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The Tyrant By Ryan A. Murray
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The Tyrant is an absurd novel that chronicles the actions of a secret cabal of heros fighting to save the world from a malevolent enemy beyond space and time.
The Tyrant By Ryan A. Murray
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The Tyrant is an absurd novel that chronicles the actions of a secret cabal of heros fighting to save the world from a malevolent enemy beyond space and time.
Tyrant By Cody MacKay
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Part One of the Sky Fort Series. A war in the second half of the 21st century leaves the world divided: the self-styled God-King rests comfortably in his technologically advanced fortress in the sky... More > over a prosperous and puritanical Europe, while the rest of the world lays in ruin, broken cities long since pillaged and left to rot. Ten years after the end of the war, a street-rat by the name of Anthony makes his way back to New York. Adept at survival by plunder in the post apocalyptic wastes of America, Anthony returns to his childhood home to find it changed beyond recognition. Meanwhile, Theodore Wells, wanted by the government of the God-King, also makes his way towards New York. His method of survival is slightly different, however: Ted owns a pair of outlawed guns, and he's a crack shot to say the least. A ship is waiting for him in the harbor, it's cargo necessary for the Rebellion's secret plan. All goes smoothly, until he meets a certain street-rat.< Less
Vengeance on the Tyrant By Travis Winebrenner
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Takeshi and Sayomi's parents have been massacred by the vicious gang, The Oni. Only time will tell what their next move is. However, they receive a helping hand from an unknown creature...
Tyrants of the Void By Ryan London
Paperback: $18.50
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The Prophecy of the Immortals has come to pass. The tyrants of the void have entered reality, just as Exos Starblood warned. The gods of the void, aided involuntarily by Exos himself, are now... More > systematically seizing economies, industries, and regimes. A new cast of characters both hasten and prevent this regimented destruction of mortality and everything it has built, as the tyrants tighten their grip around the souls of the universe, leading them towards an unwinnable war meant to leave all souls either destroyed or enslaved. Meanwhile, Exos is on a crusade to reveal the dark truths of both time and space, helping the Lathoe people against his will, while attempting to annihilate himself as the trauma previously endured slowly grows into unmanageable pain. Now, the race is on to save the sphere of creation and Exos as well, who is crucial for the defeat of the enemy. The creator himself, and the kingdom of immortals now prepare for an apocalyptic war to save mortality and defeat the tyrants of the void.< Less
The Tyrant's Onslaught By Julian Saheed
Hardcover: $34.58
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Imprisoned. Christill now faces the wrath of his King and Council. They will demand his blood, but his destiny is yet to be fulfilled. He must uncover the terrible source of the Tyrant King’s... More > power if the world is to be saved. The guardian gods have given him strength, however, he will be forced to travel to the most dangerous part of Kovi, hunted by those he is fighting to save. Thibalt always believed in his Scorpions, but it is a dark path the Maloreichar have set them on. He will question his actions at every turn. The war will paint his hands red. As their enemies close in around them, he will be forced to make the hardest choice of his life. Throughout their journey they will face familiar enemies, treachery and above all the malevolence of Zephra. The truth will be revealed and sacrifices made, for the Tyrant King’s onslaught is unwavering. Hope is all that remains. Hope and two brothers.< Less
Clemency for Tyrants By Keith Charles Dovoric
Paperback: $9.95
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Keith C. Dovoric has been composing, recording, and performing his own material for twenty-five years. The fourth book by the NJ-based singer-songwriter, poet, essayist, social critic, and teacher,... More > Clemency for Tyrants contains forty-six songs and poems, all of which are previously unpublished. "I feel that this content represents a quantum leap in my writing, and yet it fits very well alongside my previous work. I'm proud and happy to share it."< Less
Spreadsheet Tyrants By Zach Tachyon
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Spreadsheet Tyrants is a brilliant satire of an America set five minutes in the future and just one step further to the right. The year is 2020: President Donald Drumpf is campaigning for his second... More > term as President, a severe drought is forcing citizens to evacuate from the heartland, and the government is forced to rely on a Kickstarter camping to combat a deadly pandemic because the FDA, EPA, and CDC were all shuttered within President Drumpf's first 100 days in office. Put on a sturdy pair of boots and prepare to explore the rusted, collapsing, graffiti covered landscape of a nation that is an oligarchy is all but name and where freedom has been rebranded, repackaged and fun-sized by your friendly Corporate Overlords. But hope is not lost in this strange new world because the working class just got a brand new set of champions and defenders. But will their "cure" for out-of-control capitalism be worse than the disease? There’s only one way to find out!< Less
Playbook of a Tyrant By Mustapha K Darboe
eBook (ePub): $10.00
On July 20, disgruntled soldiers led by a young man later to be known as Saikou Manneh, who staged a protest against the government were disarmed, detained but later set free. The country's... More > president, Jakali Sanneh, was away. Behind the country's State House docked a military ship by Babylonia. Their mission was a joint military exercise with soldiers of Kanan, so they claimed. Except that the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, President Sanneh, was not aware of this exercise. The journey of how one of post-independent Africa's earliest democracies was thrown into a dictatorship has begun. Rarely has one written a book to portray tyranny, a system established, sustained and ruined by the same fear that created it, as the Playbook of a Tyrant< Less
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