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La Romería - The Pilgrimage By Francisco Benitez Aguilar
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Cinco agentes de la CIA son encargados de una misión en la Romería de El Rocio, en España. Su llegada coincide con la retirada de las tropas españolas de la guerra de Irak... More > y, durante su estancia en Andalucia, ayudan a desmantelar una red de narcotraficantes, mientras miles de peregrinos se dirigen a Almonte. Pero llega el momento crucial de la misión, entre el folclore y la religiosidad. Los cinco agentes están a punto de descubrir todo lo que encierra la Romería.< Less
Le Pardon de Nessie By Xavier YVON
Paperback: $10.68
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1963. Une base de l’US Navy d’où émergera l’un des programmes les plus avancés quant à l’utilisation d’animaux à des fins militaires.... More > La collaboration contre nature entre un jeune biologiste marin et un vieux briscard de Colonel. Puis le Vietnam, où tout basculera… 2015. Une WorldWide Company en plein cœur de Paris. Un quadra à qui, à priori, tout réussi. Et pourtant, c’est vers la houle et les ressacs qu’il va choisir de basculer. Aux cotés d’une femme, pour un combat et en compagnie des derniers pirates des temps modernes. A la convergence de ces deux récits, un clan, un fleuve et « Le Pardon de Nessie ».< Less
The Alien Suite By Adriana Zanese Inserra
Paperback: $9.00
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The Alien suite (or Abduction). The term “abduction” means earth inhabitant kidnapping committed by Extraterrestrials. Two writers, one a successful man, the other a dropout, confront... More > their own intellectual (and maybe sexual) diversity in the contemporary consumer society, which regard them somehow as Aliens. One of the two writers is by chance in dangerous touch with them. The story begins with a detective being hired by a stranger on a call: he is due to spy on an unknown man. His investigation starts off and develops in a kammerspiel-like atmosphere, not free from humour, in which bible mythology –say fire carts seen in the sky- enter along with mysterious experiments carried out by U.S. navy on matter disintegration. A theatrical comedy readable like a novel.< Less
V-1 Original German Manuals for the V-1 Buzz Bomb By Periscope Film LLC
Paperback: $24.95
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The Fieseler Fi-103, also known as the V-1 “buzz bomb”, struck terror into British and Dutch civilians during WWII. Powered by a pulse jet engine, it could achieve speeds up to nearly 400... More > mph, and was equipped with an autopilot to ensure stable flight. Between June 1944 and March of 1945, nearly 10,000 were launched towards London. Over 2400 struck the city, resulting in roughly 24,000 casualties. After WWII, the V-1 was tested by the U.S. Navy, and a radio-guided version was built known as the “Loon” missile. The Loon would become the first guided missile launched from a submarine, and thus is often identified as the forerunner of the cruise missile. This book contains reprints of original technical documents related to the V-1, which were preserved on microfilm. Please note, most texts are in German, and due to the nature of microfilm prints, legibility is substandard.< Less

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