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Underestimated By Sharlene R Prince
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We all have to take the time to seek out and develop our inner strength so that our survival produces survivors. There are times where you and other people will underestimate your value and your... More > worth. We all have to believe in ourselves, know our strengths and our weaknesses, as we stay focused and stay on track to achieving our goals and dreams. If we underestimate ourselves, how can we expect people to recognize our full value?< Less
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UNDERESTIMATED: Our Not So Peaceful Nuclear Future By Henry D. Sokolski, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
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Henry Sokolski has written an excellent, short book about what he sees as our not so peaceful nuclear future. While short in length, it covers a lot of ground, and because it is extensively... More > footnoted, it can lead readers to the broader literature. The book provides a good picture of the growing stockpiles of separated plutonium and the stockpiles of highly enriched uranium, as well as the likely expansion of nuclear power programs in additional countries. When reading the book, my thoughts turned to the Per Bak book, How Nature Works, and the concept of self-organized criticality and its descriptions of computer simulations and experiments leading to avalanches in sandpiles. This may be a useful way of thinking about the possible consequences for nuclear weapon proliferation as the stockpiles of fi ssile material grow.< Less
Introverts Why They Shouldn’t Be Underestimated By Kimberly Reed
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Are you an introvert? If you are not, then, perhaps someone you know is? Studies show that one-third to one-half of the population is introvert. All of us have introvert and extrovert personality... More > within us but experts say that one or the other is dominating in each individual. Some people would think that introverts have no hope of finding an honest job since they only keep things to themselves and too shy to face people. However though, many experts in a study held in Jakarta, Indonesia say that there are better chances for introverts to pass and interview as they are better listener which many employers really need from their employees. Moreover, they can switch back and forth between introversion and extroversion depending on the environment.< Less
10 ways To get your Ex Back By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Life does not follow any set pattern.There is no rule book to guide a person on its long journey of existence.Follow your heart is the best way to handle the ups and down and various hurdles that... More > come across through a person's supposedly small life span on this earth.“10 Ways to Get Your Ex Back ”looks into: Reverse your Break up in 7 Days, 10 Ways to get back your Ex within 1 week,Enhance your Physical Appearance,Be Independent and Confident,Never underestimate yourself,Nurture the relationship,Be friends with his friends,Be sincere in your approach,Try to be unique and innovative,Give Time and work as a team, Understand the psychology and Broaden your Sphere...< Less
7 Ways You Screw Up Your Life eBook By Marti Lawrence
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Are you FUGGDUP? Forgetting, Underestimating, Gratifying, Grieving, Deceiving, Undermining and Procrastinating are some of the most common problems that cause your life to be screwed up. Is it... More > easy to fix? No. Is it possible to fix? YES! You need to recognize the reasons for your behavior and find some simple, honest solutions. Each chapter of this book will discuss one of the aspects of screwing up. I will help you understand why you screw things up and offer practical ways you can unscrew them. Foreword By Chris Brogan. Interview with Jeremiah Owyang. Guest Author Contributors = Failing Well By Becky McCray, Upbeat Living Despite Chronic Pain By Susan Reynolds, The Roller Coaster Theory By Terry Starbucker, and Cherishing Failure By Liz Strauss.< Less
The Enchanted Sorcerer Two By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
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Sebastian and Leonardo are best friends. Leonardo becomes aware of something unusual occurring in his everyday world. A significant change has taken place, and it is unclear, what the problem may be.... More > Leonardo tells his best friend Sebastian about this problem, and Sebastian's thoughts are confirmed. Luckily for the two boys, they share a secret that brings them luck, find out what their secret is ? and whether, they succeed, on the mission they must undertake.< Less
BJAB Dissertation By Biggles Bjorn
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Feelings of underestimation, The quest to maintain mental freedom. Unleashing self confidence
The Puzzle of Wife By OLEG MB
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Sexual Health: Keep Things Exciting with an Occasional Quickie By John Dugan
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Many men are concerned with lasting longer. This can lead them to underestimate the possible benefits of the quickie for their relationships and sexual health.