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UVM Testbench Workbook By Benjamin Ting
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This is a workbook for Universal Verification Methodology
A Practical Guide to Adopting the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) Second Edition By Sharon Rosenberg, Kathleen Meade
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With both cookbook-style examples and in-depth verification background, novice and expert verification engineers will find information to ease their adoption of this emerging Accellera standard.
Man on the Moon By Kace Nelson
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A book about the classroom style and philosophies of Kace Nelson and his teacher mentor.
We Learn by Teaching By Maggie Montelli
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uvm freshman year
Advanced Verification Topics By Bishnupriya Bhattacharya et al.
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The Accellera Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) standard is architected to scale, but verification is growing and in more than just the digital design dimension. It is growing in the SoC... More > dimension to include low-power and mixed-signal and the system integration dimension to include multi-language support and acceleration. These items and others all contribute to the quality of the SOC so the Metric-Driven Verification (MDV) methodology is needed to unify it all into a coherent verification plan. This book is for verification engineers and managers familiar with the UVM and the benefits it brings to digital verification but who also need to tackle specialized tasks. It is also written for the SoC project manager that is tasked with building an efficient worldwide team. While the task continues to become more complex, Advanced Verification Topics describes methodologies outside of the Accellera UVM standard, but that build on it, to provide a way for SoC teams to stay productive and profitable.< Less
Today a Student, Tomorrow a Teacher By Melissa Campbell
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This book explores a girl's journey through her freshman year of college at the University of Vermont as she tries to be an elementary school teacher. It involves insights from her Mentor, a Waldorf... More > teacher, her professors and some of her own experience. It discusses future goals, hopes and dreams. A good read if you are thinking about going into elementary education as a major. Proceeds go towards a poor college student.< Less
Mr. Cloutier: A Kind of Expected Journey By Andrew Cloutier
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This book is a series of reflections about my experiences with teachers and planning for my future, as hopefully, a teacher! I describe in four chapters: why I want to teach, how a teacher can reach... More > out to all their students and why it’s important to try, how to create a positive learning environment and why that’s important, and finally I reflect, yet again, on how I’ve grown this semester, who I am thankful for in my life, and how certain teaching classes in my freshman year have impacted my future. This book was very enjoyable to write and I hope it is equally enjoyable to read.< Less
Learning to Teach By Kara Santiago
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A first year secondary education student at UVM discusses different aspects of teaching and what it means to be a teacher.
Thumbs Out By Jim Poole
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Jim Poole grew up long ago on a mink farm in the small town of Sudbury, Massachusetts. During the Depression Jim went to school, watered mink and explored and enjoyed life pretty much on his own... More > terms—a time when parents were busy and neighborhood children played outside on their own. During WWII Jim took on more adult responsi­bilities as a young farmhand, help­ing his father and older sister feed and water mink on a neighbor’s mink ranch. Jim’s colorful "Thumbs Out" reminiscences begin well be­fore he headed off to first grade and play out through years in Sudbury schools, college at UVM in Vermont and U.S. Army service in Fort Rucker, Alabama. These stories, in­ter­spersed with 44 snapshots and other illus­trations, come to a close after Jim’s Army stint when he returned to the mink farm with his lovely pregnant wife and a protective dachshund puppy to welcome Dirk Daniel, their firstborn, into their lives almost before they had unpacked.< Less
Shakescenes: A Work of Revisionist Theater By Andrew Barnaby
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Shakescenes: A Work of Revisionist Theater, is an adaptation that reimagines in the spirit of high frivolity a series of scenes drawn from various Shakespearean plays. Although it mostly certainly... More > can be read, it is primarily intended for performance. If performed, it can accommodate anywhere from four to twenty actors. It is especially appropriate either for a small ensemble that is looking for a challenge or for a larger ensemble in which everyone gets to play a meaningful part. If you would like to perform it, please contact the author at< Less