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Beware of False Religions & Pagan Traditions Part 2 By Helene Fulton
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There are only two roads; one leads to heaven and one leads to hell. This is a spiritual fact, without change or compromise; there is no middle road and no chance to “sit on the fence”.... More > There are numerous false religions operating in the world today, falsely broadcasting themselves as truth or as God's truth for that matter. These religions may, on the contrary, be the foundation of lifelong poverty, family breakdown, mental derangement, physical illness or varying manifestations of bizarre behavior in the lives of people. These individuals have either turned their back on the true God completely or, by their actions, have allowed some of these pagan and false religious practises to creep into there every day lives. By clinging to these pagan traditions, we inadvertently give Satan a foothold in our lives. In these books these false religions have been measured up against the word, wisdom and knowledge of God. The word of God says that His word is like fire and is a hammer that breaks rocks into pieces.< Less
A Guide to Romantic Love: the Romantic Character and the Romantic Tradition By Ariana Gonzalez Hernandez
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This isn't just a practical, straight-forward guide for learning to develop authentically romantic relationships - it's a guide that is about so much more. What we popularly think of as truly... More > genuine and heartfelt romantic love is actually a product of a Christianized "Catholic" Roman culture and the subsequent "romance" Catholic societies that would take after this culture. Although originally this culture did form the basis for all traditional Western European cultures. As you learn to develop your own authentically romantic relationships, you will find yourself going on a casual journey through our history and evolution as humanity; this evolution which culminates in the romantic culture and its unique invention of romantic love and the truly romantic relationship. This journey will not only shed light on the mysteries of romanticism, it will also put into perspective the tumultuous history of Western cultures as well as shed light, and provide resolution for, our modern-day dilemmas.< Less
Bible, Church, Tradition: An Eastern Orthodox View By Georges Florovsky
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Bible, Church, Tradition: An Eastern Orthodox Perspective_ by Fr. Georges Florovsky is an excellent introduction to Orthodox biblical exegesis and ecclesiology. It should be read by Protestants, many... More > of whom are unfamiliar (and occasionally hostile) toward Orthodox views on Scripture, as well as Roman Catholics for an alternative view to their own tradition, as well as Orthodox themselves who are looking for a short, academic but intelligible introduction to this topic. Fr. Florovsky is considered by some to be one of the most outstanding and profound theologians of twentieth century Orthodoxy. Among his students is another famous historian of the Church, Jaroslav Pelikan, who joined the OCA in 1998. Unfortunately, all of Florovsky's books are out of print except for a four-hundred page biography about him published by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press.< Less
Holy God We Praise Thy Name Easy Piano Sheet Music Pdf By Traditional Christian
eBook (PDF): $3.99
A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!
Curveballs (Traditional Chinese Translation) By Catherine Mardon
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(Traditional Chinese) When a young idealistic Catholic attorney decides to take on the leader of a white supremacist training camp, she has no idea how far she will have to go, and how much it will... More > eventually cost her. A true story of faith in the face of adversity.< Less
Curveballs (Traditional Chinese Translation) By Catherine Mardon
eBook (PDF): $4.48
(Traditional Chinese) When a young idealistic Catholic attorney decides to take on the leader of a white supremacist training camp, she has no idea how far she will have to go, and how much it will... More > eventually cost her. A true story of faith in the face of adversity.< Less
Mass Movements: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, the New Mass, and Ecumenism By Dave Armstrong
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This volume consists of essays on 1) the distinction between the extreme radical Catholic reactionaries and mainstream “traditionalists,” 2) the New (Pauline, Novus Ordo) Mass and its... More > liturgical abuses, and 3) genuine, orthodox (not silly liberal) ecumenism. Radical Catholic reactionaries have been misled by various errors of the nature of what is called "rigorism". This recurring problem throughout Church history is seen in groups such as the Donatists, Montanists, Jansenists, and the Old Catholics who left the Church after Vatican I (1870): an error of thinking and out-of-whack perspective; an inability or unwillingness to think with the Mind of the Church, and a lack of charity. I love traditional Catholic worship, and the Tridentine Latin Mass, and have much affinity with "traditionalists." That’s not what this book critiques. Rather, it criticizes fringe views that seek to “bash” the New Mass as profoundly “inauthentic” and inferior Catholic worship, and to dismiss Vatican II and true ecumenism.< Less
Anglo-Catholic Catechism (Catechismus Meridionalis-Occidentalis) By Anglo-Catholic Archdiocese of the Southwest
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Catechism of the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church - This catechism, based on the venerable Baltimore Catechism, is a concise, yet detailed description of the entire doctrinal foundation of the... More > traditional Christian faith, and focused on the Anglo-Catholic Rite. (In this publication, Anglican and Anglo-Catholic are used interchangeably, and generally also together.) Through careful and diligent study of this catechism, those preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation may be made thoroughly ready, well-grounded in the Faith, and worthy to receive the sacrament. Furthermore, the faithful already confirmed may renew their knowledge of their faith through study of this catechism. Whether confirmed recently or long ago, study of the basic foundation of the Faith is an essential tool towards spiritual growth, a means of attaining grace, and an effort towards perfection and eternal salvation.< Less
The Catholic Church of England: Its Constitution, Faith, Episcopal Succession, etc. By Arnold Harris Mathew
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First published in 1914, this seminal work provides insights into Archbishop Mathew's vision for the Church. Given the lack of primary sources about Archbishop Mathew this work provides a rare... More > glimpse into the faith and traditions of Old Roman Catholicism. It is imporant both to members of the Church as well as observers of the movement.< Less
The Divine Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Graeco-Russian Church By P Kuvochinsky
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This work was first published in 1909 by the prestigious publisher Cope and Fenwick of London. The author did a superb job providing a faithful translation of Church Slavonic into English, while... More > preserving the traditional language of the liturgy. Even after 100+ years this work remains unique as a faithful, dignified translation of the Divine Liturgy.< Less

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