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Dimona, WWIII and Judgment Day By Toyib Olawuyi
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This book starts by revealing the countries, especially France, the United States and the United kingdom behind the making of the Israeli bomb and possible reasons for their involvement. It examines... More > how and why the bomb was developed and kept secret up till this very moment! It uncovers all the provocative histories behind it, including going as far as the time of the crusades. Later, it tells us why the Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East feel jittery about its existence and especially their own concern about their own safety (resulting in a terrible race for an Islamic balance)... Imagine Israel bombing the Bushehr reactor as they did the Osirak reactor. Imagine Iran retaliating with Shahak-3 missiles. Imagine the consequences. Imagine the success of a secret plan by Westernist and right-wing Zionist extremists, to assassinate Ariel Sharon, in the heat of the confusion, leading to a nuclear conflagration in the Middle East and around the world.< Less
Willow Trees in Warfare: The Invasion of America By Clayton M Jennings
eBook (ePub): $14.99
I will die tomorrow. I am barely over twenty years of age, and yet when the sun rolls over the horizon tomorrow, I will take my final steps towards eternity's abyss. I am not an old man dying in my... More > bed, nor am I a screaming soldier about to be killed as I run into battle. Instead, I am me, a simple kid from the Midwest who has lived through things that many will never experience in a lifetime of existence. I'm writing this right now as a weary traveler ready for the sleep of paradise. I have made my peace, and I have readied myself for that long trip home. If you have read this, I plead with you to pay no attention to me, instead look at yourself. Hug your kids, hold your loved ones, take a look around and soak it in, because the unexpected is just around the corner.< Less
Family is War By Brandi Dillon
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Madylon Marshall has many problems, losing her mother, being the boss of her family, and most of all, the World War that is driving Canada to pieces.
Candles To Beacons By Keith Waldrop
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This is the adventures of Rev. Timothy Mack MacKeifer in his quest to bring the Seven Candles back to Scotland and fight the evil new world Administration. The adventures are filled with action and... More > battles to get their team to The Royal Mile in Edinburgh in Scotland. The release of the new Church brings back the religious freedoms after a limited WWIII< Less
Reforming Catholic Graduate Education and the Rejection of the Third Secret of Fatima By James C. Tibbetts
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There is a need for Graduate Catholic Theology Institutional Reform. This about a doctoral thesis on the; Development of Fatima in American and a major discovery about Fatima, that the Third Secret... More > of Fatima was about a nuclear WWIII which was averted, through the Collegial Consecration by the Bishops of Pope John Paul II in 1985. This book is a story about the doctoral process and dissertation of Jim Tibbetts which was rejected, by the German Professor; Fr. Johann Roten, PhD, STD at the International Marian Research Institute. Over seven years of work was stopped (several years classes then it was almost ready for its defense), yet after finding out what the world needs to know, to prevent future wars and to help prevent Global Warming, professor Roten rejected it. The different Schools of Thought are looked at and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.< Less
Survival of the Sparrows By Pete Conrad
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In the near future, an army of a half million Russian, North Korean, and Middle-Eastern soldiers launches a coordinated offensive, invading the United States with unparalleled precision. They call... More > themselves the People’s Liberating Army — the PLA. May and Winston Sparrow live directly on the PLA’s route to sack Atlanta and gain control of the airport. The Sparrows, married fifty years, don’t intend to flee the looming invasion. Like many others in the tiny town of Johnsonville, Georgia, they dig in and make preparations. Winston, a retired structural engineer, devises a simple strategy — build a false wall inside their small barn and wait out the offensive, hidden inside. They have enough supplies to last a while, but to the Sparrows’ horror, instead of just passing through, the PLA converts their property into a headquarters, and their secret sanctuary becomes an unwelcome front row seat to the atrocities of war. What will you do when the United States is invaded?< Less
Odyssey Dawn By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $6.96
Information for all. Superstition to none. Information is the killer whale of our times, the leviathan savior of the AEon of Cetus. Let the Cetus equinox be heard as the song of the whale!
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OPFOR integrates modern battlefield components with the PANZER KORPS Divisional System. Covering most combat organizational configurations, weapons systems and theaters of operation, OPFOR allows... More > gamers to get right into the action on the modern battlefield. REQUIRES PANZER KORPS RULES to Play. NOT a Stand Alone Module. Covers Airborne, Artillery, Armored formations & more! Breaks down the command structures into their respective parts Aides in understanding the rapidly changing organizations and strategies Comprehensive Vehicle, Weapon system and Aircraft lists Includes the use of Strategic assets such as SAT, Drones, TAC. Nukes, and more! 2 Complete Scenarios included to get you into the action! Simulates the command paradigm at the Divisional Level Air support and Special Ops included!< Less
Odyssey Dawn By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $9.75
If Logos stands for E-3D surveillance aircraft and Typhon for Typhoon Eurofighters, then 2011 comet Elenin must represent at least heavy missile rain, if not a further call to jihad by said Colonel.... More > Updated for Moon in Sextans and Corvus with one-minute lunar ephemeris.< Less
Cetus Chronicles By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $29.04
Venus in Pegasus and Cetus mark the final fall of the devil in the Æon of Cetus II.

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