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Urban Adventures: A Pound of Flesh By Mario Barbati
Paperback: $12.53
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The Great City remains an ever-growing conurbation whose opulent aristocracy is fueled by the influx of international, free-market trade. Dreams of wealth draw transients to the city like avaricious... More > vultures to the flesh of a fallen calf, but the free-market is only one of the many ways to get rich in the Great City. A Pound of Flesh is a d20 adventure designed for use with the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game. A low-level urban adventure, A Pound of Flesh is designed to introduce players to 0one Games Great City Campaign Setting and is most appropriate for a group of four 3rd-level characters.< Less
Crisis at Crusader Citadel Classic for V&V By Jack Herman
Paperback: $8.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
With the Crusaders nowhere to be found, a Crushers’ crimewave sweeps the city -- Mocker, Marionette, Bull, Hornet, Stormlord, the Mace, Vulture, the Shrew, Temper, Shocker, the Mercury... More > Mercenary, and F.I.S.T.!! Only you can stop them and unravel their insidious plot. This is a complete adventure pack by V&V co-creator Jack Herman utilizing the Villains and Vigilantes 2.1 game system. Download over 100 full-color counters for use with this adventure from, complete with vehicles, cops, bystanders and the featured heroes and villains. Villains and Vigilantes is a trademark of Scott Bizar, used with permission.< Less
Golden Agers: Jungle Jaunts (in color) By Mini Komix
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Golden Agers takes to the tropics in these Jungle Jaunts! Salty Walters the sailor meets some alluring island girls, Dagar the Desert Hawk fights the Red Vulture, Tiger Girl flames the Fire Goddess,... More > Captain Terry Thunder rescues the female chieftan Leila, Abdul the Arab is ensnared by the sultry Salome, Tabu tries to stop a tribal war, Dogface Dooley falls for a hula girl, Safari Cary comes across the Nomad Queen, Wambi protects his animal friends, and Undercover Girl exposes the sexy sorceress Siva Dey. Desert dwellers and jungle journeymen in this congo collection, and in color!< Less
Chitwan National Park - Postcards from Nepal By Ajay Jain
eBook (PDF): $1.99
The Chitwan National Park was completely wild and a hunting ground of the Rana rulers until the 1950s. The area was inhabited in pockets by the Tharus who had built a resistance to malaria, endemic... More > to the region. In the 1950s, vast swathes of the forest were cleared to eradicate malaria and to settle people from the hills seeking better economic opportunities. However, this influx of people who had not known how to live in harmony with the forest and its residents led to greater man-animal conflicts. Populations of rhinos tigers dipped dramatically. Chitwan is now one of the best forest reserves in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t miss out on walking and river safaris – they are special to Chitwan. And drop by at the Vulture Restaurant. * Download the e-book on Chitwan to know more. * ** For the complete collection of books and e-books by Kunzum, visit Contact us at**< Less
Love It On a Budget By CTR Berlin et al.
eBook (PDF): $1.32
Welcome to Budget Berlin, a short and easy-to-read guide on one of the best, busiest and brightest capital cities in Europe. This book will help you save money when visiting the tourist staples and... More > economise in the alternative areas of this quirky city. Budget Berlin is a young, hip guide to the city, written by and for a young people who know where’s unmissable. Start with our ‘Arts and Culture’ section if you’re interested in museums and galleries, ‘Tours, Streets and Monuments’ is for the culture vultures, ‘Outdoors’ if you’re the nature type. Don’t miss out on our ‘Entertainment’ section if you’re interested in nightlife, music or partying, ‘Food and Drink’ if you’re a mammal who needs nourishment and ‘shopping’ for those who can’t resist a bargain.< Less
Field Days In California By Bradford Torrey
eBook (ePub): $2.99
"IT is with birds as with places and people; some are endeared to us by one quality, and some by a different or even an opposite quality. The phalaropes are trustful. They swim about us almost... More > within hand’s reach; we like them for that. Other birds are wary to the last degree; we must match our wits against theirs, or we shall never have them within comfortable eye-reach; and we like them for that, and pursue them the harder. And others, a few, are never so highly appreciated as when we gaze at them afar off. Such are the common carrion-eating vultures, turkey-buzzards we call them; almost disgusting near at hand, but miracles of grace as they float in wide circles far above us under the great blue dome."< Less
Because of a Woman By Meena Mason
eBook (ePub): $5.00
A dry desert, vultures circling, a man, half-dead, lashed to an oak tree in nothing but his briefs -- the story begins. Famous bounty-hunter, Paxton Reign, has been left for dead. It all started... More > because of a woman -- a beautiful woman and a dangerous obsession for her. Determined to have Elizabeth Dalton for his own, Maxwell Stanton is prepared to do anything -- even kill. Believing he's no stranger to murder, Elizabeth absolutely loathes Maxwell and has branded him responsible for her father's sudden and mysterious disappearance. Convinced Elizabeth and Maxwell orchestrated his current excruciating predicament; Paxton curses his love for Elizabeth. Deceit, betrayal, unrequited love, and thirsts for revenge are not uncommon, as unanticipated circumstances dramatically collide to irrevocably alter lives, reveal dark secrets and open old wounds. All of this will come to pass -- because of a woman.< Less
MY MORMON MISSION POEMS -a witty poem a week for 2 years By Russell Elkins
Paperback: $5.98
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I went on a mission for the Mormon church A different way of life for a boy to enter It wasn’t long after my 19th birthday When I spent 2 months in the training center Then I spent 22 months in... More > Guatemala Where I had to get used to the cultures Instead of hamburgers and eagles It was black beans and vultures On the back of one of the first envelopes Of a letter I sent home to be read I wrote the first of what would be many poems That came off the top of my head I didn't start it thinking I'd always do it But I ended up putting a poem in every letter I made sure to try to make each one funny As my wittiness and creativity got better GO ON! PREVIEW THE FIRST 10 PAGES!< Less
Foreclosure Survival Kit By Michael Callaghan
Paperback: $14.96
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Don't Lose Your Home - Act Now to Save It! You really can stop foreclosure and save your home without paying thousands of dollars in legal fees, filing for bankruptcy, or subjecting yourself to the... More > many vultures who are lurking around waiting to pick on you.If you're in foreclosure now or could be soon, your bank is threatening to take your home, and things are happening way too fast. You've probably received mail, phone calls and even visits from people offering to "help." Most of them want you to sell your home to them at fire-sale prices. There is another way! The Foreclosure Survival Kit will show you how.The book covers 95% of all Foreclosure Situations and is simple, inexpensive, private, and confidential. New Edition now Available at |< Less
Foreclosure Scams By Michael Callaghan
Paperback: $10.52
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The information contained in this report is an excerpt from my book called The Foreclosure Survival Kit. During my career and while helping countless families survive foreclosure, I saw the same... More > mistakes and scams occurring over and over. For some people, I arrived in time to help them avoid losing everything to these scams. Others weren’t so fortunate. They called me too late to be of any help. They needed this report. If you are in foreclosure, the information in this report should help you recognize the most common scams you’re likely to encounter. Once your bank goes public with your situation, you’ll be inundated with misinformation from vultures and unscrupulous individuals out to steal your equity and take your home. A downloadable (PDF) version of this report is also available free of charge from my web site.< Less

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