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Introduction to New Zealand animals By Urban Napflin
eBook (PDF): $3.99
It is incredible what interesting animals evolved in New Zealand - due to 80 million years of untouched and uninfluenced evolution! It's right up there with Galapagos and Australia. This e-book... More > tries to inspire the reader to keep eyes open for more than Kiwi and penguins. Plan your wildlife viewing opportunities even before you travel to New Zealand. Including a link to an exclusive photo gallery. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime and impress those Kiwis with your knowledge! With Maori names. Table of Contents: Why New Zealand animals are unique Extinct animals Birds Insects Marine animals Wildlife encounters in New Zealand More information: New Zealand websites and books< Less
New Zealand: Te Reo - an introduction into Maori language By Urban Napflin
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Ideal for New Zealand travellers and newcomers who would like to understand or speak some sentences in Te Reo Maori and learn more about the underlying Maori culture. History and related languages /... More > The Maori alphabet / Pronounciation / What makes learning Te Reo easy or difficult / Basic grammar / How to form simple sentences / Articles / Tenses / Passive / Possessive pronouns / Adjective reinforcements / Commands / Negation / Words you probably already know! / Words which are often used / Numbers / Weekdays / Months / Seasons / Times / Greetings / Colours / The human body / Religion and culture / School / Family / Food / Countries / Cities / Places / Names / Modern Maori words / Texting in Te Reo / Maori English slang / Example sentences / Questions and answers / Visiting a marae / Powhiri (welcome ceremony) / Greetings in the marae / Introducing oneself in the marae / Whai korero / Waiata / Proverbs / Maori prayers / Learning resources: internet / Learning resources: books / Maori online dictionaries< Less
Worm Farming for Beginners: Vermiculture Starter Guide: Become a Backyard Worm Farmer Make and Sell Natural Worm Compost By Urban Hillbilly
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Are you curious what worm farming is and what it takes to get started? Can it really be fun and profitable? These are just a few questions I had before I started worm farming. You will see that... More > starting in worm farming is easy and fun! You will discover all the benefits of vermicomposting, it's many uses, and how to turn it into a fun and profitable hobby. Weather you take advantage or vermicompost for fishing bait, or a source of food for feeding your wild birds, feeding those backyard chickens or fish, or just fertilizing your organic backyard garden. This is a fun and enjoyable hobby anyone can learn. Getting started is easy so start now! Generate income and promote a healthy ecosystem and a healthy life. Get your copy today!< Less
Inside Secrets By Jim Urban
Paperback: $3.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
What is common in real estate is short-term success. The industry is littered with agents who have a few good years, usually more as a result of a good market. What's less common is durable success.... More > Here are stories of extraordinary agents and lenders who have proven over the long-haul their dedication to the mastery of their craft. They do the deep work daily, they work harder on themselves then they do on their business, and the result is that they are some of the most productive and profitable business people in the industry. You'll love these inspiring stories and read them over and over.< Less
Power to Witness By Urban Prescott
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A powerful documentary of Christian instruction for soul-winning and encouragement.
What in the World Are You Doing Here By Urban Prescott
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is an instructional manual for effective soul-winning.
Hope Springs By Lavinia Urban
Paperback: $11.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
Spring is upon Alimanti and with it brings hope. Kasey-Ray has resigned herself to the fact that her fate with King Nova is sealed. Or is it? Relationships and trust are put to the test when Josh... More > stumbles upon the Faery world. Can he keep it a secret or do his memories need altered? Kasey-Ray learns of her family’s history and soon discovers that there are deep, dark, secrets.< Less
Erin the Fire Goddess: The Beginning By Lavinia Urban
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Erin Tait is a 15 year old girl, born with a birthmark covering the left side of her face. She moves to her parent’s home town of Galladale, where all is not what it seems. From day one, Erin... More > is bullied by Jessica Watson, for looking at Sean Jackson. Why is she trying to keep Erin away? It’s hard when Sean goes out of his way to talk to Erin, causing the bullying to get worse. Erin is lonely and scared; she doesn’t know what to do. Can she control the fire inside?< Less
A Gift of Love: A Journey of Courage and Personal Transformation By Anette Urban
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
(4 Ratings)
If anyone had given me a crystal ball the day I got pregnant and shown me how dramatically my life would change and what I would have to go through, I am sure I would have said I could never do... More > that. But I could do it. I just didn’t know it yet. This is my story, a journey of personal pain, inspiration, and strength. It is one of evolvement and spiritual growth. My son Martin was a gift of love to me. Love taught me forgiveness, joy, and happiness. It also taught me to make the best of what we are given and what we have. My intent in writing this book is to share my experienceand personal growth in the hope that readers will connect with its contents. It is also my hope that my journey may empower others to confront challenges with the strength and courage to prevail.< Less
Lauren Lucero By Justin Urban
Paperback: $29.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
College pictures i took for Lauren Lucero in Pueblo Colorado

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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