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How to Stay Off a Psychiatric Ward By Anthony Faber
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This Tract Book Article discusses methods a person can use to stay off a Psychiatric Ward and stay off.
Music Third Year By Justine Ward
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by Justine Ward The rarest of the classic Ward book is this third year book, which is a continuation of the brilliant method pioneered by Justine Ward. This book introduces more complicated scales... More > with chromatics, and explores polyphony. A unique aspect is the extensive quotation from the great polyphonic motets and Masses, by way of preparation for the fourth year. The volume also focuses heavily on intervals and independent vocal production, including pronunciation and style. It is substantially more advanced, but also an ideal preparation for chant and full participation in liturgical singing. This softcover volume is 208 pages. A real treasure from 1938, and nearly impossible to find.< Less
Music Fourth Year: Gregorian Chant By Justine Ward
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by Justine Ward This is the first edition of Justine Ward's classic instructional text on Gregorian Chant. Appearing in 1923, it taught generations how to sing chant according to the methods and... More > principles developed by Dom Andre Mocquereau at the Solesmes Monastery in France. It was Ward's pedagogy and systemization of the method that brought the beautiful sound of this chant into the American Catholic life. All these years later, this book still holds up as one of the great chant method books ever published.< Less
Reiki Notebook By Lynda Ward
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A generic Reiki notebook. Make a note of how to activate symbols, draw symbols, make a note of those on your healing lists, how to charge items etc.......
Shrinking Wetlands Sinking Cities By Elizabeth Ward
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As the Earth’s climate changes and sea waters rise, the world’s many coastal cities must get creative to stay afloat. Levees, floodwalls, and other man-made infrastructure are enormous... More > cost burdens that continue to be overpowered by super storms and severe flooding. Planners and designers around the country are exploring methods to make coastal cities more resilient to these impending changes. One method for urban resilience that deserves more attention is the preservation and restoration of wetlands as a means to mitigate the effects of climate change. This paper aims to create an informative and comprehensive guide, and also to define the next steps and necessary research for wider adoption. Research methods that were used include literature review, in-depth review of two case studies, and interviews< Less
The Ultimate Guide to Unclogging Your Drains By Gavin Ward
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>>Signs of a Clogged Drain. >>What Clogs Your Drain. >>Methods to Use. >>Tools that You May Need. >>Do’s and Don’ts. >>Why You Need... More > Experts. >>When You Need to Do More than Unclogging Your Drains. >>The Wrap.< Less
Judo: What Experts Are Saying About Judo Martial Arts By Ward Melton
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The name Judo was chosen because it means the "gentle or yielding way". Kano emphasized the larger educational value of training in attack and defense so that it could be a path or way of... More > life that all people could participate in and benefit from. He eliminated some of the traditional jujutsu techniques and changed training methods so that most of the moves could be done with full force to create a decisive victory without injury. The popularity of Judo increased dramatically after a famous contest hosted by the Tokyo police in 1886 where the Judo team defeated the most well-known jujutsu school of the time. Grab this ebook today to learn everything you need to know.< Less
What You Need to Know about Motivation and Teaching Games: An in-depth analysis By Steven Ward
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"What You Need to Know about Motivation and Teaching Games: An in-depth analysis" is essential for anyone working with learners with social delays, including learners with Autism. This... More > book dedicates significant attention to learner motivation, the ability of teachers to establish learner motivation, and, most importantly, the ability of teachers to identify whether their learners are interested. This book describes the philosophical underpinnings of various methods for teaching learners to enjoy playing games, and does so in a way that creates thoughtful, creative teachers. Further, this book provides scripts for teaching 12 specific games. For each game, the author describes: why the game is valuable, prerequisites, a basic instructional protocol, finer points, variations, and data. An emphasis is placed, throughout this book, on teacher responsiveness to student performance. Teachers will learn how to help their students actually enjoy playing games.< Less
The Science of Epidemiology and Causes of Disease By M. Ward Hinds
eBook (PDF): $3.49
This book is an introduction to the science of epidemiology. It explores epidemiology methods that have been employed to elucidate some of the most important causal relationships between exposures... More > (whether to infections, dietary factors, toxins or behaviors) and disease and injury. I have included disease investigations from the middle of the 19th century to the 21 century. In most cases, the investigations I describe led to successful measures which helped to markedly lower disease rates and prevent premature deaths.< Less
Music First Year By Justine Ward & Elizabeth W. Perkins
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By Justine Ward Here is the classic that kicked off many generations of rigorous and brilliant music pedagogy for children, especially those in Catholic schools who were trained for singing chant.... More > But its use is not limited to this: it provides a sound foundation for all music training, teaching theory, pitch, and rhythm with great attention to detail. Experts today are rediscovering the wisdom and power of the Ward Method, of which this is the very first book from 1920.< Less

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