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Based On A True Story By Josh Ruiz
Hardcover: $23.39
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The first half of the book is a story about a teddy bear who fell in love. The second part is the reason why he fell in love with her. This is an engagement book.
Kluge: Based on a True Story By Tom Baker
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Kluge lives with his mother and brother in a tenement, in a nameless city, long ago. A misfit, a loner, Kluge lives in a fantasy world, until the day the dream ends, and reality reveals itself to be... More > a nightmare. Discovering a terrible secret, Kluge explodes in a torrent of homicidal rage. Kluge lashes out at a world that mocks him, erupting in blood-spattered fury. But, is it all just another of his dreams? This hardboiled novelette was written in a white heat of inspiration, based on a grisly true crime case from the Roaring Twenties. Kluge bristles like tough poetry. You'll never forget it.< Less
The True Story of Thomas Edison By Zach Brown & Parker Stobaugh
Paperback: $10.70
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This book goes back to the time of Thomas Edison and shows you the real story of one of America's great inventors. A town in scandal, a crisis afoot, a man with a mysterious secret.
19 true stories of angels By travis phillips
Paperback: $19.95
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Calming and Beautiful Presence Do angels exist? The authors of these stories would tell you with utmost certainty that they do, because they have had personal, often astonishing experiences with them
The Game: A True Story By Ruth Wise
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An allegory of love, as a game of "Two Plus One, Bring It On", based on the author's perception of her own experience, this story was written at a height of pain in her deeply valued and... More > treasured marriage relationship.< Less
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Laddie: A True Blue Story By Gene Stratton-Porter
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $9.98 | You Save: 50%
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Laddie tells the story of an idyllic childhood of "little sister", and is loosely based on Stratton-Porter's own childhood. The text is the 1913 edition of the book, updated to modern... More > American spelling. The layout has been chosen with a focus readability, with a larger font and spacing chosen to make for an easy reading experience while leaving space in the margins to write notes.< Less
Deceitful Affection A True Story By Courtney Hernandez
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Immigration... a word I never knew I would become so familiar with. After my first vacation to the Caribbean my life was turned upside down forever. Who would have known the bar tender would end up... More > being my future husband? We could barely communicate. When my vacation was over, I was determined to see him again. I was oblivious to the heart wrenching journey that lay ahead of me and how I would be laughed at and insulted by my own friends and family. The countless stories I started hearing of women who marry and sponsor their husbands only to find out their marriage has been a scam compelled me to be extra cautious with my choices. This story is about the struggle to marry and sponsor my spouse, while secretly praying that both our intentions were in the right place. Was he marrying me only to have a better life, or because he really wanted to be with me?< Less
The Unwanted Companion: A True Story By Patrick J. Murray: Pioneer
Paperback: $13.58
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In terms of stepping stones, and books that change the world, the book written by Patrick Murray is of such an ilk. That in the subject it brings to light; a harrowing account of reality behind what... More > so long has been thought to be a medical condition, the extraordinary story in the context and detail it occurred, is a revelation for humankind. It is not only a testament to the unseen world, that it exists, but that we coexist with life forms we cannot see, but never the less, some of which are able to influence us, and in a very negative way and do us harm. For those interested in the supernatural, mind body and spirit, or something unusual and unique, The Unwanted Companion is a must read.< Less
The True Story Of Afghanistan By Omeed Gul
Paperback: $15.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
It ha s everything about Afghanistan.

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