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Only the Vikings By David James Smith
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“You all know me as Highland Warrior Chief Cattan, a Sennachie who can recite all our ancestors, and as a parson looking to save your souls. Today, I give you a reason to fight and to keep hold... More > of what we have created. The heathen Vikings, we now face, left their own homelands to explored the wider world. We need to know how far they have reached, and to dissuade those we meet from coming back to our western isles. We the Catti tribe are accepted by the Picts and are trusted to make their alliances. Be ready to fight on for what is your inheritance. I will be with you.”< Less
The Vikings In Orkney By H.A. Douglas
eBook (PDF): $1.97
An exploration of the norse earldom of Orkney and northern Scotland: its history, culture, development and ultimate demise.
The Vikings In Orkney By H.A. Douglas
Paperback: $8.78
Prints in 3-5 business days
An exploration of the norse earldom of Orkney and northern Scotland: its history, culture, development and ultimate demise.
The Viking Trail By Mel Chennell
Paperback: $27.18
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Mel Chennell is a remarkable photographer - capturing stunning images from Thanet and London, to Scotland. Mel has exhibited her work in many galleries, has been interviewed by the BBC, and has won... More > prestigious competitions. This book is a catalogue of striking images from Mel’s work around Thanet up to 2018 – loosely arranged around the South East Coast’s historic ‘Viking Trail’.< Less
Only Heathen Vikings By David James Smith
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A story of Heathen Vikings enabling Cinaed (or Kenneth) MacAlpin take over Christian Scotland. Cattan, warrior priest and Chief of the Clan Chattan, converted the ambitious, Kenneth of Dal Riada and... More > became his personal advisor. Follow James who became the caretaker Chief, forming alliances against the greater threat of raiding Vikings, by a circumnavigation of mainland Britain noting changes of the time and developing tactics to fight back. The Chattan Fleet’s reputation was such, that neither Dane nor Norse wished to take them on, so they went after soft targets, sometimes as paid mercenaries to regain lost lands. Once Vikings settled in the northern isles, Man, and Dublin, they took possession of the east of Angleland that became England, and the west of Alba that became Scotland. Tribal identity became mixed as the kingdoms united but, the people still retained symbols of their ancient origins displayed on local banners, as they rallied to the nearest, strongest, High King’s own standard.< Less
Only Norman Vikings By David James Smith
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High King selection over other kings ensured there would always be an adult on the throne, but warfare and murder followed. Overlordship was only submission under duress, ignored unless enforced.... More > Vikings kept coming, to settle, fight for possession, or for hire. Highland Chiefs are re-aligned by sourced history. Sigurd Rollo raided Scotland and became Jarl of Shetland and Orkney. He landed on the northern coast of France where his descendants became Dukes of Normandy. Erik Rollo accompanied his uncle, William the Conqueror, on the invasion of England, and Richard, followed King David I of Scotland when he left the English court to reclaim his Scottish throne. Wallace was betrayed. ‘Rollo’ first appears in a 1141 charter granted by Robert de Brus, another Norman Viking descendant. Sir Henry de Bohun, an English knight, was killed by Robert the Bruce before his Battle of Bannockburn.< Less
Queen Hynde of Beregonium Scotland By James Hogg & William Clark
eBook (ePub): $3.87
This verse story stirs the imagination with adventure and romance set in the early Scotland of saints and swordsmen. A young Scottish queen must rule, and find a husband, whilst in imminent peril... More > from a Viking attack. The action ranges from Appin to Dunstaffnage, and crosses with Saint Columba to Iona and Ireland. First published in 1825 by James Hogg, this shortened version improves the pace and readability of the original. Hogg, who visited the location, claimed the tale to be true – handed down in story and song – and many characters are drawn from history. Whatever the truth, standing on the mighty cliff of Dunvalanrigh (Fort of the King) gazing westwards over the magnificent bay of Ardmucknish it is easy to imagine that great deeds once chose this land as their stage. And that some beautiful, royal lady gave birth to a legend whose shadows will cling here for ever.< Less
The Fire Tree By Ken Kirk
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Set in the Scottish Highlands, in the 1600’s, THE FIRE TREE tells the story of Annis, a 19 year old woman of centuries old royal blood, who bears the title "Queen of the West" and who... More > lives in a tent. He ancestor, "Queen Kiffan the Defiant", led the resistance to the invasion of Scotland by the Vikings. Annis, seemingly born to fulfill an ancient destiny, feels vulnerable and - at times - uncertain. Living in awe of Kiffan and of her own murdered mother, she yearns to feel worthy of to be Queen. A runaway servant girl, a young soldier returning from a foreign war, an inn keeper and a bishop all find themselves drawn, inexplicably, into her fate by a powerful, invisible force.< Less
When Old Gods Live By Raymond Walker
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Some tales tell that the Norse conquered Argyll with barely a whimper. Others tell of Hard fought battles, hardship and loss. The Sagas say that many were abandoned, left for dead and had to survive... More > in the cold harsh landscape of Western Argyll for months till rescued. A new life together and a fresh start welcome Mae and Rob to their new home in Argyll. In the Heartland of historical Scotland they settle in to enjoy the happy home that they have always wanted. But there is something unusual about their new home and whilst Rob seeks answers to the puzzles surrounding them Mae looks to secure her sanity and make this the dream home that she has always wished for. Robs tantrums, educated Rats, deluded Nurses, stuffed birds and ancient gods that want to live again stand in her way but Mae will have her Idyllic home no matter who or what she has to kill to get it.< Less
The Bondsmen: Duncansby's Wyrd By H.A. Douglas
eBook (PDF): $1.97
Following the murder of their lord and the scattering of his heirs, the ordinary bonded men and women of Freswick must pull together as never before in a bid to overcome their tragedy and preserve... More > their own futures!< Less

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