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Venus Sign By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $54.54
Venus spans through 21 zodiacal constellations. While in the year 2007 with Venus in Hydra we plan drilling our native planet to the core, with Venus in Pegasus we may be leaving the planet behind as... More > star bound race. Precision 12h Venus ephemeris, plus bonus "Venus in Special Constellations"!< Less
2012 Chronicles - #0360 - Venus Sign! By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $10.15
Venus in Scutum. It is alright to be shy at once. Not everybody is a Venus in Hydra vamp.
2012 Chronicles #0366 - Venus Sign By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $103.71
Venus in Hydra degeneration versus Venus in Pegasus generation?
Three Signs Apart - The Second Coming of Venus By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $22.20
SCVTVM The Age of Scutum is Aion or the AEON. PEGASI ^^ The second entrance of Venus into Pegasus can be surely regarded as astronomic miracle.
Three Signs Apart - Third Coming of Venus By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $8.99
ON PREDICTION Prediction is the art of estimating the timing of an event ahead with accurate timing – often before it is recreated with RTRRT. a) 300 predictions per minute is not bad result... More > in an incipient matrix-scanning novice. b) Some predictions require time in order to produce elaborate timing, The day of the wedding can be predicted by any nincompoop with fair precision – by memory – in minutes – however, the second of the wedding requires ascendant ephemeris – sometimes plus (see catalog) special ephemeris of various classes of selected near objects (e.g. like YORP). c) Prediction is often synonym for calculation. Namely the score of a port match can be calculated e.g. in 4:3 format. Thus, Nicaragua vs Brazil 4:3 is the result. d) Among the directions, the most reliable modern direction is the secondary angular. e) The directions are mathematical methods – from comparatively simple to sophisticated, indeed – of astrological prediction.< Less
Star Sign By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $10.10
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So you know your true Star Sign. Now what about Venus? Venus defines more than 20 zodiacal stations. Which one is hers? Is she an iron lady with Venus in Scutum or an orgasmic owner of Venus in... More > Pegasus? Beowulf discovers that his marsh monster love has Venus in Hydra.< Less
Kalki Genesis - The Path of Venus By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $777.00
GUARDIAN ANGELS Moon sign, #VenuSign… did we forget something? God goes unseen like a carrot right before our very noses and so does Earth, our ::: mother. Earth is of course the primary... More > factor in any Astrology, thus overlooked by eons as precisely 16 ascendants rise at east for the current epoch. Those guardian angels are of course not merely terrestrial at all. They can be seen by naked eye as well as astral one.< Less
AEON Summer #002 - Venus in Cetus By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $5.55
Time to invest in diamonds! VENUS IN CETUS In order to glorify the peak of the Aeon of Cetus II, Venus assists the Sun in congressing with Uranus in Cetus – a glorious astral-cetacean time... More > for the deep souls.< Less
AEON Summer #001 - Seasonal Venus By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $11.11
In order to greatly simplify your romantic pursuit and give a fresh start to your love journey, let us first assume that you have checked upon the zodiacal position of your Venus, as its natal and... More > actual position in Orion, Ophiuchus, Crater, Pegasus, Sextans or Scutum greatly determines the issue of one’s love aspirations.< Less
Aeon - Venus from Scutum to Pegasus By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Your real name is written in the stars. Your true natal stars may be very far from those as imposed upon the masses by sheer superstition. The errors are not “one sign only” but variously... More > amount and vary from seven signs to 90 degrees. The gap between the real sky and kindergarten models makes for a large amount of discrepancies: these harm the character, ruin spiritual life relationships while sending whole nations into global wars.< Less