystery of Talvi, the more he realises his love for him. Even if their relationship could mean the destruction of them both.< Less
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Teddy Bears and Tombstones By K.R Serbatoio
Paperback: $7.00
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In Teddy Bears and Tombstones, childembryo captivates the reader with childhood photos and poetry. She documents what life was like growing up to be hurt by the people who were meant to love and... More > protect you.< Less
Tombstones Without a Tomb By Hildi Kang
eBook (ePub): $15.99
Sindeok, the First Queen of the Joseon Dynasty Heavy, intricately carved tombstones are embedded in the banks of theCheonggyecheon Stream that cuts through downtown Seoul, in the shadows of the... More > Gwangtonggyo Bridge, echoing the story of their owner, Queen Sindeok, the first of the Joseon Dynasty. Why are these stones here under the bridge, out in public view, rather than surrounding their assigned tomb, the Royal Tomb of Queen Sindeok? To examine and understand this enigmatic situation, Tombstones without a Tomb first seeks to understand why the status of Queen Sindeok, who played a crucial role in the foundation of the new dynasty, was degraded after her death, and then traces the process of how the Queen’s honor has since been restored. As the hidden story unfolds, the book brings awareness to the history of Neo-Confucianism and the Neo-Confucian mindset among scholar-officials and the throne throughout the six hundred years of the Joseon dynasty.< Less
Wib Willett and the Tombstone Club By Patricia Bow
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WIB GET OUT NOW Letter by letter, etched by an invisible hand, the warning formed across the back of the piano before Wib’s eyes. People in Amstey say the old Morphy house is haunted,... More > “has been for years. Everybody knows that.” Wib, who once lived there, knows only one thing. The house is not safe. There are places in it he was told not to go: like the room of whispers in the cellar. All the rest is questions. Who are the three mysterious “sisters” who live there now? Why does the telescope in the cupola show places so far away and out of time? And the black dog that prowls the house at night, who is it hunting? Top of the list, who and what is Henry? An imaginary childhood friend, a ghost, or something stranger? None of that can keep Wib from the old Morphy house. He and Henry need each other. Henry to get free of what has him trapped. And Wib to find something hidden in the house: something stolen that he must get back, or nothing will ever be right for him again.< Less
Whispers Among The Tombstones By Dale Pierce
eBook (PDF): $3.75
A magnificent guidebook to the graves of the famous and obscure personalities of the Wild West
Whispers Among The Tombstones By Dale Pierce
Paperback: $17.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
A magnificent guidebook to the graves of the famous and obscure personalities of the Wild West
Tombstone Management System (black & white) By 3D Systems | GibbsCAM
Paperback: $9.95
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This manual discusses the use and interface of the GibbsCAM Tombstone Management System option. TMS is an optional module that allows you to more easily generate multi-part setups for tombstone... More > machining and create appropriate G-Code output. Recommended prior reading: 2.5D Solids or SolidSurfacer, ; and Advanced CS; also,. Additionally, MachineSim is typically used with TMS. Last major update: May 2008, for GibbsCAM 2006; last revised January 2015, for GibbsCAM 2015, v11.0< Less
The Ghost Trackers Guide To Haunted Tombstone By Gloria Young
Paperback: $17.56
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Tombstone, Arizona. This town is rich with history and tales of men and women who fought hard to make a life for themselves. If you are planning a vacation to this small town, do you ask: Where... More > are the haunted places to stay? Where are the haunted places to visit? What kind of haunted experiences have people had there? The Ghost Trackers traveled to Tombstone for the purpose of filming a documentary and ended up coming back with plenty of stories of their experiences. They will share these experiences with you along with the history of the area and have included a rating system so you know exactly what type of haunted place you are visiting. This book is an easy-to-carry, easy-to-use addition to your trip to this town. Join us now in Tombstone. We Believe.....Do You??? (< Less

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