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The Church Jesus Built By United Church of God
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Jesus Christ said that He would build His Church and that it would never die out. Is today's Christianity, with its hundreds of denominations with widely differing beliefs and practices, the Church... More > Jesus promised that He would build? -- Inside this Bible study aid booklet: -- A People Special to God -- The Historical Background of the Term Church -- 'Church' and 'Congregation' in the Scriptures -- A Spiritually Transformed People -- The Apostles: A Case Study in Conversion -- The Responsibility and Mission of the Church -- What is the True Gospel? -- Is Today the Only Day of Salvation? -- The Rise of a Counterfeit Christianity -- Changes in Christian Scholars' Perspective on God's Law -- Early Trends That Affected the Future of the Church -- The Church of God Today -- What Did the Early Church Believe and Practice? -- The Church as the Bride of Christ< Less
The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy By United Church of God
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Why are economic blessings—and democratic ideals—so evident in the English-speaking nations? Who are the British and American peoples? How do these two great powers—the United... More > States and the nations comprising most of the former British Empire—fit into Bible prophecy?< Less
Bible Study Lesson 10 - What Is the Church? By United Church of God
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What does the Bible mean when it talks about the Church? What are the roots, the history, of the Church? What sets apart people whom God calls His own? How does God use the Church to achieve His... More > purposes? What does the Church do for you, and what should its members do for the Church? How can you be part of what God is doing through His Church?< Less
Beyond Today: After 500 Years, Is the Protestant Reformation Being Undone? By United Church of God
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Beyond Today Magazine -- September/October 2017 -- October 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of a major turning point in world history—the beginning of the Protestant Reformation when the German... More > priest/professor Martin Luther challenged several Catholic teachings and practices. He set in motion a chain of events that reshaped Europe and broke the Roman church’s monopoly on power and religious belief. But the reform movement he started went nowhere near enough—he could’ve done much more to bring religion back in line with the teaching and practices of Jesus Christ, the apostles and the early Church. And an active movement is underway to reunite Catholics and Protestants, undoing 500 years of separation. Is this foretold in Bible prophecy?< Less
The Final Superpower - A Bible Study Aid Presented By By United Church of God
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Bible prophecy tells of a sequence of world-ruling superpowers. These powerful nations and their rulers have dominated the world throughout history. The Bible tells the story of their rise to power... More > and their fall to obscurity. It also reveals that there is one more wordly superpower to come before the return of Jesus Christ. This power was foretold millennia ago by the prophet Daniel, and it will rule with force and ferocity like none before. Its fall will come when Jesus Christ returns to establish the Kingdom of God—the final superpower the world will ever see. - Inside this booklet: - Introduction: A Snapshot of World Affairs - The Dreaming King and the Slave - The First Superpower - The Great Image in Nebuchadnezzar's Dream - The "King of the North" vs. the "King of the South" - Dual Fulfillment in Bible Prophecy - Roman Revivals of a United Europe - The EU: A Seventh Roman Revival in the Making? - Why Europe and Not the United States? - Why Not Asia? - The Final Superpower: The Kingdom of God< Less
Beyond Today -- What's Ahead for America? By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Beyond Today Magazine - January/February 2017 -- As Donald Trump assumes the office of President of the United States, he must lead a deeply divided nation in a deeply divided world. With the nation... More > at a crossroads, which path will it take? What are the stakes? -- Inside this issue: -- Turning Points -- A Prophet, a President and a People -- Major Challenges Facing America -- Trump Takes Over—Now What? -- The Radical New Morality — Where Will It Lead? -- What’s Behind the Chaos in the Middle East? -- A Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East? -- God and Astronomy -- Does the Truth Really Matter? -- Hacksaw Ridge: The Story of a Different Breed of Warrior -- Above All Else, Guard Your Heart -- Follow Me: The Spirit-Led Sacrificial Life -- Bible Prophecy and You: Christ’s First Coming Was Prophesied in Detail -- Questions and Answers -- Current Events and Trends -- Letters From Our Readers< Less
The Book of Revelation Unveiled By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Is the book of Revelation relevant today? Is it possible to understand it? -- Inside this booklet: -- The Book of Revelation: Is It Relevant Today? -- Keys to Understanding Revelation -- The Story... More > Flow of the Book of Revelation -- Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation -- God's Church in Prophecy -- What Is the Church? -- Duality in Bible Prophecy -- The Book of Revelation's Divine Authority -- The Seals of the Prophetic Scroll -- The Day of the Lord Finally Arrives -- Satan's War Against the People of God -- The Mark and Number of the Beast -- The Two Women of Revelation -- The 'Time of Jacob's Trouble' -- The Destruction of Satan's Kingdom -- Satan: The Great Seducer -- The Everlasting Kingdom of God< Less
Beyond Today: D Day + 75 Years: What Should We Learn? By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Beyond Today Magazine -- May/June 2019 -- Few days have marked a turning point in human history. But one of those was “D-Day”—June 6, 1944, when Allied troops broke through Adolf... More > Hitler’s Atlantic coastal defenses to invade and liberate France, then the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany itself. The trajectory of Europe’s history was radically changed. Now, looking back 75 years later, what have we learned? Where is Europe heading today, and what does it mean for the rest of the world? In this issue we explore these topics and many more, including the transforming power of God’s Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. Inside this issue -- D-Day + 75 Years: What Should We Learn? -- D-Day and Divine Intervention -- Europe’s Great Divide: Which Vision Will Prevail? -- To Kill a People: Abortion and the Soul of America -- Why Baptism? -- The Holy Spirit: A Gift of God’s Grace -- The Fruit of the Holy Spirit: What Are These All About? -- The Overwhelming Force -- Follow Me: “The Words That I Speak to You”< Less
Tools for Spiritual Growth By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Are you desiring a closer relationship with God? If so, where do you start? What tools can you use to grow spiritually and build that all-important relationship with your Creator? This important... More > study aid will set you on the right path. Read and begin implementing these important elements today! - Inside this Bible Study Aid: - The Privilege and Power of Prayer - The Lord's Prayer as a Guideline - God Has Conditions for Answered Prayer - Learn, Live and Love the Bible - Great Themes of the Bible - Proofs of the Bible - How to Read, Study and Understand the Bible - Meditation: What's on Your Mind? - What Should We Meditate About? - Fasting: A Spiritual Power Tool - Repentance: A Profound Turnaround! - Steps to Initial Repentance and Conversion - Repentance, Penance and Grace - The Church: Help for Greater Growth - Becoming a Member of God's Church - The Church Behind This Publication - Spiritual Growth: From Immaturity to Immortality - Bearing Fruit: A Crucial Part of Spiritual Growth< Less
The Gospel of the Kingdom By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Would you like to learn more about the glorious future Jesus Christ will usher in at His return called the Kingdom of God? Dozens of prophecies tell us how the world will be entirely transformed... More > and all humanity taught a way of life that will bring peace, prosperity and productive, fulfilling lives. For a glimpse into this exciting new world, be sure to read this booklet. -- Inside this booklet: -- The Good News of the Kingdom of God -- Other Names For the Kingdom -- Are There Different Gospels? -- The Promise of a Coming Kingdom -- Is the Kingdom Here Now? -- Is The Kingdom Within You? -- Is the Church the Kingdom? -- How Are We 'Translated Into the Kingdom'? -- How is the Kingdom At Hand? -- The Ruler of a Kingdom of Spiritual Darkness -- Prophecies of the Coming Kingdom of God -- The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Salvation in the Kingdom -- Was Jesus Christ the Messiah? -- How You Can Enter the Kingdom< Less

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