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WINNABLE WAR ON WANT By Robert Winston Burnett
eBook (PDF): $0.78
A war which can be won! The War On Want (WOW) petition, highlights versions of wars raging on, some for decades under our noses. There's desired outcomes behind poverty, suffering and strife on... More > Earth! Wars, we're subjected to it daily which leaves standard norms deeply etched to a human physic. AWAKEN! See, hear of certain wars on a daily basis, while others simply remain neglected! Out of control as raging poverty and accompanying treatable diseases. Many suffer, even as real estate to be cleared! Then of course there's a daily war on Global Warming eroding infrastructures by the hour. Yet, has remained neglected, not an urgent attrition, even though deserving action through international Government consensus years earlier. A least exposed news item plaguing the planet, blighting millions upon millions of lives daily. Here you find out where it started out from and why, for began taking hold as a contagious virus centuries earlier. Sign the petition - Show you genuinely want to win this war!< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00