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Being Spiritual By Minister Paul E Jones
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All humans are beings of energy, vibrating at unique and beautiful frequencies. As such, each of us possesses the ability to affect the world in a positive way, simply by using focused meditation to... More > connect with our own environments, our fellow humans, and the Earth. Because it is intention that creates the connection, we all have the potential to act as and to create beacons of light - centers of positive, healing energy that radiates outward, dispelling negativity and spreading joy and well-being. It is more than choosing to maintain a positive attitude. Rather, becoming a beacon of light means embodying qualities of energy that can open up the potential of others and becoming a center of positive change by meditating outward. The process begins by creating environments that are supportive and energizing, but also a sanctuary where those who enter your space can find renewal.< Less
What Are Unicorns? By Margaret Merrison
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This concise book about Unicorns will answer your questions about these great, playful, pure beings from the higher realms, as well as giving you more Unicorn information than you can imagine. With... More > step-by-step guidance, ‘What Are Unicorns?’ will help you raise and purify your vibrations, so you can easily connect with the wonderful, natural energy of the Unicorns in a safe way. By reading ‘What Are Unicorns?’, you will recognise Unicorn signs in everyday life and connect with your own personal Unicorn guide in one of the many meditations. You will learn why Unicorns are here and how they evolve. You will meet their friends and experience giving and receiving Unicorn healing. You will understand their sensitivities to energies and how to help them in their work, especially caring for our wonderful planet Earth. If you are interested in Unicorns and want to learn how to experience their magnificent energy, ‘What Are Unicorns?’ is the book for you.< Less
Prayers, Mantras and Gayatris By Stephen Knapp
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The Sanskrit mantras and prayers within this volume offer such things as the knowledge and insights for spiritual progress, including higher perceptions and understandings of the Absolute or God, as... More > well as the sound vibrations for awakening our higher awareness, invoking the positive energies to help us overcome obstacles and oppositions, or to assist in healing our minds and bodies from disease or negativity. They can provide the means for requesting protection on our spiritual path, or from enemies, ghosts, demons, or for receiving many other benefits. In this way, they offer a process for acquiring blessings of all kinds, both material and spiritual. There is something for every need.< Less
Color Me Powerful Animal Collection: Lessons in Reclaiming Your True Nature of Passion, Purpose, Prosperity, & Presence By Mariette Pan
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Everything carries an energy and life force, including words, symbols, & physical objects. In the COLOR ME POWERFUL Animal Collection, twenty-six unique spirit animal illustrations empower you... More > to bring more of your innate power into all that you do, say, & feel. Enter into an enlightening, graceful, joyful, & inspiring gateway into your dream life! Coloring these designs is a healing exercise, meditative & mindful practice, way to release stress, & fun & creative playtime for your inner child! * Powerful spirit animal designs, each with a unique I Am soul essence * Thought-provoking lessons, questions, & affirmations for raising your level of consciousness & awareness * High-vibrational symbols from sacred geometry, cultures, & healing modalities naturally clear your energy field, allowing you to easily reclaim your true nature—one stroke of color at a time Celebrate who you truly are—a powerful force of nature! Color & connect deeply with the wisdom & guidance offered by spirit animals.< Less
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KLERONOMICS TEMPLE BUILDERS DNA BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS PROGRAM. 12 Principles of Kleronomics THE FOUR DEMONS (mental dispositions) THAT CON-TROL THE FOUR MAJOR AREAS OF YOUR LIFE ARE; Arrogance =... More > CONTROLS WEALTH Passive = CONTROLS HEALTH Victimhood = CONTROLS WISDOM Separation = CONTROLS RELATIONSHIPS If you where the director of the movie called your life, and you could write and star in the movie entitled; MY LIFE; what type of movie would it be? THIS BOOK; THIS PROGRAM TEACHES YOU HOW TO IDENTIFY AND REMOVING ALL LIMITING BELIEFS; ENERGY AND EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGE ON A DNA OR CELLULAR LEVEL. We explain the 12 principles and kleronomics behavioral modification! SPIRITUAL THERAPY is a healing approach that works primarily “outside the box” of traditional psychology or religion. Spiritual Therapy requires an acceptance of the idea that there is a spiritual force, frequency, wave or vibration, which allows us to see that that truth can be ambiguous, complex, contradictory or unknowable.< Less
Living & Pure Poetry Volume I By Jamie Cowling
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Living & Pure Poetry Volume I By: Jamie Cowling Compilation of poetry Introduction... She awoke her sleepy eyes from their dreams…creating manifesting--- souls inspiring Following the... More > tunes frequency – interlocked – released- transposed- attained---loved—let go of… when understood The light beams resonated universes upon universes Stemming formulations – existence –resistance- knowing- seeking- finding---teaching - healing How every ounce of its blue light came from the waters ripples Lived- living –in---dove in – rode in- flowed in- was forged in She pays attention to people, to galaxies, to energy Shifting mind states – how simple the sweet nectars peaks acceptance Evolutionary strains – cellular memory and navigation. Creating vibrations within its gaining based upon roots grounded Minds elevated< Less
Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening By J.A.H. Diouck
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The Dark Melanin Matter stockpiled in your Brain Computer & Vital Life Organs is the same Dark Melanin Matter that Pervades the Entire Universe. "HE made darkness His hiding place, His... More > pavilion around Him.: Psalms 18:11 The Information Age has ignited a Spiritual Awakening across all 4 corners of the Earth, drastically shifting human perception, turning political & cultural beliefs upside down. Spirituality, Religion & Science are aligning & The Book of Revelations is Unfolding in front of our eyes! Its now time to heal, Black Israel. LEARN simple solutions on how to peacefully maneuver thru the organized chaos so you are "in the world but not of the world." Learn how to do a juice cleanse at home, eat mostly plant foods & everything else in moderation, mindfully meditate, use natural ingredients for skin care and flush toxic chemicals form your Body Temple. Follow this Magical Melanin Formula to vibrate with the electromagnetic life force energy of the Almighty Creator at your highest spiritual level.< Less

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