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Vitalis News Magazine By Mike Cavalli
eBook (PDF): $1.65
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In this months edition we look at how Dr Mary Newport discovered that the Ketones in Coconut oil are reversing Alzeimers abd Dr Rima Laobow asks " what if you found the holy grail of... More > medicine". Other great news items include; How to survive a heart attack if you are alone,why guavas should be considered a superfood. Discover in a recent case study of a HIV positive patient treated with black seed extract turned in unexpected positive results with the patient achieving sustained..remission.............And there's lots more!< Less
Cities of the Apocalypse Calendar 2010 By Vitaly S Alexius
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End of the world as advertised, Apocalyptic cities calendar by Vitaly : S : Alexius
Hardcover: $69.95
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Book of digital paintings, created by Vitaly S Alexius over the period of 4 years.
2010 Dreaminism Calendar By Vitaly S Alexius
Calendar: $28.49
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Best calendar in zee world. Buy it or I will eat my pants.
Tre aspetti della Scienza Faraday, Maxwell, Tesla By Carlo Vitali
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Faraday, Tesla, Bohr responsabili delle intuizioni creative Maxwell e Einstein curatori della traduzione in linguaggio matematico con allegato il documento originario che James Clerk Maxwell... More > pubblicò nel 1864 (1868) per giungere a sintetizzare le leggi empiriche dei fenomeni elettrici e magnetici noti all’epoca nella sua "teoria dinamica del campo elettromagnetico" con una presentazione a cura di Albert Einstein< Less
Metall in Ukraine By Vitaly Jeleznyak
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Metall in Ukraine
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Life in 360 Degrees is a book designed to enlighten you on life issues from education,parenting,choosing yourlife partner,investing tactics,will writting,life insurance tips and areas of concern,it... More > goes on to explain the many challenges faced by project managers and how to solve them,it expounds on importance of knowing God and how to live your life as a sweet grand pa and granny.It suitable for all ages because has areas that educate the youth and prepare them to face life with courage.Dont hesitate to get your copy i know you will love it.< Less
The Modern and the Postmodern. Course Album. By Vitaly Repin
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The Modern and the Postmodern. Course album. Timelines: Events and Lifespans. Sample essays (including the guidelines on philosophical writings). Mindmaps. Wikimedia Commons photos used in the... More > lectures on painting and architecture. QR codes: the reader can open web versions of the timelines using QR code reader in his/her tablet computer/phone/etc; the reader can open Wikimedia page of every image printed using QR code reader in his/her tablet computer/phone/etc (Section "Attributions"). Alphabetical index< Less
A Book of Poetry from the Edge. By David A. Vitali
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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A powerful book of poetry in three voices. Poems from the voices of Light (Love), Enlightenment (Wisdom) and Darkness (Death). A very real, life and death struggle within the mind of one man who... More > would not lay down and die, against the odds.< Less
Wealth Secrets Of The Ancients By Vitaly Geyman, Richard Seidman
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Wealth Secrets of the Ancients is the story of a single mother from New York who travels in time to nineteenth-century Russia to learn from an ancestral sage the keys to financial success. In the... More > process, she falls in love with a Russian man, has an affair with a twenty-first century American tycoon, and reclaims belief in herself and her abilities. Wealth Secrets presents universal principles of financial empowerment through an exciting story of romance and adventure.< Less