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Joseph Morschauser's How to Play War Games in Miniature A forgotten wargaming pioneer Early Wargames Vol 3 By John Curry & Bob Cordery
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Joseph Morschauser III's 1962 book was ahead of its time. Although as popular as Donald Featherstones's War Games when published, it has largely been forgotten over the years. In many ways, the book... More > was ahead of its time with concepts such as a single base for a unit, gridded movement, speed of play and original combat system. It was very different from the development of the H.G. Wells rules by Donald Featherstone and others. This edition includes: The original book How to Play War Games in Miniature Rules for ancient, musket and the 'modern period' Additional articles by Morschauser An adaption of the rules for the modern period Biographical notes The History of Wargaming Project is edited by John Curry. It aims to present the very best wargaming books and rules to a modern audience. Further details can be found at:< Less
The Discovering Wargames Series and Bill Lamming’s Medieval Campaign and Battle Rules: Early Wargaming Rules Volume 5 By John Curry et al.
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John Tunstill, Arthur Taylor and Bill Lamming were some of the early wargamers who through their enthusiasm, knowledge and writing helped turn miniature wargaming into a worldwide hobby. This work... More > includes three books: John Tunstill’s Discovering Wargames- published by Shire Books. Arthur Taylor’s Rules for Wargaming - published by Shire Books. Bill Lamming’s tremendously popular Medieval Campaign and Battle Rules. Between these authors, they wrote a large range of wargaming rules, from ancient to WW1 Air warfare. Tunstill’s work was an introduction to the hobby and the rules were introduced period by period throughout the whole book. Taylor assumed the reader was already familiar with wargaming and so included no less than 8 sets of rules in just 68 pages. The Lamming campaign rules were ahead of their time and allowed the creation of a medieval world to run detailed wargaming campaigns.< Less
Lionel Tarr’s Modern Wargaming Rules 1939-1945: The First Modern Wargamer By John Curry & Lionel Tarr
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Lionel Tarr (1920-2003) is widely recognized as the first modern wargamer, modern being 1939-1945. He first came to prominence when his rules were published in 1962 in Donald Featherstone’s... More > classic book, War Games. This book contains much previously unpublished material about the Tarr wargame and his epic decade long WWII Eastern Front Russian Campaign. This wargaming campaign was almost as well-known at the time as Tony Bath’s Hyborian campaign. This book includes: The previously unpublished Tarr wargaming rules he first drafted in 1947 and modified until 1973. Analysis of the rules Tarr’s Armies: Russian and German Army ORBATs Solo Wargaming Eastern Front Campaign Wargaming the Battle of Stalingrad Air warfare on the Eastern Front Various articles by Tarr A.W. Saundars (Tarr’s cousin) modern warfare rules from 1957 Tarr’s Napoleonic Rules The History of Wargaming Project aims to document the development of wargaming, including publishing new material about these early wargames< Less
John Candler’s (1964) Miniature Wargames: Napoleonic Wargaming du temps de Napoleon By John Curry & John Candler
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Around the time Donald Featherstone published War Games in 1962, the book that was key in launching modern hobby wargames, others were publishing comprehensive sets of rules. This example by John... More > Candler was published in the United States in 1964 and was one of the better known. The original rules were published in a green ring binder, with 123 pages of detailed rules for a Napoleonic land and sea wargame. They covered all aspects necessary to play a detailed Napoleonic wargame on the tabletop. They were more complex than Featherstone’s rules, but lacked the literary charm of the former. They are published by the History of Wargaming Project in order to preserve an example of early wargaming rules from the dawn of modern wargaming. The History of Wargaming Project aims to document key parts of the development of wargaming.< Less
Donald Featherstone's Wargaming Commando Operations and Reflections on Wargaming Lost Tales Volume 2 By John Curry et al.
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Donald Featherstone, with over fifty wargaming books, is the most prolific author in wargaming. His lifetime’s output continues with this book about wargaming commando operations. The... More > Commandos were one of Britain’s elite fighting forces during World War II. Included in Part One is an introduction to the Commandos, their history, training and equipment. It also covers previously unpublished material on a planning a raid, an attack on a gun battery in 1942 and a beach assault in 1944. The second part of the book includes three previously unpublished sets of Featherstone rules, three scenarios and recollections from early wargamers about some early commando wargames with Donald Featherstone and Lionel Tarr. One of the scenarios is for a platoon level solo game of a raid on a gun position. The third part of the book is Don Featherstone’s reflections on a lifetime of wargaming, the media and being at war. The History of Wargaming Project aims to record and publish key steps in the development of the hobby.< Less
Donald Featherstone’s Wargames through the Ages Volume 2: A Wargaming Guide to 1420 to 1783 A.D By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
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Wargames through the Ages was first published to fill a gap in literature of the hobby of wargaming. It was a one volume summary of what was loosely called the Horse and Musket period. Each chapter... More > assesses the techniques and fighting methods of the opposing forces and indeed, the battel descriptions are often sufficiently colourful to inspire reconstruction. In discussing how this can best be simulated on a table-top battlefield the author gives comprehensive information as to contemporary styles of warfare which provides a basis for the formulation of rules. Thus, the role of the book is to suggest rudimentary ideas that will stimulate the reader into experimenting until he has perfected and polished them into soundly constructed rules that suit both his temperament and his personal conception of warfare. The book is published by the History of Wargaming Project as part of ongoing work to document the development of wargaming.< Less
The United States Naval War College 1936 Wargame Rules: USN Wargaming Before WWII Volume 1 By John Curry & Chris Carlson
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The famous Unites States Naval War College wargames have been seen as an important part of the US Navy’s preparation for war with Japan. The actual naval commanders took lessons from these... More > wargames into the conflict in the Pacific 1941-45. This book makes the 1936 edition of the tactical rules readily accessible for the first time to the public. It includes the detailed rules for movement, gunnery, damage and other aspects of real naval warfare from the big gun era. The object of these games was to aid students of strategy and tactics in the comprehension of these complex subjects. The book includes: Original guidance from 1922 on how to play the game. Sample gunnery tables. Torpedo fire cards. Rules for visibility and smoke. Details about speed and fuel. Sample ship cards to illustrate how the rules worked. The book is published by the History of Wargaming Project. It is part of a series to document key steps in the development of modern wargaming.< Less
Donald Featherstone’s Wargames Through the Ages Volume 4: A Wargaming Guide 1861 to 1945 By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
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Wargames through the Ages was first published to fill a gap in literature of the hobby of wargaming. It was a one volume summary from the outbreak of the American Civil War and the concludes with the... More > end of World War II in 1945. Between 1860 and 1945, the shape of warfare, armies, tactics and equipment underwent a wholesale change. In the same era, the map of Europe was redrawn and the machinations of world politics saw the introduction of military movements by land, sea and air on an international scale hitherto unconsidered. In 1861, the cavalry retained a still significant, if diminishing, role in the schemes of battle commanders; but by 1945 massive technological advances, culminating in the introduction of computerised planning had so altered the situation that a fundamentally new approach was necessitated as it is for the wargamer. The author has therefore considered at length the problem of formulating new rules, and the classification and assessment of armies and their conditions.< Less
Donald Featherstone's Wargamer’s Handbook of the American War of Independence Wargaming 1775-1783 By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
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A guide to the men, the weapons, the battles, and campaigns and how to re-fight them in miniature. The American War of Revolution 1775-1783 is a war of battles bearing colourful names, most of them... More > ideally suited for re-fighting on table-top battlefields. The skilful general can triumphantly turn historical defeats into victories. This book tells the wargamer how to don the mantle of Washington and lead American Armies against British regulars to display greater tactical genius than Burgoyne and Cornwallis. After outlining the historical course of the war, the soldiers of both sides and their styles of fighting are described and commanders evaluated. This means re-fighting the major battles as wargames are explained, with maps of the battlefields transformed into table-top terrains. Hints on formulating rules include two complete sets that authentically simulate warfare of the period. A new chapter, with a previously unpublished set of rules by Donald Featherstone, is included in this edition.< Less
The Pentagon’s Rural AGILE/COIN Wargame (1966): A Wargaming Counter Insurgency Megagame By John Curry & John Armatys
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This is an example of an early professional counter insurgency game written for the Pentagon to explore a rural insurgency through a wargame. America was engaged in a strategic counter insurgency... More > in Vietnam. Every effort was being made to wage war more effectively in the conflict. One of the tools applied was wargaming, such as this game. The game has players representing all sides. The game allowed the players to explore the asymmetrical conflict from a different perspective, using the prism of wargaming. Agile was played in key establishments and had some training value. One success was pulling special forces soldiers away from their normal military skills focussed training and asking them to actually influence the hearts and minds of the people in the villages of rural South Vietnam. This book includes after action reviews of 12 games. It also has examples of the American players committing atrocities against the civilian population as an in-game strategy.< Less

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