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History of Strategic Air and Ballistic Missile Defense: Volume II (1956-1972) By U.S. Army Center of Military History
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This is the second of two draft volumes on the history of strategic air and ballistic missile defense from 1945 to 1972. It covers the 1955–1972 portion of the larger period, and is organized... More > into five interrelated and progressively more detailed chapters. Chapter I provides a comparison of U.S. and Soviet strategies, Chapters II and III deal with U.S. strategy and Soviet strategy, while Chapters IV and V cover U.S. systems and Soviet systems. This Executive Summary is drawn directly from, and highlights critical judgments of, these five chapters. As such, it outlines the substance of the much larger body of primary evidence contained in the separate books in this draft volume which was gathered to address the reasons underlying policy formulation and decision making for strategic defense and the relationship between the superpowers within that highly complex security policy arena. Results of research concerning factors influencing attitudes of policy/decision makers at critical times appear in Chapters...< Less
History of Strategic Air and Ballistic Missile Defense: Volume I (1945–1955) By U.S. Army Center of Military History
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As part of a larger study of the strategic arms competition which developed after World War II between the United States and the U.S.S.R., this study of the two countries’ strategies for air... More > and ballistic missile defense addresses two broad subjects: (1) How did each country approach the problem of defense against the threat from the air? (2) Why did each country accent particular elements of an air defense strategy at various periods between 1945 and 1972? The first question concerns the means that leaders chose for defense against an increasingly sophisticated offensive threat. For the most part, the history of that sequential selection of defenses from available technology and budgetary resources is a matter of evidential fact. In Chapters IV and V and several appendices of chronologies, tables, charts, maps and notes, this volume provides a distillation of those facts for the 1945–1955 period. The second question, by far the more difficult of the two, concerns elite perceptions and motivations...< Less
2018 US Military Handbook By Military Handbooks
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The United States Military Handbook is designed to help all active duty U.S. Military personnel by giving them the most accurate and complete information available anywhere on pay, allowances, taxes,... More > health care and TRICARE benefits, Veterans and Social Security Benefits, travel, transportation, SBP, retirement, Spac-A, installation listings, statistical data and more. NOTE: This handbook is NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be returned for a refund (unless damaged). Please review the handbook BEFORE purchasing it:< Less
2018 US Military Retired Handbook By Military Handbooks
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Welcome to retirement! You have worked long and hard to earn military retirement, and now you are about to start enjoying the rewards that your service has earned you. You are going to find that the... More > transition from active duty military to military retirement is not necessarily easy. Compared to the inevitable stresses encountered in a long career of military service, it’s a piece of cake. Still, it's a big step psychologically and represents a major change in what you do each day. Many battle-hardened veterans are caught off guard by just how stressful the change is. There are many complicated rules and regulations to cope with, and just dealing with all of these and choosing among potentially competing benefits can be a real challenge. NOTE: This handbook is NON-REFUNDABLE (unless damaged upon receipt) and we strongly recommend viewing the handbook BEFORE purchasing it:< Less
Military Soils Engineering By U.S. Army
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This manual emphasizes the soils engineering aspects of road and airfield construction. The references give detailed information on other soils engineering topics that are discussed in general terms.... More > It also provides a discussion of the formation and characteristics of soil using the Unified System, and also information on AASHTO and the UDSA systems as well. It describes the compaction of soils and quality control, settlement and shearing resistance of soils, the movement of water through soils, frost action, and the bearing capacity of soils that serve as foundations, slopes, embankments, dikes, dams, and earth-retaining structures. This manual also describes the geologic factors that affect the properties and occurrences of natural mineral/soil construction materials used to build dams, tunnels, roads, airfields, and bridges. Finally, it has an excellent treatment of basic geology as it relates to soil mechanics, a subject not well covered in most soils texts.< Less
US Defense and Military Strategy Handbook By Ibp Usa
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US Defense and Military Strategy Handbook: US National Military, Security and Defense strategy
Should I Join The US Military ? By Troy C Stewart, Sr., MSP, MA, BS.
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This will be the best book that you've ever read ! This is your military guide book with all the answers for you to answer the big question : "Should I Join The Military ?"“If... More > you’re ready for mouth-watering excitement, and inside information then…you’ll read this book ! …” TGP, Inc., Los Angeles, CA This book is created for all American teenagers who are considering joining the U.S. Armed Forces. It’s a very tough decision to make. The Military has advantages, and disadvantages about it. Now is your time to hear what current soldiers, and veterans say about it ! For the first time in history, Veterans, and Soldiers have come together to create a guide for teenagers to use as their guidance. There’s information in this book that military recruiters may not tell you ! After reading this book, you’ll be ready to answer the question : Should I Join The U.S. Military?< Less
PSYOP - Military Psychological Operations Manual By U.S. Army
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Written as a Top Secret US Army procedural manual and released under the Freedom of Information act this manual describes the step-by-step process recommended to control and contain the minds of the... More > enemy and the general public alike. Within these 180+ pages you will read in complete detailed the Mission of PSYOP as well as PSYOP Roles, Policies and Strategies and Core Tasks. Also included are the logistics and communication procedures used to insure the "right" people get the "right" information.< Less
Sexual Assault in the Military By U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
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The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights chose to focus on sexual assault in the U.S. military for its annual 2013 Statutory Enforcement Report. This report examines how the Department of Defense and its... More > Armed Services—the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force (the Services)—respond to Service members who report having been sexually assaulted (“victims”) and how it investigates and disciplines Service members accused of perpetrating sexual assault (“perpetrators”). This report also reviews how the military educates Service members and trains military criminal investigators and military lawyers about sexual assault offenses. The topic is both relevant and timely, as Congress is currently considering ways to address this issue. The Commission has authority to examine questions related to sexual assault in the military because the issues involve both sex discrimination and the denial of equal protection in the administration of justice.< Less
In a Military Manner By Stephen E. Huben Jr.
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In a Military Manner is a book about soldiers, the soldiers of the Seventh US Army in Germany during the cold war. The stories are in turn poignant and funny. Anyone who has ever served in the Army... More > will recognize themselves, their leaders and their friends. A must-read for those who have been there.< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
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