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X-30 By Richard Dean & Tena Green
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Welcome to the United States of America. United in fear... United in suffering... United in death... In the year 2013, an insidious and deadly virus, X-30, has been unleashed upon the American... More > populace. A new strain of Necrotizing Fasciitis (aka "The Flesh Eating Virus"), X-30 begins its biological reign of terror in a rural Alabama town following a mysterious plane crash. It soon extends its lethal grip across the nation and, eventually, the world. Only a select few know the dark secret behind the plague, and the future of all humanity rests within their hands. But have they learned the truth about the virus too late to stop it? Can they stop those behind the single greatest case of genocide ever known to man? Terror has a new name. It is X-30.< Less
Paperback: $29.95
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In the sequel to When Death Condemns the Soul, join James Bonham, Humphries, Joseph, and Detective Rojas as they team up with female agents from the 'CTU' to continue their pursuit of an... More > investigation into the terrorist activities that plague all of mankind. Faced with the reality that the 'Armegeddon' virus has now been altered into pill form, it unleashes a new horror on the citizens of the world and it is up the agents to expose the terrorist cell for who they are. When politicians, law-enforcement officers, and evil or corrupt individuals put greed and power ahead of innocence, it will take the agents to the jungles of Peru, the nations of Scotland and England, and a joint effort to defeat the diabolical plot that threatens mankind. Lives are lost which will impact members of their team and no one is safe from the evils of terrorism. A plot is exposed that will pit good verses evil and no one knows which one will emerge successful to save mankind.< Less
Universal Pandemic By Neven Gibbs
Paperback: $12.59
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Universal Pandemic, based on current cross science research, is a worldwide tragedy. Going from location to location over time, it covers the effects of Humanity to deal with a plague that could... More > wipe out all life on Earth.< Less
Bookshop and Other Tales of Terror By Greg Kaczynski
Paperback: $14.95
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A young man who owns a bookshop on the outskirts of a senior citizen community must fight for his life and livelihood when his elderly customers decide to riot – and on the day he meets the... More > woman of his dreams. “Bookshop” is the flagship novella accompanying 11 other short and micro tales of terror. Also prowling within: a predator cruises the streets of a college town, looking for companionship and sustenance; a couple struggling to connect is introduced to cutting-edge technology that has the promise of bringing them closer than ever if it doesn’t ruin them first; a deadly outbreak ravages a quarantined city, witness life behind the walls; an aging teacher deals with the loss of her husband in the only way she knows how; a bitter and spiteful man gets more than expected when he recruits a stranger to harass an ex-lover. These tales and more populate the pages of this collection – tales of isolation, disease, survival, and destruction.< Less
White-Eyed Mice By Alyssa Baker
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[Book One]Ellie Harrison is no stranger to tragedy, but even the death of her parents couldn't have prepared her for this level of loss. Now that a new infection is rapidly spreading, turning those... More > who get infected into mindless, cannibalistic monsters with nothing left but hunger, she will have to do anything she can to survive, and not fall victim to the infection herself. While surviving the end of the world, Ellie begins to dream of a strange limping man in a white lab coat, whom she has no memory of ever meeting before, arguing with her parents right before their traumatic death. Are the two connected? She begins to wonder if her dreams are just her mind reacting to the horrors surrounding her or if something more sinister has been going on her entire life. In her new reality of having to fight for survival every second, she will begin the journey to finding the truth about what is happening to the world, and the truth about what really happened to her parents.< Less
Twice-Dead Corpse By Alyssa Baker
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[Book Two]Ellie Harrison knows what it means to survive. She's been doing it her whole life. Now that the world has ended, she's had to learn to survive in a different kind of way. Even though the... More > world seems broken, even though humanity is falling apart, she learns that there are still those who bring hope and light into the darkness. Now that she knows more about how the infection started, and how she's connected to everything, she will have to do everything in her power to keep going. However, there are things about her now that scare her. Is she slowly becoming the thing she fears most, or is her new life a blessing in disguise? The future is uncertain, a hazy spot of light at the end of a long tunnel, but with every passing second, there is a little more hope. Can the world ever go back to normal? Or has this been a sign that things shouldn't go back to the way they were? Maybe the world had to fall apart completely to give humanity the chance to build it back up again.< Less
Blood-Stained Hope By Alyssa Baker
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[Book Three]Ellie Harrison is willing to sacrifice everything for the ones she loves. Everything that has happened to her has shaped her into the person she is today. But despite all the bloodshed,... More > despite all the pain and fear and loss, she is still alive and still willing to fight for her life and the lives of those she loves around her. Something big is on the horizon and everyone can feel it. The end of the end times is coming and now the only question is will it end on the side of humanity or will it end because humanity did? The end is near but who will be around to see it?< Less
" Ebola Epidemic... All the Facts! " - " What You Need to Know! " By Alexandria Bellini
eBook (ePub): $5.95
Covering everything from transmission, prevention to possible treatments. Figures on current EVD cases, probable cases, and the suspected. The history of Ebola, a timeline from 1976-present and where... More > researchers believe it came from. A wealth of Ebola information at your fingertips, with more volumes to come in the near future.< Less
Only One Way By Jannicke Howard
Paperback: $10.65
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What is the HEMO10 Virus? This is a completely new disease... It is a hemorrhagic fever... It is a violent and aggressive virus... We do not know where it originated... There is no vaccine or... More > cure... When restrictions on travel between counties are suddenly imposed in the United Kingdom, the residents of York don't worry too much, despite the rumours seeping out via the international media. It's only when a complete ban on travel and martial law is brought in, that people start to panic; and see first hand for themselves just what the world's governments and health organisations have been hoping could have been avoided. For this is a virulant and very sudden pandemic. Survivors in one of the city's suburbs gradually realise just where the disease is headed, and are forced to accept what is expected of them if they are to survive this plague.< Less
LEECH Hardcover Ultimate Edition By Richard Dean
Hardcover: $25.99
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By 2018, America has been ravaged by terrorism and biological warfare. One particular bio-weapon, dubbed the "Wrath of God," has virtually destroyed the nation- inflicting its victims with... More > wildly varying symptoms and creating horrifying genetic mutations. Those who survive the plague fight for life day to day, struggling to maintain a semblance of society. Rebecca Artemis has been infected by "the Wrath" in an astonishingly macabre way. Like a vampire, she feeds upon blood to maintain her own deteriorating blood cells. Consumed by guilt over the atrocities she commits, she feverishly seeks to regain her faith and humanity. Making matters worse, Rebecca's condition is exploited by the evil "Reverend," who forces her to commit unspeakable acts of violence for his own amusement. For Rebecca, death may be the only true escape from the evil surrounding her, but how many others will perish in rivers of blood on her path to redemption?< Less

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