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Towerld Level 0016: The Little Librarian Is a Straight Shooter By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Finally, the Barrier-free Brigade and the expedition team have just initiated the caravan along the barrier-free spiral slope, toward the trade tier. Hector_1304, a bibliophile, utilizes the... More > libraries that are located along the path of the journey, to try to discover many unknowns, including the secrets of Towerld and his birth. In one of the libraries, he meets a very strange, little librarian. She is a dwarf in a lab coat, with a brass-colored eye wearing a monocle. As she shows off her knowledge, she is not telling Hector everything that he wants to know. Instead, she is encouraging Hector to commit an unthinkable act. As he is becoming helpless, who is coming to the rescue? Who is this monocled midget? What does she want to do? Who is her target, Hector or somebody else? For what reason? When Towbie Rhoentey Malgrokk, the Twisted Tyrant speaks of what he knows about the mysterious midget, the enigma becomes murkier than ever. The straight shooter is aiming at the target. Beware!< Less
Towerld Level 0001: Escape from the Flooded Floor By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The world is encased in a titanic tower, named Towerld. People live everyday lives like prisoners. It is neither heaven nor hell. The dwellers continue on with their lives, because they cannot find... More > any particularly important reason to revolt against the world. A lad with an ID code “Hector_1304” has been making the ends meet as a fisherperson on a flooded floor. The flooding shows no sign of receding, and the level is on pace to sink beneath the water completely in the not-so-distant future. He realizes that he has to move out of the submerged floor to stay alive. Unable to suppress his survival instinct and wanderlust, the lad decides to advance to the upper levels. What await him on other floors? What are the scale, history, and true identity of Towerld? Who constructed Towerld, for what purposes? When many mysteries make the transitions from unknowns to knowns, the humankind learns the mission, understands the destiny, comprehends the fate, and rediscovers the grand purpose of the cosmic scale.< Less
Towerld Level 0012: The Twisted Tyrant and Damsels In Distress By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Whatever has happened to the Pluck Princess, who is now missing? Who can possibly knock unbeatably fleet Wendy unconscious? Hector_1304 and the strange companions head for the barrier-free floor, to... More > search for the Pluck Princess and to apologize to Towbie about failing the mission. The Stairway Shieldian speaks of his life story and the history of Towerld. What are the stairway floor and the ‘treadnauts’? The ongoing feud between the disabled and the able-bodied people is sinfully deep, as much as the grudge between the wheeler-dealer and the Stairway Shieldian. At the entrance of the barrier-free floor, they encounter the gizmo goons in black suits. The one behind this innovative method of ‘subhuman’ resource cultivation is shocking and expected. Towbie the Twisted, who is even outdoing the drug lord, reveals his spies and the secrets involving the feminist floor. What is his method of “the wrong people in the wrong places”? By the way, this is time to worry about Gideon, not the wedding.< Less
Towerld Level 0002: My Master Is the Postal Princess By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $0.00
"Wendy, will you marry me?" What is the matter with a lad named Hector_1304, after successfully escaping from the flooded floor and entering the factory floor? What has contributed to his... More > change of heart? Whatever will happen to his mission of climbing Towerld toward the invisibly distant top? Besides, who is a girl named Wendy? Hector makes a career change from a fisherperson to a mailperson. When Hector tries to deliver a VIP (very important package) to a suite on the floor above, he encounters a berserk forger named Gideon. When he starts the special delivery to the upper floor, he runs into vicious dogs trying to tear outsiders apart, mysterious agents in black suits attempting to confiscate the delivery package, and that nemesis he once avoided on the flooded floor. Will he be able to fend off the obstacles and move on to the next floor? Hector and Wendy just have to keep on running and climbing, to continue the journey to the upper floors.< Less
Towerld Levels 0001-0010: The First Decalogy By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $10.00
Only the failures and reality exist in the colossal construction of Towerld. A lad named Hector_1304 escapes from the flooded floor, and then feels the wanderlust to continue to go to the upper... More > floors. He meets the postal princess, a gigantic forger, and the exotic diva. Together, they form an expedition team to participate in a ritual to be held on a distant floor. The enigmatic Stairway Shieldian, vicious dogs, the Theriocephalic Thugs, the drug lord, agents in black, a brigade of freaks, the wizard on a wheelchair. Various types of adversaries stand on the way. In order to clear the formidable barrier-free floor, Hector_1304 intrudes into the feminist floor, while dressed in drag. Does his adventure end long before he gets closer to the destination? At the end of the decalogy, the interpretative article “The Novel That Spans a Millennium” by Ryusui Seiryoin (the chief editor) is featured. At The BBB website, you can download a musical track, composed and performed by the Pluck Princess.< Less
Towerld Level 0014: The Raccoon Rescue Rally By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Towbie the Twisted conducts the Raccoon Rescue Rally. The winner of the event obtains the right to marry Wendy, the postal princess. Hector_1304 wants to establish a polygamous relationship with... More > Wendy and Ephemera. He has to participate in and win the event to reclaim the right to make Wendy his bride. The entrants are; Hector_1304, the Stairway Shieldian, the Detachables (Belestekoff the Legs and LeMarr the Arms), JoJo (also known as many other aliases), the Wild Cards (the Fay Ministress and Benny_2319), and Prop-Alla-Din. Who is the favorite, heel, underdog, wild card, or dark horse? Who are willing to win the competition more strongly? Is there any collusion among the participants? Why is the Stairway Shieldian acting so strangely? Towbie the Twisted adds a twist to the event, to showcase his not-so-secret weapon, named Prop-Alla-Din to many other floors in Towerld. Can anyone escape from, or prevail over the mean meat-grinding menace? When the dust settles, a new star is born.< Less
Towerld Level 0005: The Expedition Launch to the Higher Levels By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
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“You are going to have to explain this to me.” Even though Hector_1304 and Wendy have managed to sneak into the suite, they were ambushed by the Theriocephalic Thugs. Thanks to the... More > storming support of Gideon the forger and the help from the Pluck Princess, the intruders seem to get out of the hot water. However, the drug lord, Haloom Ghoude, enters the scene with his underlings. Hector_1304 has to explain the situation to the drug lord, or he and his friends have to face the calamitous consequences. The only surviving member of the Theriocephalic Thugs, Sus Scrofa, is determined to avenge his crippled comrades. The snorting forger, the immobilized diva, and the postal princess are of no help this time. Does the adventure to higher floors end here? Hector_1304 wants to make a stunning comeback, by persuading the drug lord, by dealing with the last of the beast-headed guards, and by putting on a show to the servants of the Ghoude Corporation.< Less
Towerld Level 0011: The Demonic Diva In the Purple Haze By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
The triple feature has just reached the climax. Mesmerizing music and cigar smoke dominate the space. Have thousands of spectators fallen asleep? Hector_1304 barely notices a shadowy figure,... More > standing alone in the shroud, and it shocks him. “Who are you? WHO ARE YOU!!” What is that malicious mien? Is this a reality, or just a dream? Hector_1304 still moves on to complete the mission to rescue the female squad of the expedition. He has to part ways with the ladies he has met on the feminist floor. While he still cannot get over his habit of flirting, Wendy’s jealousy reminds him that polygamy is not a realistic option. Just when Hector_1304 and his friends are close to the exit from the feminist floor, they encounter the wild cards. Who are going to participate in the stairway showdown, and who will prevail, against whom? Can they finally escape from the tight spot? Does Hector_1304 have to team up with the rival to prevail? When a reliable ally falls, the mission takes an unexpected turn.< Less
Towerld Level 0010: The Public Torture Is the Triple Feature By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
When the expedition team is about to exit from the turf of the drug lord and enter the upper level, it is split into male and female squads. Hector_1304 is dressed in dreadful drag, and enters the... More > feminist floor to rescue Wendy and the Pluck Princess. Even if he manages to reunite with the female squad, he is forced to be executed publicly in front of the hostile crowd. Can the trio work together to get out of the dangerous predicament? What comes useful in this situation; combative abilities, theatrical skills, musical talent, planning ability, assistances from unexpected sources, or the cunning to deceive not only foes but also friends? How are an ugly redhead and a beautiful blonde going to affect the stage? When the musical performance by the Pluck Princess in the purple haze reaches the climax, the public execution starts veering off to an unexpected direction. At The BBB website, you can download a musical track, composed and performed by the Pluck Princess.< Less
Towerld Level 0017: Take Over the Creamy Pure Show! By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
The megalomaniac monk attacks! The girldians with mystic powers stand up to save the world from the impending peril ... Wait. Is there magic in Towerld, which is supposed to be real and... More > realistic? The theatrical play goes on, to entertain the dwellers of the barrier-free spiral slope (especially kids) and solidify the sense of communal unity. Hector_1304 (replacing the runaway actor), Wendy, and the Wild Cards work for the Barrier-free Big Top, and stumble upon the backstage politics. Menogna Jamine-Al Kafieldre is in the theater! Is she attempting to crash the play to disappoint the kids, or simply attacking the isolated target on stage? Hector_1304 improvises to counter the assault. First, he becomes the villain depicted in the storyline. Then he somehow deals with Menogna. Will the stage manage to go on, without letting the spectators be aware of the pandemonium? Will the farcical mixture of fiction and reality end safely? Beyond the curtain call, the new turns of events will emerge.< Less

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