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My name is Chao. I'm an ordinary person from a poor mountain village in northwest China. Like most other human beings, I often ponder: Why do I exist? How should I live? What is the meaning of my... More > life? I believe my life is not worthless. Everyone should be appreciated and each of us should be valued as a wonderful individual. This is why I wrote this book - to share with others the narrative of my life; to allow others to know another human being's life story. My parents had two children. Brother was born in 1982 and 10 years later in 1992, I was born. Mother was then 38 and Father was 42. I was an accident. My parents had decided to give me away because they were afraid of violating the one-child policy and because they were so poor. They had decided to give me to a rich family who would in return give them a truck. However, at that time Brother was very attached to me. He cried a lot when he heard that my parents would give me away. My parents then decided to keep me no matter the difficulties they faced.< Less
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deez-commentary87 By Michael House
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ARTHRITIS IS SOMETHING Papa had, always moaning. Soughing. & groaning. Dad. Pinched nerve in his back. Always moaning. Soughing. & groaning. Both of them got old. Then I went through a... More > window. Got arthritis. Always moaning. Soughing. & groaning. (Till my La-z-boy!) Hereditary determinism. Learned behavior. Now my calling is memoirs. Always reflecting. DIGGING up old memories to write about. Reflect over. My biggest pain was when Granny told a boldfaced lie. Said a promised truck was a dream. Hardigree road & my 79 Toyota are part of my ugly past never to be seen again. 79 Toyota was all I could afford. Daily broke down. Daily needed parts. Filled me with enormous rage. Set me on a trek of revenge, journeying of paying back. I drank, partied 23 months then went through a car window. Part of the stupid revenge I was looking for. It made me dependent on my family. I had say when I was getting hustled by TMC & Dr. Callahan. I knew they were best avoided. I, a past< Less
deez-commentary82 By Michael House
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I was in the wrong. I was 16. I was immature. Promised I'd be getting a truck for my 16th birthday, i didn't think I'd be getting anything different. Then when i was told it was all a dream i pulled... More > out all the stops.  I had promised not to drink. So i started drinking. Boy, did i ever. It got to where a weekend absolutely never passed without alcohol. Highs got higher. Lows got lower. On the way home from Ol' Malley's night club, i unbuckled & prayed for death. The driver dozed. I was  slung all over the car, out the rear window. On EMT, my football coach 5 years hence picked me up & put me in the ambulance. Then came the hospital, countless surgeries, nerve damage, paralyzed palate, limp, decade rehab, lost all my friends, dirty rehab manager Marian Hope led me to dirty Dr. Callahan & dirty TMC College. Then i moved home & became a freelance writer "DEEZ-COMMENTARY" at Now I have reached my calling. I need my driver's license & Independence. I've< Less
deez- commentary57 By Michael House
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My condo balcony doesn't face East or West. That means I don't get a direct beam from the sun. I was scared system restore caused possible loss, but felt glee when everything was recovered! In about... More > 1 month, Jacob will be here. I think of Jack Nunan, who freely laid my guest house's sod after my brain injury. Ronny Willoughby rode home with Dad & me, continuously telling me he loved me. 2 weeks later, in a fuss over a transmission, he was murdered. I flipped my go-cart 3 times because Jack Grizzle had it high performance. I traded my motorcycle for Jack's PC. In college, Stacey called a dad to get permission to date his daughter. He said that was up to her. Stacey later served a decade in jail for entrapment. Renee & Cooper in Sunday school knew my BFF, Andy. Cooper drove a junky truck when Renee started dating him. I drove junk & have been rejected 219 times. My black buddy said don't talk about blacks guarding me like they did, but I think he meant don't< Less
deez- commentar59 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
we need our storage facility. IT IS FULL OF SENTIMENTAL junk. Stuff we hold dear to our heart. I can't go fishing in this land of lakes, but I have a number of fishing rods my papa left me. Promised ... More > truck for good grades before my job for the down payment soaked up all my homework time, I bought all I could afford & couldn't afford the parts. That was economically the most depressing time in my life. 219 rejections later, I got a calling to take a turn with my personal life. Ejectors have to be my history. I summon billions of people to pray curses on my cursers. If sexual deprivtion needs the doctor, I should go. God called me from my ejectors at 27 rejections. It has been a difficult command ever since. I want to spend the rest of my life writing my memoirs. Right now, I have 62 pages of topics to write about. I was reading John Grisham an hour a day, but started collecting topics an hour a day. My 219 ejectors mak me want to write about my life. Everybody is suspicious as to why Trump fired< Less
deez-commentary69 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Carrabbas. I have to leave to go get mom's jacket. I have on a tee & feel just fine. Waitress calls me beautiful. I was told i have to pay for my woman. It's a cost to have a woman. I look at my... More > writing as my cost. 219 ejectors swayed my interest. It got a foothold as I broke down 7 days a week in 91. I remembered Dad. I remembered how he wanted a truck payment even if I had made 1 the day before. I was cold to Dad after my tbi. I had a chemical Imbalance that took 5 months therapy for proper diagnosis. I hated that 5 months of torture. THE INSTRUCTOR WAS A continual screamer. So was my roomie. I got daily screamed at. My nerves were always rattled. My roomie screamed at our instructor as much as he screamed at me. My chemical Imbalance helped keep me rattled, flustered, hot and bothered, perturbed, discomposed, & berserk. I thought my pills were eating anger. The instructor said they didn't work like that. In light of my 219 ejectors, rom 10:9-10.< Less
Sunny Side Up - The Gritty Memoirs of a Crazy Chica By Holly Kay Cronk
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Lying on a truck seat or the cold metal top of an old freezer, Holly would close her eyes and instantly leave her body behind, returning only when the embarrassment of exposing her pudgy adolescent... More > body to her grandfather was over.She was trapped in all directions, praying, dreaming and waiting for the day to come when she would be free.Sunny Side Up-The Gritty Memoirs of a Crazy Chica is a true story that follows the life of a little girl who spends her childhood living with secrets.As a teenager she gets married.Soon drugs, alcohol and domestic violence become a huge part of her life.20 years and three kids later life comes to a screeching halt.Decades of addiction and abuse erupt into a violent confrontation.As the SWAT team surrounds her family home waiting for her husband to surrender, Holly knew there was no turning back.Fighting for her husband and her family, she prevails and a new life opens up only to set the stage for an ultimate betrayal and the rape of her daughter at Ft. Hood Texas.< Less
Almost Always Fatal (Surviving Cancer With a Sense of Humor) By Charles Walton
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Can a cancer survivor's story be entertaining, even funny? One might expect "informative", "interesting", or "inspiring", and this book is all three, but Charles... More > Walton's writing style and honest, down-to-earth sense of humor, make his account of his battle with a deadly form of cancer a truly fun read. In 2004 Walton was diagnosed with cancer while self-employed with no health insurance. He and wife Kathy lost their business, their home, and even their dog over the ensuing two-year period which he covers in these pages. He says, "It sounds like a country song, doesn't it? Did I mention that I lost my pick-up truck too? The point is though: None of that stuff (except, of course, our dog) matters. Kathy and I live in a one-bedroom apartment and drive a 17-yr.-old car now, but we live better than ever before, taking nothing for granted."< Less
Going Pro for $200: Revisiting the Nikon D1 By Shawn M. Tomlinson
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You’ve heard about the wonders of the professional digital single-lens reflex cameras, how they handle, how they feel in your hands. You’ve looked at Internet reviews and sample... More > images. You’ve oooed and ahhhed at every curve, button and dial on the pro DSLRs. Let’s face it: you’ve drooled. So have I. But those prices. Yikes. Never did you think as a photographer enthusiast or wedding photographer or weekend photographer that a pro DSLR — a Canon 1Dx, a Nikon D3x or a Nikon D4s — was within reach. In fact, you can put your hands on a professional DSLR body and a lens for around $200 if you really want to know what all the fuss is about. No, I’m not talking about a Nikon D4s that, ah, “fell off a truck” somewhere. I’m talking about the very first, ground-up DSLR for the professional market. The Nikon D1. Many may scoff, but there are good reasons to acquire this pro DSLR that once cost $6,000 when it was new in 1999. The first reason is you can get one now for around $100.< Less

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