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The Visionary: Pictures From Nordland By Jonas Lie
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Jonas Lauritz Idemil Lie (Norwegian: [liː]; 6 November... More > 1833 – 5 July 1908) was a Norwegian novelist, poet, and playwright who is considered to have been one of the Four Greats of 19th century Norwegian literature, together with Henrik Ibsen, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and Alexander Kielland.Jonas Lie was born at Hokksund in Øvre Eiker, in the county of Buskerud, Norway. Five years after his son's birth, Lie's father was appointed sheriff of Tromsø, which lies within the Arctic Circle, and young Jonas Lie spent six of the most impressionable years of his life at that remote port.He was sent to the naval school at Fredriksværn; but his defective eyesight caused him to give up a life at sea. Excerpt from:< Less
Marble Wounds: A Visionary Journey Into Non Being By Thomas MacDonald
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Marble Wounds: A Visionary Journey Into Non-Being is an exploration of the Self. It is the path of the poet, the dreamer and the artist. It is in this path that you may view endless iterations of... More > your persona. All aspects are exposed like the flesh of a ripened fruit when peeled. Nothing is off limits. The visual provides the salt for your wounds and the dreaming state guides you to them without fail, every time. The goddesses of Marble Wounds came from my own dream states and recollections. My subjective mind was given the blessing of my conscious Will that I may speak without a voice to these goddesses. View them as you wish. The nature of reality itself does not depend on their existence. I thought them up. Perhaps I called them into being through my depictions because it is by this manner that I may understand their messages. Ultimately there is no form or vision adequate to describe the endless circling Void of timelessness that they represent. May your wounds mend themselves in Silence.< Less
Overthrowing Capitalism, Volume Five By Revolutionary Poets Brigade
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This multilingual collection of poets from many countries reflects planetary resistance to the misery that global capitalism is relentlessly inflicting upon the peoples of the world.... More > Anything less than an international response would not reflect the enormity of our solidarity as poets. These poems speak urgently of the international class struggle for revolution and social justice as the very essence of truth and beauty, the struggle to topple the open fascistic dimensions rising today. The poets in this anthology embody an historical memory as vast as our solidarity, as deep as all the struggles of the past that sought to liberate humanity from the scourges of war, racism, sexism, plunder of the environment, of capitalism’s religion of money. Toward this same goal of overthrowing capitalism we say, with the poets in this anthology: Not one step back!< Less
Practical Poetic Anthology By Poets World-Wide & Passion for Publishing
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(1 Ratings) has opened the way for your reading, learning, and uplifting pleasure. The application of visionary outlook from poets and authors worldwide, have delivered word of... More > inspirational poetry and uplifting creative thoughts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the poems from these poets and authors and tell your friends and family members about this great Practical Poetic Anthology reflecting A Genuine Glossary of Great Poems by poets worldwide.< Less
The Lost Testament By Richard James
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James explores the religious and mystical workings of the poet's inner self in this stunning series of stream of consciousness revelations. Visionary and perplexing.
Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience By William Blake
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William Blake was a visionary artist whose 1794 Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience revolutionized poetry. The verse works of Songs of Innocence describe childhood states of naturalness and... More > purity in delicately beautiful lyrics that reveal a child's unspoiled and beatific view of life and human nature. In Songs of Experience the mood and tone darken, the poems suggesting the bitter corruptions and disillusionment that await the innocent.< Less
Kate's Black Ink Poems By Ruth Finnegan
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Poems selected by the author from her unique inspirational bovel 'Black inked pearl' expressing an intensity of feeling and insight that, as readers have commented, rivals that of the great... More > mystic poets.< Less
Gone Hallucinogen Freeway By craig moore
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In the late 60's a lot of searching teenagers were suddenly experimenting with mind expanding drugs, and the sexual revolution was full blast, these two elements came together, in the explosion of... More > the psychedelic wave that crashed on us with ecstatic, hilarious fury, combined with the sign of the times, and the "Chimes of Freedom Flashing" in Bob Dylan's words, we rode the wave and the changes were upon us, this novel is written in the spirit of the times,and in a poetic frenzy to capture the journey of just one such enraptured teenager, as seen from the future of one such poet. Enter the rabbit hole and ride the Gone Hallucinogen Freeway into infinity.< Less
Waking the Dead By Kristin Reynolds
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Waking the Dead explores the path of a waking man through the land of sleep. Written in the tradition of the mystic poets such as Rumi, Hafiz, Gibran and Rimbaud, Kristin Reynolds writes as both... More > student and teacher; seeker and seer; visionary and blind man; mystic and barely alive. This is poetry filled with keys for those seeking a secret doorway to the other side of sleep; as well as patient and heady reminders for those who’ve already walked through that door, who wish merely encouragement, understanding, and the joy that comes from a smile and wave of recognition from the other-side. Waking the Dead is meant to do just that: turn invisible dials within the body, mind and heart of the reader—plucking internal strings only poetry can reach for those who have seen beyond death, and have every intention of living.< Less
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This book is a collection of poems, short stories and speeches about life’s journey experienced by humans and transferred into society. The book points out the pain of trials and tribulations... More > by addressing problems such as: loneliness, rejection, loss, depression, unemployment, poverty, envy, suicide, bullying, domestic violence etc., at this point there are times when it seems like there is no light at the end of a tunnel when situations get tough. Being pessimistic makes it difficult for anybody to believe that you can turn things around; there is a light at the end of a tunnel, even if the inside seems uncomfortable with dead bones. What’s needed is the idiom of hope because it lifts up your mood; it makes you believe that trials and tribulations come to an end. There are also serious concerns about what happens when the force of religion gets out control it boils down to fundamentalism beneath the shame.< Less