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Fazail-e-Ali ibn Abi Talib By Syed Tilmiz Hasnain Rizvi
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Fazail-e-Ali (Virtues of Imam Ali a.s) the first Shi'ite Imam and the son in law of Prophet Muhammad (s). This is a selection of virtues of Ali b. Abi Talib (as) from the sources of Ahle Sunnah.... More > Translated in Urdu by Syed Tilmiz Hasnain Rizvi, and in English by Sheikh Idrees Samawi.< Less
Ali di fenice: attraverso la leggenda By Denny Rinaldi
eBook (PDF): $3.06
Un breve viaggio attraverso la mitologia e le leggende provenienti da ogni parte del globo, alla scoperta del fascino scaturito dal folclore dei diversi popoli e dalle incredibili creature che esso... More > ha generato. Libratevi alla ricerca del mito del drago, della nascita degli elfi, dell'eterno conflitto tra vampiri e licantropi e di molte altre creature di cui non conoscevate l'esistenza. Vi renderete conto che i loro tratti peculiari vi risulteranno, se visti sotto una luce umanistica, molto familiari. Vizi e virtù dell'uomo, in fondo, si rispecchiano inesorabilmente nella meravigliosa realtà generata dal mito.< Less
Thoratha Kannukal By Muhammad Ali Shaduli
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This is story tragic influences of bad and bearocratic society cultures.The theme of the novel is to iradiate the culture of dowry. So many human births have been burnt to ashes due to this... More > beurocratic society theory. It is the creason for the tears of so many eyes... That is "thoratha kannukal".Shaduli's ever first novel. Everybody should read this who seek virtue< Less
Self-knowledge By Mohammad Ali Shomali
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This book is an invitation to a journey, an interior journey of discovery in quest of a lost treasure containing the most precious jewels of the whole of creation. The map which shows the way is to... More > be found in the final message of Allah for mankind, a way which is also indicated by the internal compass in every heart. We begin our journey with an inquiry into the nature of the spirit and its virtues and vices, and we are led to an understanding that man has the potential to be the representative of God on earth. If we pay heed to our origin and present conditions, and if we arrive at a sufficient understanding of our ultimate goal, the kinds of knowledge that are obtained on the journey will help us to make wise choices about the course our lives may take.< Less
Al-siraj: The Lantern On the Path to Allah Almighty By Husain ibn Ali ibn Sadiq al Bahrani
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Peace and blessings be upon the best of Allah’s creation, Muhammad (‘s), and upon his Purified Progeny (‘a), the ones through whom Allah Almighty perfected the code of ethics, and... More > the curse be upon their foes and those who denied their virtues from the beginning of life and for eternity.< Less