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VVRIV Vegan Vegetarian Raw Ital Vital By Israel Moor-X Bey El
Paperback: $23.99
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[Have you ever thought about becoming a vegan? Well this publication is your vegan consideration choice in aiding your path of a vegan lifestyle. In a sense it’s a new vegan bible that holds a... More > 35 years history dedicated to the philosophy of eating healthier & living healthier by vegan means. It is deeply passionate while expressing private & personal thoughts about living life as a vegan. Through the literary guided motions of 6 chapters & 10 vegan cooking formulas per chapters; in the body of 120 primary quotes associating to life & veganism, as well as 60 vegan recipes & vegan poetry addressing many social cues; this breakthrough vegan journal is a rather unique masterpiece of contemporary literature. The poetry are entwined with the vegan storytelling as it shares a vegan narrative of artistic poetical journey and what it means to be a strict vegetarian aka a vegan. Beside the primary body of vegan literature there’re several other potent vegan quoting poetical notes.< Less
Vvriv Vegan Vegetarian Raw Ital Vital By Israel Moor X Bey El
eBook (ePub): $13.30
[So you had some vegan food and you thought you could live off this because it’s deliciously good? Well here is a vegan e-bible that you’ll enjoy digitally downloading & it’ll... More > also make you feel good. It got 6 chapters accumulating into 120 focal poetic thoughts sharing a vegan devotee point to view with 35 years vegan history. Within each of these 6 chapters there are also 10 vegan formulas emphasising recipes for a vegan diet & vegan cooking to aid one in the overhaul abilities of eating healthier and living healthier. This book is really a social quintessential phenomenon on contemporary literature relating to human consumption & the passion of poetry via creative writing. Additionally contain in this vegan journals are the dedicated sections towards greater awareness of 6 superfoods. In literary essence this publication should assist those individuals making a vegan life changing choice as well as introduce to those already a vegan a very special blend of veganism based on real life international vegan.]< Less
For vegans and hardboiled non-veggies alike...Mouth-watering,easy to cook eastern recipes. By earnest patrick
eBook (PDF): $0.69
easy to cook and try,Indian spicy dishes,very tasty,eastern recipes,handy, e-book ideal gift,someone interested in, cooking,for ametuer cooks,spicy,enjoyable,delectable,delicious,India,east,superb... More > recipes,download e-cookbooks online,cheap,affordable,simple quality cookbook,educating,fair-priced,culture,favourite,tradition,cultural variety,recipes,curries,curry recipes,housewivesexperimenting with cooking.< Less
Mother Earth's Cuisine By Leah Ellis
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Mother Earth's Cuisine is a global journey around the world and back,where you will learn how to prepare healthy vegan dishes from almost every culture. This book is a must have for new vegetarians... More > and anyone just looking to be healthier. Our recipes are exquisite, yet simple to make, and will leave you feeling more confident about eating healthier.< Less
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Vegaculture is portrayed here as a conceptual journey, exploring a variety of social, cultural and spiritual connections between people, animals, plants and Gaia, and this confluence of veganism with... More > permaculture provides a secure foundation for a self-reflective system of social design principles, promoting compassion in daily life through conscious living. The narrative connects the dots between who we are, how we think, and how we act, and envisions a way forward to a sustainable planet, one that is respectful of wholeness and a fair share. Veganism is the dietary and holistic lifestyle choice for compassionate living in the early 21st century, and in this exploration of our personal and collective relationship to various social and cultural movements, we develop in maturity, uncovering the veils of our own true nature, to find evidence for optimism and a place of resonance with the emerging consciousness revolution.< Less
Inspiring Lettuce-free Salads By Annelise Burlett
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Admit it, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of salad is… yes, lettuce. And, oh, what a shame! Lettuce-less salads have been enjoyed for centuries by people of many... More > different cultures. This book contains 30 original lettuce-free salad recipes drawing upon a variety of cultural influences. The salads in this book can be enjoyed as a side dish, main dish, or even as desert! All of the recipes are vegetarian, many are also vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and full of healthy ingredients that taste amazing. If salad has become a blah moment on your otherwise exciting plate, or if you’re just looking for some fresh ideas, let this book help you start thinking outside the lettuce. Visit for more great recipes from the author!< Less
Vegetarian Lifestyle: Surefire Tips That You'd Want to Know By John Santos
eBook (ePub): $3.99
One of the biggest injustices that the vegetarian movement has endured is that in popular culture, the image of a vegetarian is that of a fanatic hippy or cult member who is "off the deep... More > end" and cannot think about anything else besides "saving a cow" and pushing vegetarianism on everyone he meets. The truth is that the lifestyle of a vegetarian is not that different than everyone else in the culture. In fact, the odds are that somewhere in your social circle at work, school, church or in your family and friends network, you already know several people who are quietly enjoying the lifestyle of a vegetarian. So to help us get over the negative stereotypes to understand how a vegetarian actually lives, lets examine what is different about a vegetarians life. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook.< Less
Threee Essays By Nate Schulman
Paperback: $7.99
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In the following three essays of design and visual culture, I will take you on a journey through visual pyrotechnics, myths, and fables. Awfully Beautiful details the use of vernacular non-design in... More > professional graphic design. Attention As Currency explores the divide between attention and distraction in a faster and faster world. Vegan Chili proposes that clear lines between technology and the natural are becoming ever harder to discern, and divulges some of how that has come to be. As humans, we are conscious of technology we make, but less so of the way technology moves back in on our consciousness and changes it.< Less
Pot Spoon By Tiffany James
Paperback: $19.99
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A Brooklyn Queen; Panamanian, Caribbean, African descent. One who wanted to live a life free from weight issues and depression. Food is something we all connect on, every culture and race. Learning... More > that food is the true vehicle to better health propelled me to write this cookbook. Creating this piece of art was very therapeutic and inspiring, being able to share this information. Discipline in our eating, and knowledge of what heals and helps our bodies, is true LOVE. I lost over 100 lbs in less than a year. My love for cooking, combined with the comfort of eating delicious foods that happen to be plant- based, is the ultimate give back. I now eat to live, no longer living to eat.< Less
Tried & True: Recipes from My Family to Yours By Abigail Whitney
Paperback: $40.00
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A cook book written by a friend, for some friends. While this cook book contains some items that are vegetarian, or that can be made vegan or gluten free, it does not cater to any specific diet. The... More > recipes are culturally inspired appetizers, snacks, salads, sides, entrees and desserts.< Less

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