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Rocket Lake By Thomas Terlizzi
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In 1953, a small lakesiide community is shocked by the brutal murder of a young mother. Local police initially believe the crime to be a case of domestic violence by the husband. The case, however,... More > goes cold for nearly a year until the arrival of a stranger, come to take custody of seven-year old Johnny "D", who witnessed his mother's murder. New evidence prompts three unlikely allies to work to solve the case: a wise-cracking policeman, a frail, Holocaust survivor, and a former German rocket scientist. Was the murder tied to Nazi war crimes related to the construction of Hitler's V-2 rocket program? Blackmail and a government coverup are part of this tale that bears witness to the postwar space race between the U.S. and Russia to get a spacecraft to orbit. Meanwhile, young Johnny must adjust to a new home and guardian, while continuing to be an adventuous, inquisitive boy in a cultural era fascinated with evolving aerospace technology.< Less
Rocket Lake By Thomas Paul Terlizzi
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November, 1953. The brutal murder of Maria Gordon, a young mother, stuns a small, New Jersey town. The case quickly goes cold in a bizarre twist of fate that leaves seven-year old Johnny an orphan --... More > that is, until the surprise arrival of a man long assumed dead. The case is pursued by three unlikely allies: a wise-cracking police sergeant, a German rocket scientist, and a frail, yet optimistic survivor of the Holocaust. Together, they uncover shocking evidence linking Maria's murder to Nazi war crimes a decade earlier. Rocket Lake tells of blackmail and government cover-ups during the postwar Space race between the U.S. and Russia. As the story unfolds, scenes of 1950's American culture are revealed, seen through the eyes of a young boy, his schoolmates, and survivors of a war-ravaged Europe.< Less
The A4 (V2) and the German, Russian and American Rocket Program By Claus Reuter
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The Development of German Rockets in WWII. Development of the Russian and American Space Program with the help of German Scientists and Technology.
Innovations and New Technologies (v.2) By Alexander Bolonkin
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In recent years of the 21st Century the author of this book and other scientists as well, have instigated and described many new ideas, researches, theories, macro-projects, USA and other countries... More > patented concepts, speculative macro-engineering ideas, projects and other general innovations in technology and environment change. In aerospace these include air catapult transportation, hypersonic ground electric AB engine, protection of the Earth from asteroids and delivery of asteroids to the Earth, re-entry space apparatus to Earth, airborne wind turbines, electronic wind generator and propulsion, long distance shells, new self-propelled penetration bomb, inexpensive mini thermonuclear reactor, etc. In technology these include new ideas and innovation in space sciences and Earth technologies: Underground explosion nuclear energy; Electron hydro electric generator; Electron super speed hydro propulsion; Electric theory of tornado; Protection from tornado; and so on.< Less
Intercrime: Hostile Takeover for V&V By Jeff Dee
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Who are the Firebrands, and who supplied them with the flame-spewing rocket suits they use to perform their dastardly crimes? In this introductory adventure for Villains and Vigilantes™,... More > players are superheroes on the trail of Intercrime - the world-spanning criminal syndicate! This book provides information on Intercrime - the major criminal organization of the V&V™ universe. The first section describes Intercrime's organizational structure, personnel, and operations. The final section is a complete introductory adventure for a team of 4-6 beginning characters, introducing the players to Intercrime and giving them an opportunity to take out a local Intercrime base! Includes 1 page of full-color counters. Villains and Vigilantes is a trademark of Scott Bizar, used with permission.< Less
Small Non-Expensive Electric Inertial Fusion Reactors (v.2) By Alexander Bolonkin
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Book is collection of independent articles Small inertial Fusion Reactors. The author offers the new, small cheap electric impulse and cumulative thermonuclear reactors, which increases the... More > temperature and pressure of its nuclear fuel by millions of times, reaches the required ignition stage and, ultimately, constant contained thermonuclear reaction. AB Reactors contain several innovations to achieve its product. Author offers a new capacitor as driver Inertial Thermonuclear Reactors. The main advantages of the offered method are small of the full reactor, using the many thermonuclear fuels at room temperature and possibility of using the offered thermonuclear reactor for transportation. Author gives theory and estimations of the suggested reactors. Author also is discussing the problems of converting the received thermonuclear energy into mechanical (electrical) energy and into rocket thrust.< Less
World War 2 In Review No. 17 By Merriam Press
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Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series. First eBook Edition 2017. Features the following articles on World War II: (1) The Aerodynamic Development of the Peenemünde Rockets [V2] (2) British... More > G. S. Mark V Anti-tank Mine (3) USS Alabama BB-60 battleship (4) Avro Anson (5) Organization Todt (6) 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment at Bastogne, Belgium, December 1944 (7) The U.S. Navy at Bataan (8) Darned Clever These Chinese… and Confounding [CBI veteran account] (9) Action in the Eifel [8th Company, II Battalion, 981st Regiment, 272nd Volksgrenadier Division veteran account]. (10) Fairey Firefly (11) 25 mm Hotchkiss Anti-tank Gun (12) Breakout from the Klin Pocket: Russian Front, December 1941 (13) Truk and Operation Hailstone (14) The Navy Neutralizes Truk, February 1944 (15) Orders for Flight Crews of USS Enterprise for Operation Hailstone (16) VB-10 Hits Truk During Operation Hailstone. 381 B&W/color photos/illustrations.< Less
Ballistics of the Future By Claus Reuter
eBook (PDF): $7.92
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Information on the German V1 and V2 weapons Systems. Excellent data on both systems with technical drawings of some of the different rocket parts.
1947 By Oxney King
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World War 2 is over, the cold war has begun. The United States, supremely confident, emerging from the conflict as the only world power with the atomic bomb, also captured the lions share of Nazi... More > Germanys wonder weapon technology, the V2 rocket along with its senior design experts. Resulting from stories told by the German’s about a series of mysterious wartime encounters, the Americans unofficially set up Project Sign, to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects. America’s technological success is jealously regarded by its former ally and now main rival the Soviet Union, who fear that the Yankees aim is to mount atomic warheads atop V2 rockets and send them their way! Facilities for both the atomic bomb and V2 projects are concentrated in the New Mexico desert situated in the Southwestern region of the United States. It’s not long after testing of the V2’s start that strange things are seen in the sky…< Less
Airborne Warfare: New Edition By James Gavin
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Can America's Military Overcome Enemy Anti-Access, Area Denial (A2/AD)? Learn how the U.S. Army Airborne has defeated A2/D2 for over 70 years--beginning with a 1, 600 mile Combat Parachute Jump from... More > England to North Africa in 1942--3D Maneuver long before V22 tilt-rotor fanboys even existed to conjure up lies 'n boasts. Boasting is not going to save vulnerable sealift and amphibious ships from myriad A2/D2 threats--the Future of Warfare is Airborne--not Seaborne. LTG James Gavin, Combat Paratroop Commander saw this in 1947--his visionary book is brought up to the present day by a group of equally legendary Airborne Futurists who propose a New Way to Victory built upon sound lessons from the past. Strap-on your parachute and prepare to jump into WW2's hottest battles and combats of the future! Airborne! means All the Way!< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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