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EJSR 14 1 By Vol 13 No 1
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Vol. 14 Iss. 1 By NJTIP 2014-2015
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Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property Volume 14, Issue 1.
thefacebook vol 14 By Chris Bowes
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------- Intro ------- This was generated around July 15, 2010. ------- Files ------- Filename ... More > Description -------------------------------------------------- facebook-names-original All names, including duplicates --------- sha1sum --------- facebook-names-original.txt.bz2 01fdceb802e2a43d1f05a3a38b9e368bad8ce10e< Less
Puniverse (Vol. 14) By Stephen McLaughlin
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down to the last fresh gale down to the last gray whale down to the last impale down to the last inhale down to the last mare’s tail down to the last minke whale down to the last oil shale down... More > to the last prevail down to the last retail down to the last right whale down to the last sea kale down to the last sea snail down to the last short sale down to the last sperm whale down to the last square sail down to the last strong gale down to the last sweet gale down to the last tall tale Stephen McLaughlin is a senior editor at the PennSound poetry archive and hosts the podcast Into the Field for Jacket2. He created the 3,785-page PDF anthology Issue 1 with Jim Carpenter in 2008, an excerpt of which was included in Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing. His first book of poems is Infinite Unexplored Domain of Poetic Values by Easter Halloween (Principal Hand Editions, 2011). < Less
The Cloud Maker Collection (Vol. 1-4) By Maddy Moore
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In the beginning, Father Time gave his three children a world to look after. Isis, the youngest, was given the sky to care for. Rikus, the younger brother, was given the land to watch over. And... More > Altus, the oldest, was given the ocean to protect. When a violent feud breaks out between the once peaceful siblings, it unleashes chaos upon the land that they had once sworn to protect. With the siblings fighting, the races from the sky, land, and sea soon followed. After centuries of warfare, the world is dying. In a desperate attempt to save what is left of the world, three friends must forget their bloody histories and work together. Young and naïve, the trio soon discovers that the scars of this war go far deeper than they ever could have imagined. Can they put their differences aside and save their world? Or will past resentments tear them apart? This anthology comic contains Volumes 1-4.< Less
Migration Letters - Vol 14 No 1 - January 2017 By Migration Letters
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SPECIAL ISSUE: Transnational migrant families: navigating marriage, generation and gender in multiple spheres guest edited by Mulki Al-Sharmani, Marja Tiilikainen, Sanna Mustasaari | Editorial:... More > Transnational migrant families: Al-Sharmani, Tiilikainen, & Mustasaari | Marriage conclusion in Belgian Muslim families: navigating transnational social spaces of normativity-Lecoyer | Ruling on belonging - Mustasaari | Marriage and transnational family life - Al-Sharmani & Ismail | marriage migration and older labour immigrants’ - Liversage | Transnational ties to the country of descent among Canadian Somali -Tiilikainen | 1.5-generation immigrant adolescents’ autonomy -Turjanmaa et al. | young Pakistani Muslim women in Bradford, UK- Sanghera & Thapar-Björkert | Searching for ‘success’ - Kelly | A new era for labor migration in the GCC? - Martin & Malit Turkey’s refugees, Syrians and refugees from Turkey - Sirkeci | News discourse and ideology -Yazgan & Utku | Trump and migration - Martin< Less
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Forum for Undergraduate Research, Vol. 14 No. 1 By Wagner College
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The Fall 2015 issue of the Wagner College Forum for Undergraduate Research includes abstracts presented at the recent Eastern Colleges Science Conference by Nadia Asfar, Cody Carpenter, Michael... More > Cataldo, Yan-Yee Cheung, Jacob Cohen, Sanjita Dham, Daniela DiMeglio, Arielle Dorfman, James Ducey, Anthony Gonzalez, Brandon Hart, Johnathan Hinrichs, Brandon Kocurek, Gabrielle Langella, Najia Malik, Timothy Mendez, Sandra Minchala, Meghan Morrissey, Mayar Mussa, Maria Papaioannou, Joseph Persichetti, Julie Roggeveen, Anthony Spano, Alexa Viniotis and Vincent Vitulli. The issue also includes full-length papers by Ian Bertschausen, Jessica Catanzaro, Lisa Condemi, Abigail Creem, Arijeta Lajka, Caitlin McCarthy, Meghan Marie Morrissey and Casey Schweiger. The Wagner College Forum for Undergraduate Research has been published twice a year — once each semester — since the Fall 2002 issue.< Less
Encyclopedia Of Molecular Biology Vol 1-4 By Benjamin Grömer
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If this all sounds eerily familiar, it’s because the same trick has been tried before. Several other technologies use a plug-in to stretch the bounds of the browser, including Java,... More > ActiveX, Shockwave, and (most successfully) Adobe Flash. Although all these alternatives are still in use, none of them has become the single, dominant platform for rich web development. Many of them suffer from a number of problems, including installation headaches, poor development tools, and insufficient compatibility with the full range of browsers and operating systems. The only technology that’s been able to avoid these pitfalls is Flash, which boasts excellent crossplatform support and widespread adoption. However, Flash has only recently evolved from a spunky multimedia player into a set of dynamic programming tools. It still offers far less than a modern programming environment like .NET.< Less

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