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An Old Town by the Sea, (Portsmouth, NH) By Thomas Bailey Aldrich
eBook (PDF): $5.00
CONTENTS: I.Captain John Smith; II. Along the Water Side; III. A Stroll about town; IV. A Stroll about town (con't); V. Old Strawberry Bank; VI. Some Old Portsmouth Profiles (see Preview); VII.... More > Personal Reminiscences; Index of Names (see Preview). An excerpt from an ad in the Boston Daily Advertiser c. 1873 states the following about 'An Old Town by the Sea': This "Old Town" is Portsmouth, NH, rich in historical memories and associations from the days of "Strawberry Bank" to the present.It has not yielded to the passion for modern improvement and still possesses much of the old-time charm and a quaintness suggestive of the days when it was the capital of New England's only royal province. Mr. T.B. Aldrich has never lost his love for his native town,, as several of his books abundantly prove. This book abounds in descriptions of topography, is full of historical incidents and anecdotes of historical & eccentric characters, and all in the author's charmingly characteristic style.< Less
WILDLINES By Ytaelena Lopez
Hardcover: $40.00
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I love to push the boundaries of the perception of our own bodies and their influence in our social relations and our own emotions and fears. In my WILDLINES series I interact with my subjects to... More > make an imaginary topography of the person I see (kinda of soul cartography), using Kandinsky’s theories in "Point and Line to Plane" and a very physical, albeit elaborate drawing. For example, the Warhol ("My favorite Rogue") is mostly straight lines in angles, full of drama. It’s my way to narrate a subject full of contradictions, sometimes deep in relation to his context, sometimes shallow in his own intimacy. "The Kiss" is round forms in warm colors, that escalate their hues and curves in the place when passion reaches its peak. The image of David Bowie ("My childhood hero"), sexy and severe, done in a in a intricate triangular-line labyrinth, brings back memories of the singer as a villain dressed in tight leotard, as the king trying to subvert the basement of popular culture.< Less
100 Stones By Faith Scott Jessup
Paperback: $48.00
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One Hundred Stones lovingly reproduces each of the individual paintings from Faith Scott Jessup's 2014 project. Each stone has its own page, reproduced in full color and nearly life-sized. The... More > paintings were completed over an eight month period, from April 2014 until November of that year. "My goal was to devote my full attention to these humblest of objects, which are elemental, yet individual. I was able to focus on their easily overlooked topography of subtle colors, textures, speckles and scars. As I painted, I held each stone. I would look, observe and pay attention. I would think about the age of each stone, where it came from, what forces had acted upon it and the likelihood that its composition was much like mine. Each stone embodies the whole world." One Hundred Stones recreates, page by page, the artist's undivided attention and contemplation during her meditative journey.< Less
Lights and Shadows of Mormonism By J. F. Gibbs
Paperback: $18.99
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Contents include: Joseph Smith's Ancestry Belief in Dreams, Visions and Miracles are Dominant Traits of Character--Joseph Smith, The Youth His Environment Materialism Other Doctrines as Natural... More > Sequences--Church Organization Effected Its Political Status Defined by the Prophets--Nauvoo, the New "Land of Zion" Charter Granted "Nauvoo Legion"--Polygamy Evidences of Existence Evidences Repudiated by "Reorganized" Church--The Mormon Church, a Political Organization Evidences Quoted--Growth of Nauvoo More Politics Ex-Governor Boggs Shot More Trouble for Prophet--Brigham Young Succeeds Joseph Smith Saints Again Expelled--Nauvoo to the Missouri River--Truth about the "Mormon Battalion" Missouri River to Santa Fe--The Land of the Setting Sun Lewis and Clarke Expedition, Bridger, Bonneville, and Others --Utah as It Was, and Is Topography Geology Lake Bonneville Mineral Resources--Crossing the Plains Route of the Saints Arrival in Salt Lake Valley--etc.< Less
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Strates & archipels, échantillons By Pierre Merle
Paperback: $14.62
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Les dessins de Pierre Merle se caractérisent par la construction d’espaces imaginaires : entre utopies et autres territoires abritant des éléments... More > hétérogènes qui proviennent de ses centres d’intérêt (construction d’habitats, conquête spatiale, travail du bois, culture geek, techniques archaïques, géologie, nouvelles technologies, écologie, fascination pour le progrès, culture du libre et du diy, art de la guerre, paysages et topographie). ¶ les deux séries d’où proviennent ces échantillons (que l’on nommera « strates » et « archipels ») entremêlent ces éléments en les distribuant de différentes manières : sédimentaire ou volcanique, sur terre ou dans les airs, en long ou en large. ¶ L’outil — toujours le même — définit l’échelle de représentation, ainsi on peut lire un système graphique qui s’articule autour d’un gris constant et d’une unité : le point du rapidograph 0.35. Qu’importe le format des dessins, l’échelle des objets est invariablement la même, ou presque.< Less
L'Eyafjalla, chaudron sous-glaciaire islandais By Raymond MATABOSCH
Paperback: $15.90
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Depuis l'ère tertiaire, la topographie de l'Islande ne cesse de se transformer, à cause de l'activité volcanique permanente, prégnante, voire en constante augmentation, et... More > ses contours sont, à l'échelle des temps géologiques, en évolution relativement rapide. En outre, la fonte des glaciers, constatée depuis le début des années 1980, génère, par rebond isostatique, une élévation rapide de son sol dont le relèvement n'est pas parfaitement homogène. En effet, alors que l'élévation moyenne s'établit à 18 millimètres/ans, certaines parties du Centre-Sud de l'île « montent » de 35 millimètres/an. Des traces géologiques, d'un phénomène similaire, concomitant à une activité volcanique, dans certaines régions de l'Islande augmentant de trente fois, qui s'était produit lors de la dernière déglaciation, entamée il y a environ 12.000 ans, sont répertoriées dans le relief islandais. L'augmentation croissante des essaims sismiques pourrait être liée à ce phénomène de rebond isostatique.< Less

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