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Understanding Australian English : An Essential Guide to Assist In Understanding Aussies and Being Understood By Aussies In Australia. Australian Slang Explained By Ian McKenzie
eBook (ePub): $2.99
An explanation of colloquialisms (slang) in common usage in Australia. Australian spoken English can be very different from English spoken in other countries..., even countries in which English is... More > the first language. This comprehensive guide is written by an educator who has worked for many years with International Post-Graduate students for whom English was their second language, and Australian English was their third. Hundreds of slang terms are explained in addition to the context in which many are used. As an example, the word "bastard" to many speakers of the English language would be an offensive term. In Australia it is very often used as a term of affection by people who are "good mates". The slang terms are grouped in categories in alphabetical order to enable them to be found easily. "Heaps" of useful information on Australian English. The text is punctuated with "Aussie photos" which have been taken by the author.< Less
Understanding Australian English : An Essential Guide to assist in Understanding Aussies and being Understood by Aussies in Australia. Australian Slang Explained By Ian McKenzie
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English is a living language which is constantly changing. "Understanding Australian English: An Essential Guide to Understanding Aussies and being Understood by Aussies in Australia. Australian... More > Slang Explained" explores and explains the uniqueness of Australian English. Words which may be offensive in some English speaking cultures are sometimes used by Aussies in an affectionate way with their mates. Very often the contexts in which words are spoken are much more important than the words themselves. Aussies use of hyperbole and their very Australian sense of humour is reflected in their colloquialisms. You will learn and understand more about Aussies after reading this book. This publication is 178 pages in length, and the informative text is punctuated with Aussie photos which have been taken by the Author. In addition to the printed book, there is also a version available as an e-book.< Less
Ivan and Rudolf - English By Theatre Maat
Paperback: $5.67
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This is an introduction to a musical theatre project inspired by a true Australian story of mateship. Growing up in Melbourne, Ben and Adam discover that both their great uncles fought in the First... More > World War, but on opposing sides. They decide to ‘introduce’ them to each other thus beginning the odyssey. This story is not about shame or embarrassment, it is about identity and building better understanding while examining the Great War through a contemporary perspective. Currently being developed by Theatre Maât (Belgium) and Theater Kontra Punkt (Germany), the Ivan and Rudolf production will debut late 2014.< Less
Police Photographer By Greg Tuchin
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True stories about crime scenes my father photographed and worked on during his career in the police Scientific Investigation Bureau. This has been specially written for people from Non-English... More > Speaking Backgrounds (NESB) with notes explaining the difficult words. Ideal for teaching subjects about the legal system in Australia or for anyone who is interested in detective stories. As a teacher of English to adults I have used this reader in many different classes. My students have all loved it for the history, the photography and the increased understanding about the Australian legal system. Suitable for ACSF Level 2 and ESOL level 3< Less
Joe Wilson and His Mates. By Henry Lawson
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Joe Wilson and His Mates by Henry Lawson is a fiction book. An incomplete glossary of Australian, British, or antique terms and concepts which may prove helpful to understanding this book: "A... More > house where they took in cards on a tray" (from Joe Wilson's Courtship): An upper class house, with servants who would take a visitor's card (on a tray) to announce their presence, or, if the family was out, to keep a record of the visit. Anniversary Day: Mentioned in the text, is now known as Australia Day. It commemorates the establishment of the first English settlement in Australia, at Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour), on 26 January 1788. This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format< Less
Omega Seed By Ross Richdale
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The search of a millennium is over. Computers aboard Intergalactic Starship Omega find a planet to sustain humanoid life. It is over populated, polluted and has one social problem; half the human... More > population are males, well beyond that necessary. However, the humanoids aboard cannot be kept alive for the estimated two hundred years required to find another solar system so the journey must end. Minor alterations are needed so the women understand English for a landing in Australia, the most unpolluted continent there. It is time to arouse Pazz Alone, with only an armlet computer for company, Pazz lands in the West Australian desert. She catches the Indian Pacific Express for Sydney, three days journey away but catches the flu virus. With no immunity she becomes seriously ill and is taken off the train at Adelaide. How does this affect Pazz, Kylina and her partner? Is Lunol rescued and how do the military on Earth react to having the alien humans in their midst?< Less

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