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TOMOS' LOT By Mike P Ireland
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Is an entertaining adult romance set in a small Mid Wales University town during the mid 1980's.
Lottie's Lot By Nancy O'Connor
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Lottie's Lot is a thorough and engaging exploration of a family matriarch during a pivotal time in women’s history. The changing role of women is first revealed when a young girl defies her... More > father and follows her heart to marry the man she loves. She would later defy social convention in a small prairie town to defend her daughter’s reputation. Despite having to struggle constantly with poverty, terrible family tragedies, and frequently being uprooted. Lottie’s lot in life turns her into an admirable survivor who never loses her resolve to support and defend her large family.< Less
Lot's Journal By Heiland Hoff
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Ashland, Oregon The trees are blooming in Lithia Park. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, but a mysterious disease has suddenly wiped out nearly all of the world’s human beings. ... More > Roberta Neville is alone. She surrounds herself with animal companions as she stoically sets about ridding the town of corpses. Two thousand miles away, in Huntsville, Tennessee, a schizophrenic trial lawyer named John Lot sets out in a pickup camper on a quest to find other survivors. Fueled by religious zealotry, he believes that God has spared him from the Calamity because of his own holiness, and he is convinced that any survivors he finds will share his extreme religious convictions. At last he encounters Roberta. How will he cope with a strong woman with opinions of her own?< Less
Hillsborough, N.C. - History of Town Lots - The Complete Reference Guide By Stewart Dunaway
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This is the most complete guide for the history of Hillsborough, North Carolina. This Colonial village began in 1754, and has a rich history in residences, courthouses, and other buildings and... More > events. This book includes the deed transcripts for town lot 1 to 238. There are more town lots, than 248, but this book's focus was on the oldest records, which are contained here. Also included is a vast collection of original documents (NC State Archives), which assist the reader in understanding how these 1-acre lots move through history. Many appendix sections are included to focus on specific histories; Churches, Schools and Academies, Courthouses (all 5), Jail houses, Post Office, Utilities, Ordinaries, Town Clock, The Blue House (State first Treasurer's office), and the Masonic Lodge. This is the most extensive research ever published on this topic to date.< Less
Hillsborough, N.C. - History of Town Lots - Addendum 2015 By Stewart Dunaway
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This 400+ page book is an ADDENDUM to the main book (History of Hillsborough Town Lots 700+ pgs.) – adding more historical and town-lot deed information. This book contains more county history,... More > including copies of the original petition to form the town of Corbinton (Hillsborough) which includes many original county residents. More deed records (modern) for town lots, many new plats and drawings to clarify several key town blocks and their respective development (division and subdivision). New information on the Margaret Lane Cemetery (black), special emphasis on 1854 town-expansion, and the Town Hall (Roulhac/Ruffin). New appendix sections for, County Fair, quarries, town-clock, brickyards, ordinaries and taverns, county formation, and town meeting minutes. Pictures of the town clock, and new information on the Market House. Also the Towns 1890s expansion is included (Lots 239-292). If you have and enjoy the main book, then this addendum is a must have companion.< Less
Easton PA: Concordance of Original Town Lot Owners Sources By Richard F. Hope
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A chart cross-referencing information on Easton's original town lots from A.D. Chidsey's "Penn Patents" and "A Frontier Village" material, with the entries on the de Krafft map... More > (c.1790s), the Beitel map of 1859 and book of 1900, and WalkingEaston website entries.< Less
Chapel Hill, NC - History of Town Lots (1790-1930s) By Stewart Dunaway
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The objective of this book (like the one for Hillsborough) is to document the individual town lots for Chapel Hill. However, unlike Hillsborough, the town was not platted with hundreds of lots, all... More > the same size, in an ever expanding process. The town lots of Chapel Hill were sold for funds to build and operate the University (again showing the duality of the early mission). This book contains deed records pertaining to houses and businesses in Chapel Hill. The deeds are chained together (as best possible) to show a particular lot's history. Is every lot and piece of land covered in this book? NO. However, a very large collection is included. Is every lot traversed from 1790 to 1930? NO. Some lots have breaks, where I could not trace it. The focus is on the OLD records. It is rather easy to take a lot today and traverse back to 1930. Therefore, not every lot will be traced to 1930. Appendix sections include, utility, maps, mills, post office histories - etc.< Less
Growing Up in a Small Town By David M Boshears
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A memoir of a young fellow growing up in a small community. Lots of memorable moments....some funny, some serious, but all lead to the path of adulthood with God's peace being present.
ANY SEASIDE TOWN By John Peaseland
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John would drink responsibly, if only the circumstances would allow. The misunderstanding at the Art Gallery, the sea rescue, the séance involving the use of Magic Mushrooms, the car crash and... More > a ghost to boot, all conspire to prevent him from facing up to his fear of sobriety and the responsibilities that would bring. It’s not funny and certainly not clever to drink to excess and reading Any Seaside Town you will see why. Take a seedy, bleary, leery trip into the world of three friends desperate to break out of their addictive cycle of self destruction, desperation and hopelessness. You will have a lot of laughs on the way but you may have to cover your eyes against their tragic-comic existence. Can they emerge from the darkest corner of their souls, (with blood shot eyes) as sadder and wiser men? (This book contains strong language)< Less
Brunswick Town and Wilmington By Baylus C. Brooks
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Brunswick Town, the Cape Fear region’s first port city, provided a deep-water port that accommodated trans-Atlantic shipping on the only easily accessible river in the colony of North Carolina.... More > Contemporary accounts stated that it was like to be a “flourishing place,” while town lot sales reflected its profitability in 1731. However, Brunswick Town was not destined to remain and its founder, Maurice Moore and his family would suffer great economic trials as a result. Brunswick Town barely lasted until the American Revolution and today, remains only a vague memory. This is a radically different interpretation of the events in the Lower Cape Fear in the early eighteenth century. An eminent historian recently commented: "Portrayal of North Carolina history as something which began at colonization then proceeded completely independent of external conditions creates an artificial temporal and spatial bubble that isn't truly representative of the operating causal forces..."< Less