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War By Thirteen O'Clock Press
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Man has ever fought man in some way or another. From the earliest civilisations which sought to take the land of others, there have been wars. Within the overall conflict are the individual stories... More > of heroism, cowardice and unexplained happenings. All are explored here by the talented Thirteen O'Clock authors who have taken this theme to their hearts and produced their fantastic stories. Enjoy!< Less
The War By Richard Paul Fernandes
Hardcover: $38.96
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The War is the story of the life of one person, the meaning and purpose of the life and his world. The reader may reconstruct the life from the evidence that is available. All of the evidence that is... More > recovered is presented as it is recovered, in the order that it is recovered, to the author, the person and the reader at the same time. Fall is the first part in the set of works. “I believe that most, if not all the fighting, takes place upon the field of the human mind.” “Truth, Beauty, Goodness. I’ve been following this story since it was first being shared, and have savored each chapter as it came. Reading it is like dreaming, true and real in a way that reality rarely seems. It lingers beneath the mind’s surface in a way similar to a George MacDonald story.” “I've got to say how unusually visual this tale is. I know just which floorboards squeak… Time is timeless out here in the fields of gold.”< Less
Truth in Fiction By Micah Hair
Paperback: $5.88
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Various poems ranging from the topics of war, lost love, murder, death, and so on. Though none of the poems seem overly "light-hearted" their depth is created in the sense of their... More > reality. And there is a bonus, short story written a few short years ago. Although it was written by a highschool girl, the pages hold the emotions of a nation.< Less
Love, Tragedy, War, and Adventure: An Anthology of Historical Fiction By Lauren Konkol et al.
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Thirteen short stories about historical events thorough the eyes of a fictional character. Topics include the Great Flood, Esther's reign, World War 2, Slavery, Jewish Persecution, and wars... More > overseas.< Less
Galactic Wicked Candlestick Wars A Science Fiction Plot By Wendell Walker
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Galactic Wicked Candlestick Wars A Science Fiction Plot by Wendell Walker A long, long time ago in a wicked, wicked galaxy... After leaving the tiny planet Neptune, a group of men fly toward a... More > distant speck. The speck gradually resolves into a ribbed, space heights. Civil war strikes the galaxy, which is ruled by Luke Butterscotch, a scheming pixie capable of theft and even cruelty.< Less
Notes With Silence By Novelty Fiction
Paperback: $8.00
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In his essay "Music and I," Haruo Kato shares with us how his interest in music survived extremely difficult conditions during World War Two in Japan. Maple Klockgether has written an... More > entertaining essay, "Science and Music," about her experiences at a symposium dealing with the neuroscience of music. Nadine AuCoin, who is a songwriter as well as a fiction writer, shares in the essay "A Little Piece of Heaven" her views on the creative process, on what role music plays in her life, and more. Jytte Rand, who has been singing in choirs and playing the piano since childhood, writes in the essay "A Tribute to the Music" about the excitement of participating in live music performances. Adrian Lavelle has written a captivating short story, "Screamers," inspired by bizarre real-life events. Roman Trend's classic novella "Harpsichord" is a riveting, playful tale in which love, theater, and the devotion to music all contribute to an escalating series of dramatic events.< Less
Jedi Fiction in Conacine Edition By Miguel Lundin Peredo
eBook (PDF): $2.92
Es la historia de un hitman obsesionado con la pelicula llamada Star Wars de George Lucas,que ha escrito un guion de cine llamado Jedi fiction in a Conacine edition y que siempre sueña con que... More > alguna vez ese guion se convierta en una pelicula famosa.< Less
Nothing to Write Home About - A Fictionalized Memoir of Cold War Military Service By Pete Byrne
eBook (ePub): $4.99
“Nothing to Write Home About” is a lightly fictionalized memoir of a now distant period of recent American History, “The Cold War.” In mid-1950s America, a rite of male... More > passage was a couple of years of non-threatening, peacetime military service. By 1955, the war in Korea was two years past and Vietnam was still just a name. For the author, then aged eighteen, the Army offered an escape from the confines of a blue-collar neighborhood, a first opening on and into a larger world, a semi-grownup world filled with characters from all over the country, some good, some not so good and some just outlandish. Two years in the Army, with duty in South Carolina, Arkansas, Colorado and finally Germany became, unknowingly at the time, one of the genuinely educational and more memorable experiences of a lifetime.< Less
Fiction, Fact and Follies By Doris J. Paterson
Paperback: $15.16
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How is it possible for a stay-at-home mother of ten children to excel with painting and then with writing? How can the world need the stories of someone so uneducated in the writer’s... More > world? Encouragement for writing was always there for me so I did not hesitate to write when something triggered my interest. I've collected all the bibs and bobs of my writing and put them in book form. A lot about my feelings and stories of people who have turned up in my life, and throughout the years I have been making up and telling my brothers original stories when we were young, writing essays at school, reciting poetry, I have been in plays, writing letters back home and writing in diaries. I have been honing this discipline all the time without knowing it. And I must say, throughout my life everything I have done was honest.< Less
Weird Science Fiction Tales By Geoff St. Reynard
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Strange,Bizarre and most importantly, Weird best describes these tales to excite and inspire your imagination! 1.....The Usurpers...Is it possible that aliens masquerading as human beings walk the... More > Earth? Jerry Wolfe knew it was true----he had seen them! 2.....The Cybernetic Brain.....It was a unique problem: Could an artificial leg possess a brain that would control the leg--and not the entire body? 3.....Tink fights the Gremlins.....Tink and Jing and Nastee didn't want trouble, but these gremlins were fighting on the wrong side of the war so they acted. 4.....Toka and the Man Bats.....Out of the night sky came a winged monster, and Toka lost his loved princess and queen of Sandcliffe. How could he rescue her from these far horrors of bat-land? Four complete stories from the best and brightest writers of the genre.< Less

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