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The Mexican War: a history of its origin By Edward D. Manfield
Paperback: $15.95
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The Mexican War, a detailed account of the victories which eventually led to the surrender of the capital; depicts the strengths and the weaknesses of the US Army
The Mexican War: a history of its origin By Edward D. Manfield
eBook (PDF): $4.00
The Mexican War, a detailed account of the victories which eventually led to the surrender of the capital; depicts the strengths and the weaknesses of the US Army
The 2044 War Between Texas and California By Adam Nostra
eBook (ePub): $1.91
The Socialist Republic of California and the Libertarian Republic of Texas were natural enemies, destined to clash. The trigger for the outbreak of war was the cataclysmic presidential election of... More > 2044, which saw the extraordinary election of Jared Kushner, a man fated never to serve even one day in the White House. Historians said that the war became inevitable during the turbulent years of the 2030s when the two female presidents of that decade, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Ivanka Trump, brought about the extreme polarization that rendered the USA finally ungovernable. AOC, in her astonishing four-year presidency, following her landslide victory of 2032, explicitly referred to the USA as a “Socialist Republic”, changing forever America’s view of itself as the adamantine fortress of capitalism. AOC was simultaneously viewed as an angel and a demon, depending on political allegiance.< Less
World War Weed: Plant Life By the professor
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The full first edition works of the World War Weed trilogy in one fine hardback volume - its action packed, stacked with adventure, global in scope and completely uncensored. The bulk of this... More > anthology was compiled by the professor during five years as an international freelancer for Soft Secrets magazine. Plant Life is the freshly edited and only authorized collection of those works and contains several chapters of previously unpublished material. Real life stories of farmers, traders, users and smugglers from around the world are contextualized with a sociopolitical, economic, legal and historical narrative which is strongly rooted in the anarchist perspective. From valleys and hills to streets and cells, cartels, cops and dollar bills, risks, rewards and curing ills, this book is cannabis revealed and should appeal to everyone. From the wisest of dreads to the straightest of heads, Plant Life: twas writ to be read< Less
Internal Wars: Rethinking Problem And Response By Max G. Manwaring & Strategic Studies Institute
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Dr. Max Manwaring wrote this monograph in response to the fact that today over half the countries in the global community are faced with one variation or another of asymmetric guerrilla war.... More > Insurgencies, internal wars, and other small-scale contingencies (SSCs) are the most pervasive and likely type of conflict in the post-Cold War era. That the United States will become involved directly or indirectly in some of these conflicts is almost certain. The Balkans, Colombia, Mexico, Somalia, and the Philippines are only a few cases in point. Yet, little or no recognition and application of the strategic-level lessons of the Vietnam War and the hundreds of other smaller conflicts that have taken place over the past several years are evident.< Less
Pennsylvania Land Wars with Connecticut and Virginia By Don Corbly
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This is a book about the land wars Pennsylvania found itself embroiled in during the latter half of the 18th Century. The wars stemmed from the ambiguous Charters that established the the Colonies of... More > Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Virginia. Charles II created the conflict between Pennsylvania and Connecticut by the overlapping of the boundaries of the land he granted to each colony. Similarly, the land granted to Pennsylvania was contested by Virginia. But Virginia could have contested nearly any Colony's land grant. Virginia's grant from James I included most of present-day United States, northern Mexico, and most of western Canada. These armed conflicts were settled only by the first Congress established by the newly formed United States Constitution in 1787, when it ruled in Pennsylvania's favor.This book is purchased at the lowest cost through< Less
The War Trail: The Hunt of the Wild Horse By Mayne Reid
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Thomas Mayne Reid (April 4, 1818 – October 22, 1883), was a... More > Scots-Irish American novelist. "Captain" Reid wrote many adventure novels akin to those written by Frederick Marryat and Robert Louis Stevenson. He was a great admirer of Lord Byron. These novels contain action that takes place primarily in untamed settings: the American West, Mexico, South Africa, the Himalayas, and Jamaica.Reid was born in Ballyroney, a small hamlet near Katesbridge, County Down, in the north of Ireland, the son of Rev. Thomas Mayne Reid Sr., who was a senior clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. His father wanted him to become a Presbyterian minister, so in September 1834 he enrolled at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution. Excerpt from:< Less
A Remote Sensing Survey to Locate the Remains of USS DORADO (SS-248) Off of Bahia de la Ascension, Quintana Roo, Mexico By Douglas E. Campbell
Paperback: $16.99
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The Maritime Education and Research Society (MERS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose aims and objectives are to research and to advance education and training in the techniques pertaining... More > to the study of various maritime fields of endeavor for the benefit of the public. Such fields include the continuing assessment of ecological impacts on coral reefs around the world, the research of maritime events that have shaped history, underwater archeology, the training of individuals and groups in the above fields, and the publication of all such research for the continuing education of the public. Our first field study was called The Dorado Expedition and continues to this day. This is a research program to determine if a World War II US submarine was lost on the coral reef system off the Yucatan Peninsula as mentioned by Mexican locals in the 1970s.< Less
America’s Forgotten First War for Slavery and Genesis of The Alamo By Phillip Thomas Tucker
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In this ground-breaking book, Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D., has presented an entirely "new look" at the Texas Revolution of 1835-1836 without the traditional romance and myths. Mexico made... More > the mistake of allowing American immigrants to settle in Texas. Mostly from the South, they created an unprecedented economic prosperity based on slavery and cotton cultivation. However, these developments set the stage for open warfare between the largely pro-slavery settlers and the Republic of Mexico, which had abolished slavery in 1829. Because of the massive support from the U.S. to the Texas rebels who fought to preserve the Southern way of life and slavery, the Texas Revolution was actually America's first war for slavery. With this revealing new perspective, Tucker's outstanding historical analysis has given us an insightful understanding of a war that altered the destinies of two neighboring republics. For the first time, Tucker has revealed the hidden secrets and forgotten truths about the Texas Revolution.< Less
Borderland Beat: Reporting On the Mexican Cartel Drug War By Alejandro Marentes
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The Borderland Beat Project is collaboration from a group of people of different backgrounds located in the U.S. and Mexico that gather information related to the Mexican drug cartels and presents it... More > in English through the internet, publications and presentations. The information in this book is fast-paced, with a lot of DTO information thrown at you at once. It's filled with sicario activity and the Mexican government's attempt to intervene, but it also contains a lot of direct, behind-the-scenes information from the author. This particular information is the involvement of the author from his early stages when he started to formalize his plan to bring to life the Borderland Beat Project. Follow Buggs as he sets the stage and takes you on a wild ride in to the dark shadows of the violence and chaos of the Mexican drug cartels. A narrative, as told in the deep dark pages of the Borderland Beat blog.< Less

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