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17 By Group F'13 Gerrit Rietveld Academie
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Students of the Foundation Year of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy designed and produced a 'Rietveld Utility Wear' garment, based on personal historical features. The Amsterdam based art academy is an... More > international community, in which specifics - sometimes personal - of backgrounds are here introduced through the utility garments which are the daily attributes. The 17 group members present their garments associated to their resources. Concept and tutor Carla Boomkens, bookdesign and realization Ralph Dennis and Marie Højlund< Less
Crystal Rhapsody By Nancy Peterson
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This bracelet is a nice substantial bracelet to wear. It has a channel design that holds the crystals in its center. The design utilizes right angle weave. Detailed diagrams are provided, along... More > with written instructions.< Less
The Armament of God By E. R. Smith
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The Apostle Paul metaphorically tells us to "put on the whole armor of God" but what does that mean and why do we need to put it on? How does one go about wearing the armor of God? This... More > book discusses the pieces of the armor. It describes the meaning of each of the elements and the forms of the devil's attacks. In the western world we tend to ignore or even scoff at the concept of a spiritual world. Some even allegorize the devil as not real. Paul, in each of his letters, warns that he is real and this battle is real and we need to be properly equipped to engage in the spiritual warfare waged around us. For this, we need to learn to utilize the entire Armament of God.< Less
Cycles By John Maerz
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In nature a river is a symbol of life. It moves following the natural laws of gravity and motion following the path of least resistance. When we are relaxed and allow the current to carry us, we... More > follow the same pattern of travel. However, humans are not known for being relaxed and passive. Some of us will even be stupid enough to swim against the current. Life is exactly the same. Despite the fact that we feel the currents, we still create difficulties and wear ourselves out by swimming against the current because we don't understand the dynamics of how energies flow in their natural cycle. Utilizing the combination of Moon phases, Saturn transits, Uranus transits, the I Ching & Pagan holidays, this book will help you recognize the natural patterns of flow in our lives so we may foresee shifts and have a clearer understanding of how to prepare for what comes next.< Less
Cold Steel Wardens By Andy Klosky
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The police are overwhelmed. Prisons overflow with the violent and psychotic. The innocent suffer while the guilty profit. Some say that justice is all but gone. You know better. Justice... More > hasn’t disappeared. Justice now wears a mask. Your mask. Never Despair! Never Surrender! Inspired by the rise of dystopian, darker, contemporary comics from the 80’s onwards, Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics brings the drama and suspense of the world’s greatest comics to your game table. High-stakes action runs hand-in-hand with the new MAFIANAP game mechanics, which emphasize the brutal combat, the intense investigations, and the deep moral quandary found in the Iron Age of Comics. Players become vigilantes in the crime-ridden city of New Corinth, using their unique skills and powerful metahuman abilities to bring justice to darkened streets. Strap on your domino mask, buckle your utility belt, and grab your grappling hook! You are the night!< Less
Mask, Fins & Knife By Adam Grohman
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Mask, Fins and Knife is the definitive history of the diving equipment utilized by the Underwater Demolition Teams and SEALs from the early days of World War II to present. Clad in trunks and wearing... More > a mask, a set of fins and armed with a knife, the men of the early amphibious units stormed the beaches of Japanese-held islands in the Pacific Theater. In Europe, the men of the Naval Combat Demolition Units landed on the blood-strewn beaches of Normandy in a valiant effort to break the Atlantic Wall. Mask, Fins & Knife provides a detailed look at the early equipment from the LARU rebreather, Pirelli and Draeger closed-circuit diving rigs to the advent of the Aqua-Lung. Heavily illustrated with over twenty-five + photographs and with information gathered from official U.S. Navy Diving Manuals, various other histories and sources, Mask, Fins & Knife is the only book of its kind that explains the true history of the underwater equipment used by the “Naked Warrior” of World War II to today’s modern SEAL.< Less

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