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Kundalini Awake By Sabita Banerji
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Kamala Steele, a bright, young undergraduate, has an experience in a garden shed that triggers the awakening of "kundalini" - a powerful spiritual force. The awakening affects her in... More > extraordinary ways, which she doesn't understand. But then she joins a research project in India against a backdrop of mounting global tensions and dwindling fuel supplies. Her journey becomes one of cultural, emotional and philosophical discovery. She learns at last what drove her icy mother to cut off all ties with India, why a multinational corporation would stop at nothing to find an old tree in the middle of a forest, and where a group of tribal women find the power to stand up to it and defend their way of life. She also learns the purpose for which kundalini was awakened in her. Readers' reactions: "...wonderfully vivid and full of suspense." "so exciting! ...a delicious book you want to savour..." "VERY interesting: Lots of intrigue in the build up and extremely well written."< Less
The Valley of the Two Tall Oaks By William Forde
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The true test of any great nation is not what it achieves, but how it endures. Africa is a great nation and the endurance of its people over many centuries is a testament to their capacity to survive... More > with dignity within an all-too-often cruel and intolerant world. For many centuries, the people of Africa experienced colonisation, enslavement, economic exploitation, apartheid, disenfranchisement, resettlement and segregation. Throughout these hardships they kept their faith in their beliefs, culture, traditions, religions and dreams. Many have written about Nelson Mandela, but I wanted to write about his dream; a dream which sustained him through three decades of imprisonment; a dream held by other tribal chiefs in the Africa of old and passed on to the next generation, like a baton until it eventually ended up in the hands of Nelson Mandela, who then gave it to the world. Nelson Mandela described this story as ‘Wonderful’.< Less
Morning's Ascension By E.M. Lucas
Paperback: $10.41
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Haseya had always been content with her life in the Wahpeton tribe, following her father's order to whatever he had said. Until she falls down the slope that changes her life forever. Taken in by... More > other tribe when her fathers never looks for her, she gets dragged into a huge ordeal surfacing mysteries about Litonya, the shaman's apprentice, Unzeas the Sun Goddess, and even Haseya herself. Stuck with three other people from the Kanza tribe, she and the others find themselves as they make their way to rise the sun once more before it never rises again.< Less
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Fargoer - The Beginning By Petteri Hannila
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We welcome you to step into the dark northern forest. A place where no plow had touched the ground this far in the wilderness. Where the tall shapes of Viking ships struck terror and awe everywhere... More > they set their sails. This was the age of dreams and legends, of powers now long forgotten. Tales carried by whispers in the cold wind in this dark land. Vierra is a young woman among the Kainu people, a tribe of age-old traditions and ways. Hers is the grim and solitary existence of a woman cursed with greatness and destiny. Can she break her path painted in stone and find a place for herself in her tribe and in her turmoil-filled world? Or will she become 'the Fargoer?' Fargoer is a series of fantasy short stories that draws its power from the harsh yet beautiful nature and folklore of Finland. The combination of fast-paced action and wonder for the long lost worlds of yesterday borrows heavily from pulp-literature of the 1930's... with a bit of human touch and drama in the middle.< Less
The Speakers By Jacob Laetus
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Jahir and Khamin are two childhood friends growing into young men in a village on the outskirts of Lalosia, a powerful empire that rules the lands surrounding its central fortress, Kirobos. Law of... More > the empire reigns supreme and in this merciless tyranny, young men are taken from their families at the age of fourteen and enlisted in one of five clans. These five clans make up all that is the Lalosian empire. As a result Jahir and Khamin are separated at the festival of the clans. Khamin is assimilated into the brutally militant fire clan to be trained as a soldier. Jahir however is rejected by all five clans and discarded by the empire. This leads him straight to Vertius, a Speaker. From similar upbringings, the two young men experience two very different adventures that take them through dungeons, romances and wars. One faces the meaning of manhood, its place in society and freedom. The other experiences the harshness of existence, the essence of one's self and the confines that define reality itself.< Less
Wutika By Jonathan Croxford
Paperback: $21.00
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A strange and grumpy wooden creature wakes in a fantastical jungle full of equally odd critters, unable to remember how he got there. When his path crosses with a small village inhabited by a tribe... More > his own kind, he promises to hunt a greatly feared beast in exchange for a place to stay. But hunting the thing turns out to be much more of an adventure than he had ever hoped for. A unique and whimsical adventure-mystery novel for all ages. Wutika blends fantasy elements with themes of natural sustainability, angsty characters and surprising discoveries.< Less
Square One By Wes Boyd
Paperback: $20.95
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Starting Over! After Danny Evachevski found his wife cheating on him, he felt he had no choice but to get a divorce, go repair ties with his family and friends and start over. It wouldn't break his... More > heart to leave a life and a job he detested, either. But Danny's soul has been severely wounded by the experience. He finds a most unusual place to heal while he's waiting for his divorce to go through, then heads back to his home in Spearfish Lake. It isn't easy to go back home -- things have changed, and changed a lot in the twelve years he's been gone. In spite of family and friends, he's lonely and often seems at loose ends while he watches people that have made something of their lives. Then, quite unexpectedly, things change. Maybe there's hope for him after all!< Less
Where the Villages End By Prakash Mishra
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A quick and melodramatic tale of a tourist's first adventure, recounted. His journey to the Indian wilderness catches him off guard in this heartwarming tale.
Dressing for Don Pedro By Susannah Anderson
Paperback: $4.00
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Three short stories of Mexican life, traditions and art, legends, family love. "Lupe had a sudden vision of her, fourteen years old, barefoot, hands on black-skirted hips, tongue stuck out at a... More > tormentor; just so her Pedro, a young man himself, must have seen her and loved her; just so she must have said, "Let them scold! If they only knew!"< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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