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Tribulations By Chantal Aytes
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A collection of my tenebrous poetry over the years since I began writing
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Tribulation Ahead is an exegesis of what lies in the near future for the world according to Bible prophecies. The current political, religious and economic condition of the world has grown beyond... More > man's ability to fix it. It has reached the point where only God's intervention can fix it. The sins of mankind have gotten the world into this condition and God is ready to judge the world because of its sins. The only hope for mankind is to repent and turn back to God who can keep us through the troubles that are coming. Every interpretation of prophecies I have given herein is supported by the Bible.< Less
Tribulation Christians By Bill Farrand
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A novel concerning the events after the Rapture until the New Heaven and Earth
The Tribulation to Come By Dennis Dinger
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Having procrastinated on studying the subject of prophecy for the first 15 years of his Christian life, the author finally embarked on the study. Having previously heard numerous Bible teachers... More > expounding the “pre-trib” approach to prophecy, the author expected to learn the details of that approach in his study. The result from this long, personal study, however, as detailed in this book, is a “post-trib” view of prophecy. If Christians want to speak knowledgeably about prophecy and understand how the end times will unfold, each needs to read, study, and decide from their own personal study what they believe and where they stand. “I don’t know what the Bible says, but I agree with ... so and so,” simply won’t do. This book should provoke lots of thought, study, and calls to the Spirit for guidance and enlightenment.< Less
"Glory in Tribulations" By Reverend Brian Richards.a.i.p.c.[M.A.C.A.]
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This Book is a Personal favorite of the Author!Utilizing a powerfully dynamic delivery and little-known material, as a Marriage Celebrant,Pastor, and Pioneer the Reverend ignites, inspires, and pulls... More > his audience to their highest levels of achievement by the Power of the Holy Spirit.It is believed that this revelation of "Glory In Tribulations" is the key to the success of the Apostle Paul with much tribulations he entered into a deeper realm of the Spirit not only in God but most of the time with God. Jesus said satan will come immediately for the word sake,to steal the word out of your hearts. What to do when this happens, and the attitude we should be in, is the key to all success in God. How to Glory in tribulations is the biggest lesson we all will ever have.Learn how to do this and expect great things to happen in your life.This is the Key to your success in God.< Less
Tribulation: 2008 By Tom Kovach
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The Tribulation — the seven-year period of persecution predicted in the Holy Bible — BEGAN on 29 September 2008 (the Feast of Trumpets). This book proves it. The 800 California... More > wildfires in June of 2008 were a punishment from God. Why? What else will happen? Tom Kovach examines the Holy Bible through history, politics, military tactics, geography, and linguistics. This book shows that much of what modern Christians believe about prophecy is based upon wishful thinking, and not upon actual Bible language. It also shows that Jesus really is The Messiah, and He is coming back ... soon! Find out why a top-rated talk-radio host got more than 500 e-mails in 24 hours, asking for the Web address to learn more about this book. Learn more about the author at: www.TomKovach.US.< Less
Trial By Tribulation By Edward C. Street
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Basil Derwent relates his traumatic experiences as a husband, father, and as a highly placed official of a quasi-Governmental organization during the mid-1930’s, as the threat of a major... More > conflict with Nazi Germany becomes increasingly apparent. He comes to realise that the many trials and tribulations with which he is beset are – to some extent at least – a divine Test through which he must pass, as he faces each new day and comes to increasingly rely upon Almighty God for guidance, patience, fortitude, and peace of mind, in sometimes harrowing circumstances. We can share with him in these trials as, together with his passionate wife, Esme, and their teenage son, Nicholas, they each triumph over their individual adversities and are then inspired to undertake upon the daunting task of individual and concerted Christian witness, to the extent of forsaking all of their own personal aims and aspirations.< Less
Trials and Tribulations By Jamaal James
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Trials and Tribulations By Ken Doss
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A memoir of actual cases from over forty-four years of practicing law & trials, covering the storms of dispair & the bright light of clarity in the search for truth & justice in a legal... More > system complicated by facts & human emotions involving everyday people with not-so-everyday problems. Southern lawyer, who is also an avid outdoorsman, horseman, fly fisherman & gourmet cook.< Less
Trials and Tribulations By Bradley Robb
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A series of writings of memories and feelings of hardships, life, and the attempt of prosperity as a veteran in today's world.