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Vegan By Brian Adams
eBook (ePub): $5.99
What does it mean to be vegan? It is the same as vegetarianism? Is this lifestyle right for you? When you download Vegan: Vegan Diet for Easy Weight Loss and Healthy Living through Natural Foods,... More > you'll learn the basics of veganism. You'll learn the many reasons for adopting this lifestyle, including: Reducing Your Impact on the Environment Taking a Personal Stand on Animal Rights Improving Your Health and Losing Weight Vegan: Vegan Diet for Easy Weight Loss and Healthy Living through Natural Foods teaches you to cook your own delicious, inexpensive, and healthy meals - without spending hours in the kitchen every day! These easy-to-follow recipes utilizes simple, wholesome ingredients to create meals you'll be proud to share. Also, you'll reduce the costs to your wallet, your family's health, and the environment! This book provides 15 amazing recipes for tasty Breakfasts, Main Meals, and Desserts!< Less
vegan By luka korba
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'vegan' is a collection of poems and drawing all written and drawn by Luka Korba. It consists of 26 poems and 3 drawings. All poems and drawings are dated.
Vegan Viv - She's All Give! By Vegan Ted
eBook (PDF): $3.13
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A vegan book for kids and parents and cool kids on the block, written by the esteemed writer Ted 'Fruit' Bread. He brings a self-appointed wit to the table and lampoons the trousers off factory... More > farming, capitalism, inhumanity towards creatures (great and small), crop-dusting, shirt stuffing and everything in-between - a MUST read!!! All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to animal charities.< Less
A Taste of Veggies By Delightfully Vegan!
Paperback: $30.95
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A restaurant tested plant-based vegan cookbook.
Authentic Raw Veganism: A Diet Regimen for the Future By Authentic Vegan Consulting
eBook (PDF): $199.00
This book introduces the motivations and benefits of authentic raw veganism, an extension of the principles of authentic veganism, in essence a specialised branch of macrobiotic veganism, the... More > world’s healthiest diet and lifestyle for humans designed to fuel human life energy via relying on the most pristine quality nutrients and essential dietary elements drawn directly from their original sources in their most bona fide form. An extensive discussion on issues and aspects of relevance in reference to standard raw veganism is also provided, in addition to valuable nutritional content information for qualified nourishment items in order to facilitate dietary planning and implementation< Less
Authentic Vegan Fundamentals for Dietary Revolution: A Comprehensive Reference (Second Edition) By Authentic Vegan Consulting
eBook (PDF): $399.00
For the balance of human lives, dietary issues are among the most critical ones and therefore, they should gain urgent attention, only informed decisions should be made regarding them. From this... More > realisation emerges authentic veganism, in essence macrobiotic veganism, diet and lifestyle philosophy and regimen, which focus on identifying and creating nourishment and life essentials exclusively supportive of and beneficial for human life. In this complete eBook edition, authentic veganism, the world's healthiest diet, is defined and its motivations discussed. The context-specific principles discussion provided discerns between qualified and disqualified nourishment items, followed by essential information on authentic vegan food preparation and its methods. Contains information on relevant nutritional concepts combined with daily values for qualified nourishment items, for which comparable data is available, in addition to an appendix that closes with a health and nutritional information essentials summary.< Less
Legumes As Human Nourishment: Beans, Lentils and Peas of the World By Authentic Vegan Consulting
eBook (PDF): $115.00
This book discusses legumes as human nourishment. A staple nourishment group considered important for vegans and vegetarians for the maintenance of appropriate intake of essential amino acid... More > containing protein, which alike other plant-origin nourishment groups is to a degree contentious, given that only certain legume species may be recommended as reliable sources of essential nutrients, protein and energy, while the consumption of others may cause detrimental health effects over the long-term. This authentic vegan, by essence macrobiotic vegan, dietary reference identifies those legume species, which are endowed with an existential purpose of human nourishment provision, in addition to which nutritional information for qualified legumes is also provided in an easy to use summary table fashion, which contains protein’s amino acid breakdown, fatty acid decomposition along with daily value percentage calculations for essential nutrients. This volume also includes thirty nouveau authentic vegan recipes.< Less
Authentic Cold Root Dough: A Natural Baking Raising Agent By Authentic Vegan Consulting
eBook (PDF): $25.99
This book introduces and discusses the authentic cold root dough baking method, a purely plant-origin reliant raising agent, which enables the baking of traditional bread loaves, rolls as well as... More > sweet buns and cakes in an authentic vegan manner, macrobiotic vegan by essence, truly non-reliant on animal-origin and artificial antinutritional substances, purely utilising plant-origin nourishment ingredients, identified as endowed with an existential purpose of human nourishment provision.< Less
How to Go Vegan (What Is Vegan/Veganism) By Sean Mosley
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Do you wish to become a Vegan? This is the book for you. Complete information from how to switch to Veganism to shopping. Even how to eat in fast restaurants! Also there are Vegan feeding charts for... More > your kids.< Less
the Lusty Vegan By Michelle Shu
Paperback: $16.01
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cutting-edge, adventurous vegan cuisine