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Verilog HDL for Digital Design and Simulation By Charles Won
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This book was written for beginners and intermediate-level Verilog users who want to improve digital design and simulation. It will help Verilog users to develop a proficiency in using Verilog for... More > design and simulation. The book coverage emphasizes on three subjects: Verilog language fundamentals, digital design, and functional simulation. Each of the subjects is accompanied with many practical examples and illustrations. The Verilog syntax and example codes are compliant with Verilog-2001 (the IEEE standard 1364-2001).< Less
Verilog by Example: A Concise Introduction for FPGA Design By Blaine Readler
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A practical primer for the student and practicing engineer already familiar with the basics of digital design, the reference develops a working grasp of the verilog hardware description language... More > step-by-step using easy-to-understand examples. Starting with a simple but workable design sample, increasingly more complex fundamentals of the language are introduced until all major features of verilog are brought to light. Included in the coverage are state machines, modular design, FPGA-based memories, clock management, specialized I/O, and an introduction to techniques of simulation. The goal is to prepare the reader to design real-world FPGA solutions. All the sample code used in the book is available online. What Strunk and White did for the English language with “The Elements of Style,” VERILOG BY EXAMPLE does for FPGA design.< Less
VLSI Interview Questions with Answers - If You Can Spare Half an Hour, Then We Guarantee Success at Your Next VLSI Interview By Sam Sony
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If you can spare half an hour, then we guarantee success at your next VLSI interview. Did you know that there is a set of questions that is likely to be repeatedly asked by interviewers. You will... More > get 95 of these carefully chosen questions with illustrated answers. Imagine the difference it would make when you're faced with something you already know and have practiced! Book comes with 100% money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll refund all your money, no questions asked. Sample questions : Everything you need to know about synchronous v/s asynchronous resets Complete details about asynchronous FIFO operation and gray codes. Difference between inertial and transport delays in Verilog? What is inverted temperature dependence? Count number of ‘1’s in a 7 bit wide vector using only combinational logic. Divide a clock by 3. Design logic to add two input vectors cumulatively with two clock cycle latency. You've nothing to lose. Order now !!< Less

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