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World War One: The Unheard Stories of Soldiers On the Western Front Battlefields - First World War Stories As Told By Those Who Fought By Various
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This collection of heroic soldier's stories relays sobering accounts of combat on the Western Front during the First World War. Evocative and vivid descriptions of the early stages of the conflict... More > populate these pages, from which the reader can gain lessons of the conditions of the stagnant front. Originally published in 1915, the set of tales within this book offer sobering accounts from various battlefields which took place during the early stages of the war. Although the war was not even halfway over by the time these stories found publication, the horrors of the conflict were already a fact of life, with casualties rapidly mounting on both sides. At that time public opinion hadn’t yet fully turned against the war, and in Britain – the nationality of all the soldiers here – the need for showing progress was essential to sustain civilian and military morale. All of the soldiers in these pages were already serving in their regiments, or had volunteered for service, when the war commenced.< Less
History Through the Eyes of the Living By Animas High School's Sophomore Class
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This book was compiled and written by Stephen Sellers’ 2015-2016 Sophomore Class as a part of the Poet Laureate Project. Each student was given the task of becoming a Poet Laureate for a... More > specific country, nation, or region involved in WW1, most of which were erased from standard history books. Each student was responsible for researching and selecting an event that was relevant to their country, nation, or region that took place within the general WW1 time frame. All poems written had to incorporate poetic form, rhyme, meter, and feet, along with having an essay to provide the historical context behind the event. In addition to students having the task of being Poet Laureates, each student was delegated a specific job in the creation and publication of History Through the Eyes of the Living. The entirety of this book was student created.< Less
Horses Were More Valuable Than Men By Charles Bassett & Ed. Stefan R Woroniecki
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Rescued from a tatty scrapbook, my grandfather’s WW1 memoirs give an “underview” of the war rather than the frequently described overviews of Front-line battles. Private Bassett was... More > placed in the transport section of his battalion, which involved mainly the horse-drawn delivery of all army supplies. Thus fortuitously, he was spared serving in the trenches at the Front. His book provides an alternative angle on the war, with descriptions of both trivial and serious events, leading up to his battle injury and subsequent release home. This book may appeal to: • Historians, for behind-the-front detail • Those with an interest in France and Belgium, for the frequent references to the war-torn villages near the borders • Animal lovers, for the descriptions of horses and mules (the title is a quote from his postscript) • Anyone who wants a flavour of WW1, but would prefer a generally lighter and shorter read Stefan Woroniecki Editor< Less
Bombs Away! Zeppelins at War By Pitt Klein
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Kapitänleutnant Heinrich Mathy was one of the greatest and most successful airship commanders of WW1. This book, translated into English for the first time, was written by one of his crew,... More > Obermaschinistenmaat Pitt Klein, who flew with Mathy on 120 wartime operations but was left off the final and fatal flight of Zeppelin L 31 on 1 October 1916. Pitt Klein gives us a unique perspective on what it was like to be part of Germany’s most elite Zeppelin crew as they conducted routine maritime patrols and raids against the increasingly effective British defences.< Less
Trench Rats By David Meah
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WW1. After the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, on the 28th June 1914. The European communities find themselves in turmoil. The call for war rings out. Leaving many families... More > Fatherless. We find Sergeant Taylor and his men like many others scattered in the wilderness lost from the Brigade after the heavy losses at the battle of Marne, wandering nomans land, searching for a beacon of light to guide them home.< Less
73 Bristol Boys By Walter Michaels
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A collection of names, letters, news, and events about the 73 men whom left Bristol Connecticut in July 1917 to enlist into Company D and fight in the Great War, WW1. Author Walt L. Michaels has... More > compiled information from soldier’s letters home, news clips, and other sources to give the reader an insight to the rages of war that these brave men witnessed.< Less
Jessica & Me By Ronald Shadbolt
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Born during the first Christmas of WW1, unwanted and illegitimate Jessica was born in Fulham to the backdrop of exploding bombs. This intriguing true to life story follows Jessica and her son Donald... More > through the London blitz and the difficult days through his schooling and working life. Although he never knew his real Grandmother, Donald embarked upon the massive journey to trace his step Grandparents which takes him back to the 1860’s where they lived in Germany and Regents Park. With twists and turns and set in the back drop of two world wars will Donald ever find out why his mother was abandoned? What surprises will be found? Will he ever find his real Grandmother? A compelling true to life story.< Less
Airships at Jambol By F Goebel
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From an airship historian’s view the full text of this 1925 book is at first glance slightly disappointing. Goebel appears to have been one of the ground-based maintenance team and... More > Förster’s contributions often read like a travelogue written by someone very proud of their extensive Classical education. Nonetheless, accepting this perspective, the text still provides us with a rare record of the remarkable African flight of the L 59 in November 1917. Goebel’s text also contains a description of the airship station at Jambol, Bulgaria; gives a detailed account of German aviation weather facilities in WW1; explains wireless navigation methods; and provides a description of the Schütte-Lanz airship SL X. Brief accounts are given of the operational flights and ultimate fate of the SL X, the LZ 101, and the L 59. General von Lettow-Vorbeck adds his perspective on the African Flight and describes the battle for Ngomano which resolved his supply problem on the very day that the L 59 had planned to arrive.< Less
Food Preparation for Surviving and Propaganda During World War I By Peter Ohs
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This is a collection of World War I recipes with the propaganda on how to save food along with menus on how to substitute for limited food items. This was supported by the United States government... More > through the newly created Committee on Public Information. Some of the food propaganda slogans created and used: -> Food Will Win the War, Don't Waste It -> Of Our Men We Ask Their Lives; Of Ourselves, a Little Less Food. -> Wheatless Monday -> Meatless Wednesday< Less
Clara By John Nicholls
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The story of a young girl entering employment at an army hospital during World War 1. The memory of a tragic accident always on her mind. Trying to find emotional strength in work, relationships and... More > family.< Less

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