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CLEOPATRA and the WARRIORS By Michael Welch & Lou Armentrout
Paperback: $11.76
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"CLEOPATRA and the WARRIORS" retells two of Shakespeare"s greatest stories, in language students can understand. To build suspense, it adds an original plot about the evil Snakemen who... More > want to destroy her. This is part of the READ ALOUD PLAY PROGRAM, CCSS based, designed especially for GIFTED STUDENTS, and others in Language Arts/English classes, grades 6-12+. It centers on a SMART, STRONG WOMAN who leads her country. As the students read it aloud in class, they examine her LEADERSHIP skills, and also see the mistakes she makes because of love and pride. The assessment leads them to learn from her experience to improve their own real life.< Less
Warrior's Prisoner By Lietha Wards
eBook (ePub): $3.54
In a time before written records were kept, on a world similar to ours, there were four kingdoms in a land with two suns. Eons of fueding and warfare had made some disciplined and others bitter. ... More > One kingdom, the Gierrer, were centered amid three others and natural selection made them strong and large able to defend their lands and people from the Esbiorn to the north. Princess Runa of the Esbiorn had heard horror stories of the Gierrer and when her father gave her hand in unity to another warring kingdom the only way to her intended was through the Gierrer lands, her father's brutal enemy. They were captured and and she caught the interest of the largest fiercest man she'd ever seen. To save her sister and her mother she pledged loyalty. Her life started to unravel and she discovered that not everything was as it seemed.< Less
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The Reluctant Warrior: The Journey Begins By Andrew Burans
Paperback: $17.75
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This adventure novel is a multi-faceted exploration of colliding and conflicting worlds. The main character is an up and coming young businessman who is suddenly thrust into a dangerous new reality.... More > Intellectually, he realizes he must overcome seemingly untenable odds in order to survive. His journey explores his business acumen, the clandestine machinations of the 1980's cold war between the United States, Russia and China, the intricacies of Eastern Martial Arts training and a thorough examination of weapons and their proper use. Our main protagonist does come with flaws. He smokes and drinks too much and is highly attracted to beautiful women even though he dearly loves his wife and wants to remain faithful. The story centers in Beverly Hills but is international in scope and has numerous finely developed and intriguing characters. Readers will experience the central figure's growth as he grapples with the challenges which confront him while he struggles to remain true to his core values.< Less
(Sovereign Of The Hucens Series): The Deadliest Warrior By Ashley Hemmings
Paperback: $18.38
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Danger awaits a young Hucen woman named Irene, who must go into the heart of the Vangarrin Empire to rescue her mother Isabella Stanton. Isabella now finds herself in an unfortunate situation. The... More > Vangarrins have given the Hucens trouble for decades. Irene will venture into the center of the Empire, having remembered her last name being Stanton. She will face any danger to save her mother, the one person who truly knows her. Irene Stanton will have to be faster, stronger, smarter, and luckier than she has ever been, because enemies are cleverly planning her demise. For the shadow of the Vangarrin Empire is the shadow of death, and the shadow of death has Irene Stanton in its sights. Luckily, she has allies who will seek her salvation. But will allies and courage be enough to save her mother and guide all to safety?< Less
The Warrior Class: Caregiver's Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder By Daniel Williams
Paperback: $29.97
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The Warrior Class is for therapists, loved ones and clients who want to know the rationale behind effective PTSD therapy. Complete with patient handouts, this book closely follows the video series on... More > You will get a crash course in Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure--all geared toward an efficient program of recovery. This program was successfully integrated into the PTSD Program at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler, Texas.< Less
Warriors of Atlantis Book One: The Book of Prophecy By Alex Potter
Hardcover: $29.99
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Five are given a adventure to save the Atlantian World from the evils of an evil zod, Flamsus. Only they, as told in legend, can overcome the evils of this vile villian. Along the journey one is... More > lost, and must be found. Together the remaining four battle werewolves, griffon-sharks, zods, and even gods. All is centered around on thing, one thing stolen- The Book of Prophecy.< Less
Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks: Warrior Skills Level 1 (STP 21-1-SMCT) (August 2015 Edition) By Department of the Army
Paperback: $26.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
This manual is one of a series of soldier training publications (STPs) that support individual training. Commanders, trainers, and Soldiers will use this manual and STP 21-24-SMCT to plan, conduct,... More > sustain, and evaluate individual training of warrior tasks and battle drills in units. This manual includes the Army Warrior Training plan for warrior skills level (SL) 1 and task summaries for SL 1 critical common tasks that support unit wartime missions. This manual is the only authorized source for these common tasks. Task summaries in this manual supersede any common tasks appearing in military occupational specialty (MOS)-specific Soldier manuals. Training support information, such as reference materials, is also included. Trainers and first-line supervisors will ensure that SL 1 Soldiers have access to this publication in their work areas, unit learning centers, and unit libraries.< Less
The Mattis Way of War: an Examination of Operational Art in Task Force 58 and 1st Marine Division By Michael L. Valenti Major, USMC & U.S. Army Combined Arms Center
Paperback: $16.51
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This study examines General James N. Mattis’s staffing philosophies, the influence of history on his operational planning and execution, and his general command and leadership philosophies... More > using Task Force 58 as a formative base. A brief look at his time commanding the 1st Marine Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) examines whether his philosophies and concepts evolved or remained consistent. A chapter dedicated to his command philosophies and leadership explores common themes that were present during both periods and their influence on his later generalship. General Mattis is an iconic figure in recent Marine Corps history and is known by many nicknames sucsh as Mad Dog and the Warrior Monk. He gets the latter because of his intense love and study of military history, leadership, and the art of war. He had humble beginnings; born in a small town in the Pacific Northwest at the base of the Columbia River which had deep-rooted agricultural ties and a nuclear industry.< Less
Preaching Essentials By Chad Meza
Paperback: $7.00
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In this practical, and easy to use book, Chad Meza provides a foundation for developing and delivering sermons, outlining several proven methods and best practices. Broken down into two sections, you... More > will first learn how to select a main passage of scripture to preach from, utilize Bible study tools to understand the passage, and create a sermon outline. From there, you will discover invaluable tips for delivering a sermon effectively, including preparation ideas, time management, and much more. Invest in yourself, invest in your ministry, become a more excellent preacher today.< Less

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The Way It Was The Way It Was By Alvin Fuhrman
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