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Unction By Mr. Binger
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Unction is an icky story of a mad necrophiliac and his homeless nemesis. Brian Tucker is that dysfunctional killer. Faceless nuns tell the young man he must kill and rape the corpses so that they... More > will resurrect and become an army on undead. Brian is certain his hallucinations are true – there are demons. Monsters do hunt the people of Los Angeles. And his zombies are the salvation of all mankind. Jake Whitehead refutes the mad delusions, even after they're proven true. Mr. Whitehead is appointed the derelict consular of humanity by Brian's demonic rival. Despite his limited capacities, the old homeless man embraces an angry crusade – one that takes him and his sickened opposition from one corner of the San Fernando Valley to Santa Monica, California and back again. Their infernal battle begins at a community-based group home called Luna Del Mar. Here is where the LAPD immediately become involved. A Sergeant Jim Suffolk oversees the carnage as well as pursues finding a futile love.< Less
Holy Unction By Christopher Martin
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A hymnal of an abbreviated Orthodox Christian Holy Unction (Sacramental Healing) Service, with 3 sets of readings and prayers (instead of the traditional 7 sets). Contains both text and OCA Lenten... More > music, designed for use on Wednesday of Holy Week.< Less
O Lord, Teach Me, and I Shall Know By Rdr. Peter Gardner (ed.)
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Herein are all of the scriptural readings, aside from the Psalms, appointed to be read in church from the Divine Liturgy of Lazarus Saturday through Paschal Vespers. In addition to the readings, the... More > Prokeimena and Alleluias sung before and after many of the readings were included. The readings from Holy Unction are also in this book, since many parishes serve this during Holy Week (especially on Holy Wednesday), and many who don’t, serve it at some point late in Lent. This book is intended first for those who are unable to hear all of the readings for Holy Week, whether due to the inability to get to the services, the use of a language they don’t understand, or, alas, readers who mumble. Also, it is to be hoped, it will be useful to those, Orthodox or otherwise, who wish to better understand the Orthodox Church’s teachings on Christ’s Passion and Resurrection, as seen in the readings which were selected to be read in the context of Holy Week. With a Foreword by His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah.< Less
We Are God's Righteousness By Jay C. Dodd
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This book was written by unction of the Holy Spirit and is intended to be an inspiration to all who read it.
The Prophetic Process By Prophet Sheldon Miller
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Prophets are called from the womb but their process trains and prepares them to function in their office, mantle and unction. The prophetic process is not designed to break you but to make you...... More > You're going to make! I have passed that way before! The book you are about to receive or open is going to empower you to endure your process!< Less
When The Prophets Have Gone Mad By Dr. Gale Frazier
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When the Prophets Have Gone Mad is an end time’s message especially written for those in Christian leadership’s five-fold ministry. This book was written and inspired by the unction of... More > the Holy Spirit—specifically, because many of God’s people have become “caught up” with false teaching and error within the church body.< Less
A Text Book on Cardiotonic Agent By Mohd Yaqub Khan et al.
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Cardiotonic drugs (also called “cardiostimulatory drugs ") enhance cardiac unction by increasing heart rate (chronotropy) and myocardial contractility (inotropy), which ncreases... More > cardiac output and arterial pressure. Many of these drugs also increase electrical conduction (dromotropy) within the heart and augment relaxation (lusitropy). Some of the drugs produce systemic vasodilation, whereas others produce vasoconstriction by mechanisms hat are different from their cardiac mechanisms.< Less
Summa Theologica: Supplement to the Third Part By St. Thomas Aquinas
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The sixth volume in this epic and classic undertaking by one of the most notable theologians of the Roman Catholic Church. This volume features theological considerations towards such topics as... More > Penance, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, Last Things, Marriage and other important topics that we often take for granted in our thinking in the church and in worship towards God. These topics must be carefully considered if we are to ever have a deep understanding and love of the one true God and his son Jesus Christ.< Less
09-The Sacraments By Francis Hall
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This series of ten volumes, each complete in itself, is designed to constitute a connected treatment of the entire range of Catholic Doctrine as it is maintained in the Episcopal Church and the... More > Reformed Catholic Tradition of the Anglican Communion. Chapter Titles • Baptism • Confirmation • The Holy Eucharist in History • The Eucharistic Gift • The Eucharistic Sacrifice • Benefits of the Eucharist • Penance • Holy Order • Holy Matrimony • Unction of the Sick< Less
Seven Days of Redemption By Dr. Shaunte' McFarland, M.Ed.
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Having her innocence stolen at the age of four, she would grow up relentlessly betrayed, oppressed, and longing for unconditional love. In Seven Days of Redemption, the companion devotional to the... More > inspirational memoir, “Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball”, Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland gives an exclusive glimpse inside her process of healing and restoration. This devotional is a seven-day journey of strength, acceptance and grace. Endowing you with the irresistible unction to shout, I Am Redeemed!!< Less