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'Poetic Words' To Support the Troops! By Poets World-Wide, USO c/o Catherine Janney
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This is a very well accomplished book where you will find many varied poems touching upon all aspects of military life. Showing the loss and heartaches of war, the triumphs in battle, the heartache... More > at leaving loved ones behind and the overwhelming joy at coming home… Along with many, many prayer poems asking that help and loving care be shown with greater understanding to the returning men and Vets. All work on this book has been done voluntary and all the poems generously donated by the Poets so that the revenue from all book sales will go directly to the USO. An organization that helps and aids servicemen by giving a little home comfort to the troops and families wherever they are in need!< Less
USOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE. Issue #3. Large Edition By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $10.30
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Issue 3: December-January Special Edition. It is not only a magazine, IT IS ART. Published by Times Square Press, New York. The new, hottest and bestselling magazine of its kind on the market!... More > Editor-in-Chief: Maximillien de Lafayette. Published by De Lafayette World Media. On the cover: Dr. Hawking, Tommy Garrett, Danielle Egnew, Amanda Tapping. From the contents: 1.The best & worst UFOs, sci-fi & paranormal TV shows. 2.Dr. Hawking: “Leave the extraterrestrials alone, watch out if you meet an alien.” 3.What the aliens have told our governments. The secret meetings with extraterrestrials. 4.Dead aliens bodies and the Air Force Blue Room. Were they stored in Hangar 18? 5.Truman, the CIA and the aliens: The true story. 6.Aliens weapons/US Technology: Device capable of sucking up your brain, memory and all your personal thoughts. And much more.< Less
Ereccion, instrucciones de uso By Ronald Virag
Paperback: $19.57
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Ronald Virag, cirujano cardiovascular y andrólogo francés, nació el 7 de diciembre de 1938 en Metz, Francia. Inventor de un tratamiento médico contra la impotencia,... More > especialista en andrología (medicina del sexo masculino), desarrolló técnicas modernas de diagnóstico y de tratamiento de las disfunciones sexuales masculinas así como también un programa de prevención de los problemas relacionados con la edad a nivel cardiovascular, hormonal, sexual, urológico y nutricional. Es autor de varias publicaciones científicas y de vulgarización científica. En "Erección, instrucciones de uso", el Doctor Ronald Virag, experto en sexualidad masculina trata los aspectos relacionados con la erección. Un libro simple y claro para entender todo lo relativo a la erección.< Less
Copyleft. Manual de uso. By V.V.A.A.
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Uso del rio yoruba By Orisha yoruba
eBook (PDF): $13.00
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Solo Ifa
Catálogo D'Argenta Uso By Jorge Abraham
Paperback: $7.90
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Piezas de Uso
Plantas de monte, usos medicinales By Juan Jose Alvarez Fernandez
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El uso que podemos dar a las plantas, arboles y arbustos, que nos encontramos en nuestros montes, y bosques. Viene recopilado en este E-book.
Internet e uso della rete By Raffaele Castelli
Paperback: $7.53
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Una guida di semplice lettura ma che risolve alcune decine, le più frequenti, delle migliaia di problematiche che la rete riserva a chi naviga.
Proxecto de fomento do uso do galego By Sofía Fernández Naray
eBook (PDF): $8.86
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Proxecto de fomento do uso do galego
Proxecto de fomento do uso do galego By Sofía Fernández Naray
Paperback: $11.03
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Proxecto de fomento do uso do galego. Proxecto que pode ser útil no ámbito educativo.

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