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Blueprint Reading and Sketching - NAVEDTRA 14040A By U.S. Navy
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Blueprints (prints) are copies of mechanical or other types of technical drawings. The term blueprint reading means interpreting ideas expressed by others on drawings, whether or not the drawings are... More > actually blueprints. Drawing or sketching is the universal language used by engineers, technicians, and skilled craftsmen. Drawings need to convey all the necessary information to the person who will make or assemble the object in the drawing. Blueprints show the construction details of parts, machines, ships, aircraft, buildings, bridges, roads, and so forth.< Less
Fluid Power - NAVEDTRA 14105A By U.S. Navy
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Fluid power is a term that describes the generation, control, and application of smooth, effective power of pumped or compressed fluids (either liquids or gases) to provide force and motion to... More > mechanisms. This force and motion may be in the form of pushing, pulling, rotating, regulating, or driving. Fluid power includes hydraulics and pneumatics, which involve liquids and gases, respectively. LEARNING OBJECTIVES When you have completed this chapter, you will be able to do the following: 1. Recognize fundamentals of fluid power. 2. Explain the concept and history of hydraulics and pneumatics. 3. Identify the states of matter and the factors affecting them.< Less
Hull Maintenance Technician - NAVEDTRA 14119 By U.S. Navy
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All individuals have the responsibility to understand and observe safety standards and regulations that are established for the prevention of injury to themselves and other people and damage to... More > property and equipment. As an individual, you have a responsibility to yourself and to your shipmates to do your part in preventing mishaps. As a petty officer or chief petty officer, you have the responsibility of setting a good example; you cannot ignore safety regulations and expect others to follow them. Personnel should always observe the following safety practices: Observe all posted operating instructions and safety precautions. Report any unsafe condition or any equipment or material deficiency you think might be unsafe. Warn others of hazards and the consequences of their failing to observe safety precautions. Wear or use approved protective clothing or protective equipment. Report any injury or evidence of impaired health that occurs during your work or duty to your supervisor.< Less
Interior Communications Electrician: Volume 2 - NAVEDTRA 14121A By U.S. Navy
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CHAPTER PAGE 1. Synchros, Synchro Signal Amplifies and Wind Indicating Systems 1-1 2. Aviation Equipment 2-1 3. Ship’s Entertainment Systems 3-1 4. Technical Administration 4-1 5. Quality... More > Assurance 5-1 6. Ship's Drawings and Diagrams 6-1 7. Maintenance 7-1< Less
Tools and Their Uses - NAVEDTRA 14256A By U.S. Navy
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PURPOSE This manual provides information on the use and care of selected hand tools and measuring tools. It will explain the types and uses of a large number of tools, a practical application of a... More > selected group of tools, safety requirements, general care, and limited repair. A user must have, choose, and use the correct tools in order to do the work quickly, accurately, and safely. Without the proper tools and knowledge of how to use them, the user wastes time, reduces efficiency, and may face injury.< Less
Aviation Maintenance Administrationman - NAVEDTRA 14292A By U.S. Navy
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Most of the duties that Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZs) perform are in direct support of the aviation maintenance technicians who work directly in the aviation maintenance effort.... More > Because most of the duties and responsibilities of an AZ are specifically outlined in the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP), COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2(series), you should have a good working knowledge of the NAMP. This chapter will concentrate on the organizational and intermediate levels of aviation maintenance that the NAMP describes. It is to the activities that perform these levels of maintenance that you, as an AZ, will most likely be assigned. Because AZs are assigned in the staff divisions of aviation maintenance activities, this chapter some of the important duties and responsibilities of staff divisions, especially those that an AZ might perform.< Less
Operations Specialist: Volume 1 - NAVEDTRA 14308A By U.S. Navy
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In late 1942, ships equipped with radar had a space set aside and designated as the “combat operations center” (COC). As functions in the COC became more complex, the Chief of Naval... More > Operations re-designated COC as the “combat information center” (CIC), which is its present title. Today, almost every ship in the fleet has a space designated as CIC. However, no two CICs are exactly alike. As newer equipment and methods of using information obtained from this equipment are developed, the physical designs of CICs change. In each new ship, the size and layout of CIC is based on both the mission of the ship and the CIC equipment installed. The CIC is predominantly manned by Operations Specialists (OSs). The skills of OSs enable the ship to detect and, subsequently, to engage the enemy. As an OS, you are in an ever-changing and challenging rating.< Less
Religious Program Specialist - NAVEDTRA 14227B By U.S. Navy
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Chaplains are qualified Religious Ministry Professionals (RMPs) endorsed by a Department of Defense (DoD) listed Religious Organization (RO) and commissioned as naval officers in the Chaplain Corps... More > (CHC). As a condition of appointment, every RMP must be willing to function in the diverse and pluralistic environment of the military, with tolerance for diverse religious traditions and respect for the rights of individuals to determine their own religious convictions. Chaplains must be willing to support the free exercise of religion by all servicemembers, their families, and other authorized persons. Chaplains are trained and expected to cooperate with other chaplains and RMPs and work within the specialized environment of the military without compromising the tenets of their own religious traditions. Chaplains are non-combatants. Chaplains do not participate in activities that compromise their status as non-combatants, violate the tenets of their RO, or undermine confidential communication.< Less
Aviation Boatswain’s Mates (Launch and Recovery Equipment) - NAVEDTRA 14310A By U.S. Navy
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As an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Equipment (ABE), you will find that most of your duties will be performing preventive maintenance, or the supervision of maintenance, on catapults, arresting... More > gear, visual landing aids (VLAs) and their associated equipment. At times you may also be assigned to one of the support branches of V-2 division, such as maintenance control, maintenance support, or material control. Regardless of your assignment and specific duties, you will need a working knowledge of the Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment Maintenance Program (ALREMP). The primary objective of the ALREMP is to achieve and sustain maximum operational readiness of aircraft launch and recovery equipment in support of carrier flight operations and to achieve and maintain a zero maintenance error rate through the use of standardized procedures, a dynamic quality assurance program, and analytical review of maintenance documentation and records.< Less
NAVSHIPS 900706 By U.S. NAVY DEPT Bureau of Ships
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NAVSHIPS 900706 TBX-8 instruction manual. WW2 portable transmitting - receiving set.

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