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The Edge By Scott Wittenburg
eBook (PDF): $5.49
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A parallel universe. Does one exist? If so, what might be its role in the grand scheme of things? Someone is about to find out. Adam Fuller is a struggling musician who has left his small Ohio... More > hometown for New York City in pursuit of his lifelong dream to be a rock and roll star. Unfortunately, he has discovered the hard way that the Manhattan showcase club scene for unsigned bands is not what it used to be. Ellen Brigatti is a renowned NYC photographer whose artistry has propelled her to an elite niche among the top names in her profession. Life couldn’t be better for this beautiful young rising star in the glamorous world of fashion photography. Or so it would seem. But Adam and Ellen share something in common that has hurled them both down a perilous path of self-destruction. And neither one is capable of stopping the runaway train that continues to speed relentlessly toward its inevitable final destination. Eventually, only one of them will know where that train has taken them.< Less
Trapped & Wiped (Trapped Trilogy Bundle) By K. Weikel
Paperback: $25.99
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Eenralla lives in a Dome. That Dome is run by the Government. The Government has a secret. A secret they want Eenralla to forget. It all started when she touched the wall... Eenie is a normal... More > girl. Well, normal and antisocial. And extremely self-conscious. She makes a friend, who is supposed to go to her Matching Ceremony. A friend who doesn't show up, and Eenie has no idea why. And then she's called up to dance with the President. On top of that, her match, Ken Barkley, disappears after her little dance. Of COURSE she would get the one guy that bails during the ceremony. It's just her luck. And then she finds out about the rebellion... Things are about to get a lot more complicated around here for this seventeen-year-old girl, and they will never be the same again. Just how far will her luck take her? People want her dead--what if she doesn't make it out alive? GET THE FIRST TWO BOOKS OF THE TRAPPED TRILOGY HERE!< Less
101 Things I should have been taught in Business School By Ashley Sandeman
Paperback: $16.57
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After 4 years of hard study and steady drinking Ashley Sandeman graduated from university and found himself in the business world ready to make a difference. The only trouble was that everything... More > he’d learned in business school didn’t have much application in the real business world. There started a 10 year self-education that has resulted in the top 101 things he wishes they’d taught him in business school. Here you will learn • Why Ghandi should have run a blue chip • How to spot tomorrow’s mass market • What makes a lazy CV • How to get a pay rise • A great long term hiring strategy • How to be the guy who always finds work • Why you should avoid saying “Of course…” • Why angry employees are your friends • Why there’s no such thing as employee engagement • How to add by subtracting • Why the customer is not always right • The basics of a good contract • The path to genius for average people • How to change your life • And many many more.< Less
Speaking Ideas: 25 Articles and True Stories for Experts Who Speak and Those Aspiring (Volume 1) By Tayo Solagbade
Paperback: $12.00
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This book (available in both print and digital formats) is based on a collection of 25 top performing past issues of the author’s Weekly Public Speaking Ideas™ newsletter published over... More > the past 3 years. If you're an expert-who-speaks, or one aspiring, the unconventional, yet high impact experienced based ideas in this book, can help you. Some of the write-ups include narratives of real life events. Where necessary, real names have been changed to protect the privacy of others. If you need tested and proven IDEAS for successful multi-faceted LOW to ZERO COST self-promotion, towards gaining a competitive edge in winning over profitable clients, again and again, as an expert-who-speaks (or one aspiring) - BUY THIS BOOK! [REPRINT PERMISSION for EVERY BUYER]: As a paid owner of this book, you will be able to freely reproduce the articles contained in this book for use on your website, or in any other medium of publication, as long as my byline and copyright information are printed along with every article.< Less
How to Prevent Stress from Ruining Your Life By Robert C. Worstell & Earl Nightingale
eBook (ePub): $2.99
How do some deal with stress and others see their lives wrecked by it? Stress is in everyone's life to some degree. In this special report, there are four successful approaches you can use to deal... More > with it. How to React to Stress - Everyone has different reactions to the same incident. How you chose to react is up to you. And that will determine how you survive the stress you meet. The Devil's Wedge - Based on an old folk tale, it's moral is worth thinking about. The trick is that discouragement is really just a form of self-pity. And the solution to this is simple: take action. A Commitment to Laughter - The people at the top of their field succeed because they take some time daily to appreciate the humor in life, to laugh a little. Falling Isn't Failing - A successful life is nothing more than a lot of successful days put together. As such, every day counts. There's more great tips for successful living inside this book. Scroll up and get your copy now.< Less
The Death of Propaganda By Michael Best et al.
Paperback: $29.00
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B2B buyer behavior has changed – now it's your turn. B2B buyers have changed the way they evaluate and purchase goods and services—yet most B2B suppliers still approach their markets... More > with hyped-up, propaganda-like messages. The challenge now is for such companies to move from spouting propaganda to establishing credibility. From the role of salesperson to that of a customer advocate. And from broadcasting self-recommendations toward a more powerful model where people recommend the company and its products to their peers. The Death of Propaganda presents Three Voices™ strategy, a step-by-step recipe for meeting this challenge via three distinct modes of stakeholder engagement: Voice of Company; Voice of Industry; and Voice of Customer. All three Voices need to be integrated into top-level business strategy, and incorporated into marketing and communication plans to fully address the needs of the new breed of B2B buyer.< Less
Dating Advice for Women: Getting the Love You Want By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Dating Advice For Women: Getting the Love You Want by expert Cathy Wilson dazzles you with useful top secret tips on Dating Advice for Women. Kiss your dating and relationship frustrations good-bye.... More > Wilson describes step-by-step how to "Hook, Line and Sinker" your man EVERYTIME! Key Dating Advice Solutions Extraordinaire include . . . * PERSUASIVE Confidence * MOTIVATED Action * INFORMATION To Understand What You Really Want * RESOLVING Interference Issues * CREATING Self Love First * OPENING Your Mind To New And EXCITING Dating Strategies Most importantly this DYNAMIC Relationship Advice For Women book INITIATES and IMPLEMENTS an Introductory Plan to classy women up for SUCCESS in the Big Bad world of Dating! ESTABLISHING practical Strategies to Attract the handsome man of your dreams and skip past trouble is CRITICAL in the big picture. Wilson MOTIVATES, INSPIRES and CO-ORDINATES the tools necessary for sexy women to get the love you want and keep it. Let's get started!< Less
JAKE AND SOFIA Soft cover - preview edtion By Neebeeshaabookway (L.G)
Paperback: $21.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
THIS IS THE SECOND NOVEL (a PREVIEW edition!) (*previews: Jake Hugs Texas)-- The JAKE SMITH RANCH SERIES is for head injury, seizure, and tongue-loss awareness--This sequel "re-visits" so... More > the story can STAND ALONE, for those that have not read JAKE. It then progresses into Jake's string of situations that test the strength of his self-esteem, towards sharing his life with a sweetheart. Head injury, seizures and tongue-loss don't always make a man feel in tip-top shape, put he presses-on. His wedding day becomes twice as hard, because of his hero-heart as he saves a man's life, but, oddly lays his wedding on the line. Harder still, never would he have dreamed, as to the wild out-come of his honeymoon, or his one last wound. If you would like more information on the Jake Smith Ranch Series, and the separate titles for these books, please go to: and search.< Less
The Solution of these following conflicts is only freedom 1 Kashmir 2 Manipur 3 Assam 4 Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A that also by use of UNSC Military power , full flash By Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A
eBook (PDF): $5.99
4 East Timor =Nation ,UN member , =Christen Nation , Got freedom from Indonesia in 2002 it self , Muslims Nations with in 25 years !? But Kashmir ,Assam people still facing India=Hindus... More > nation past 40 years !? 5 while in Azzad =Free Kashmir = Pakistan there is not single life loss , kill ,rape , loot by Pakistan army from past 65 years !? 6 but in Indian detailed Kashmir facing every day abuse , kill ,rape , torture , genocide form Indian army from past 65 years !!?? given , 60000 mental cases Assam Christen , 89000 mental cases Kashmir Muslims just in past 30 -20 years 4.0 lacks murder , 12 lacks forced unemployed, 20 lacks ,Kashmir , christen Assam 7 we P5 +1 Nations have capability to stop Aganii 2,,3,4, Parthavii 2,3,4 in such way that it can not start even Indian ignite it !!?? 8 Now see the God Justice , that India is under top most corrupt nations listed with Iraq ,Afgan , Niger , Dr cango ,Cambodia !!??< Less
Dead End Job By Ingrid Reinke
eBook (ePub): $0.00
NAMED IN THE "TOP 100 INDIE BOOKS OF 2012" BY KIRKUS From Kirkus: A fun-filled tale of new beginnings: After a professional and personal meltdown in Orange County, Louisa... More > “Lulu” Hallstrom packs her things and returns home to Seattle. The engaging, unwitting Louisa helps first-time author Reinke successfully capture the fresh style of a light, well-paced mystery, impressively rendered with interesting, multidimensional characters. Reinke’s humorous, witty voice is accessorized by easygoing and accessible prose...Reinke wisely refrains from getting too fancy with inorganic plot twists; instead, she simply lets the story speak for itself. Louisa is a funny, endearing, self-deprecating and, above all, relatable heroine, whom just about every woman can relate to as she navigates a turbulent life, with a few laughs along the way. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more soon from Reinke and Louisa. A refreshing, humorous read that strikes a winning balance between chick lit and light mystery.< Less

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