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Shadow Valley By Stephenie Muller
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50% of the proceeds go to Bundy to the Farm Drought Aid to help as they do their little part to help a big problem. Taking generous gifts to farmers & their families. Cora Brantly is a single... More > mother of twins, returning home to raise them in the place that she was raised, among the people closest to her heart. But it won't be all smooth sailing, living on a property and raising cattle as well as children will have it's trials. When a truck loaded with cattle rolls over, when cows are calving, when fences are down or a fox invades the hen house, she can only rely on herself. Luckily though it is not all hard work, there are shows to go to, family to reunite with and rodeos to travel to. Picnics by the creek, weddings in the north and handsome new friends to make. Set in a little country town called Rathdowney, you will fall in love as you wind your way along creek banks, where the water flows cool and clear over grey boulders and shadows stretch for miles up lush green valleys surrounded by mountains.< Less
The Secrets of Apricot Lane By Amy Tatko
eBook (ePub): $6.99
After the birth of her only child, Elizabeth grows lonely during her husband’s long trips and finds unexpected companionship in her neighbor Nick, a single father with a baby boy. An unlikely... More > friendship begins between the two parents of newborns, despite her career as a Russian professor and his job as a truck driver. Their connection grows deeper, and their love affair consumes Elizabeth and torments Nick. When he destroys her dream for their future, Elizabeth must confront her marriage and identity as a mother. Through the years, she longs for Nick and writes to him. Only the approach of death prompts him to answer her call. From idyllic California to a mysterious rendezvous on Red Square in Moscow, The Secrets of Apricot Lane shows how love can fulfill some dreams and shatter others. The romance between Elizabeth and Nick, their love for their children, and the power of marriage create an epic tale that spans twenty-five years and reveals the flaws of class and gender stereotypes.< Less
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The Firehouse Fraternity: An Oral History of the Newark Fire Department Volume I I I Equipment By Neal Stoffers
eBook (ePub): $2.99
From Ahrens-Fox rigs with chain drives, open cabs, steering wheels on the right, and firefighters hanging on the back step to the air conditioned crew cabs of today, trucks used by the NFD are... More > recalled by the men who drove them. The turn out gear worn is described, as is the evolution of the hose they pulled with them. Follow the men of the NFD as they move from wooden ladders, rotary or piston positive displacement pumps, and filtered masks to today's modern rigs and positive pressure self contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs). Members of the NFD appointed between 1942 and 1978 remember from the days of iron men and wooden ladders when masks were rarely worn to the present day. The evolution of rigs, turn-out gear, hose and nozzles, and ladders and tools is discussed, showing the steady progress of the fire service over the last half of the 20th century and into the new millennium. The only thing that hasn’t changed through these decades is the dedication of firefighters.< Less
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deez- commentar38b By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
my 1st loan was my worst deal. Frugal, thrifty, I bought the cheapest thing I could afford. Told a promise was a dream, I was in a haze of animosity. Needing more parts than I could shake a stick at,... More > I was always beyond broke. My wallet would only hold money a moment. So I set out on revenge. All I cared about doing the rest of my life was retaliating the lie, (that a promise was a dream,) told to me. I cared about nothing more. No matter how hard I worked I always came up short. Always needed money. My truck was cheap. I got what I paid for. 219 rejections later, I see a massive dent on my personal life. Lied to, I feel like I was stolen from. Getting to school smelling like gas daily, I thought everybody was talking about me. Too angry to sleep at night, I was a walking, wrathful zombie. Sacrificing all of my future for vengeance, nothing< Less
deez- commentary29 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Holly & I made very good friends. We were, well, BFFs. We talked very well. 2 peas in a pod. I asked her out. She said yes. But an inner voice went crazy. I thought of her shiny sports car &... More > my junky truck. But I also could tell I wasn't hearing everything. It compiled itself. I could tell I had some truth about her coming. I saw her shiny sports care as the deal breaker. It was most offensive. I drove junk & there she was driving a shiny sports car. Granny said nobody my age drove a nice car. In the conclusion, I called it off. Then after we graduated I was told her sister, Tabby Hanson, is a movie star. It all went together to work against us! I had a lot happen to me as Holly & I were in that class. I went through a car window & $1m doctor bills. 1 decade of therapy. I saw Holly's picture. She has kids now. I don't know if she's single. She lived in LA when I talked to her. My great aunt lives out that way in Semi Valley. But years have passed. I went to< Less
deez- commentar33 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
What a game. I am very entertained when I see a good game. The leader the whole game suddenly loses the lead at the end of the game. I had admittance to make good grades. I didn't have to try. But... More > ridicule is why I tried not to do best. I invested effort in making bad grades! Huh? The worse I did, the less I was picked on. So I was cheated in my youth. Then college got in my sights. Doing my homework & studies were a must. But I didn't. Why? because I had insurance, down payment, car payments, gas for a gas hog, & other similar fees cominh down on me. My insanity & instability back then was grandiose. Mental illness & disorder back then was highfalutin. Psychopathy & imbalance back then hoity-toity. I was a basket case! Told what will your brother, sisters, & cousins drive, I started drinking. I was hell bent to ruin my life. I was doing it because Granny, at my 16th birthday, lied, loudly laughed, & called my promised truck a dream. The church secretary< Less
deez- commentary20 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
MEMOIR I think about the galaxy. The time line is working out. I had a ruined destiny for a dream come true. It was a grievous pain when my church secretary granny lied & said my promised... More > truck was a dream. But in real life she was Plying a part of my destiny. I was becoming the writer I had a calling for starting 1983, 2nd grade. Back then, I copied a children's book on magnifying glasses. I could tell right then I was doing the thing I'd get old doing. Now I'm writing about my experiences. 1 year later, Mrs. Winder would slap me in the face. 8 years old, I was dismayed. It was aghast. I couldn't understand what was going on. I was just a scared 3rd grader. It was nonsensical. And look at this. It was a private/Christian school, Hope Baptist. I learned better than to go by the surface. The same thing happened at my private/Christian school... college. I was hit low. It was a low blow. They, TMC College, put me in 4 overwhelming classes to choose 2 to drop. I just needed to drop 1 class, Computers.< Less
deez- commentary22 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
COMMENTARY22 BY WINDER, GA WBHS CLASS OF 93 MICHAEL”dee”HOUSE Mom can't have overtime. It's That makes advertising them fruitless. Something I find awkward. It seems... More > like the more business they have, the better. I have dedicated e books to I also have friends with businesses I can publicize. A couple are Andy Woods Construction Welding & Matt Wimpey Plumbing. Granny was always urging me to go in Papa's footsteps, wiring & plumbing. But my personality is my downfall. I only remember the bad days. I only remembered Papa's bad days. He made good money, but he blew it as fast as he earned it, if not faster. Smoking & drinking like crazy. I was 100% detached from family after my 16th birthday. That's when I was promised a truck. At the birthday party, Granny loudly laughed, mocking, telling me the promise was a dream. It was so loud & deafening the restaurant-- a decade later-- owner still remembered. On the way home, that second, I began deliberating revenge.< Less

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