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The Mind and Face of Bolshevism By Rene Fulop-Miller
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In the news today we hear a lot about Socialism, Communism, Marxism, but were you ever curious about what really happens when a country goes from being a monarchy or capitalist to marxist? This... More > book was written 10 years after the Bolshevik revolution and although it was FüLöP-Miller was a socialist, he paints a very clear of the good, bad, ugly and evil of the after effects of such a violent revolution. If you want to know how it would go down and what would change, this book will tell you in concise terms. If you are interested in the history of the Soviet Union and its founding? This book will give you a matter of fact insight into the early years of the Soviet Union. Uncompromising in its honesty, this book is a must have for anyone interested in these subjects.< Less
The Prequel - It Happened Here - Vol I By John Kingston
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Revealed! For the first time, the history of the plot to assassinate President Kennedy and the identities of the two assassins. This together with the details of the deception of British Intelligence... More > which allowed the Warsaw Pact to invade West Germany, defeat NATO and humiliate the United States. Finally the true horror of America's revenge as the Strategic Air Command is unleashed against the Soviet Union< Less
Able Archer By Jimmy Boom Semtex
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Welcome to the world that almost was. In late 1983 NATO members carried out a command and control exercise. Soviet/Warsaw Pact enemy forces mobilized and got ready 'just in case' war erupted. This... More > story assumes that war did start and tells it from a different angle - from the feline view. Join Able and Archer, two pussy cats on opposing sides, in their story of eating, paranoia and eventual Armageddon. Who will win and who will die? It captures the Cold War mindset, one that appears to have returned in early/mid 2014.< Less
The Prequel - It Happened Here - Vol III By John Kingston
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Printed abroad because of its controversial revelations, this continuing expose now discloses how the National Council secretly and cynically planned the abolition of the Monarchy using a media... More > campaign of lies, deception and finally fraud at a Referendum and how MI5 and MI6 used ultra right wing groups to create a brutal and violent authoritarian, totalitarian regime which emerged from the newly created Republic.< Less
The Prequel - It Happened Here - Vol II By John Kingston
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Exploiting the power vacuum created by the United States withdrawing into isolationism, the Soviet Union, although unable to mount a credible counter-strike, shocks the new American President with an... More > audacious and bold display of military power and a nuclear assault on Britain. A traumatised British government and Prime Minister, already reeling from a sustained assault by Trade Union anarchy, is further undermined by the extreme Right which succeeds in capturing the public's confidence and support< Less
Comrade Aloha By Bogdan Klyashtornyy
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Imagine… a world where nuclear weapons were never invented. Instead robots, genetic engineering, and conventional weaponry took precedence in the fields of research. The Third World War has... More > been raging on for twenty-three years and the struggle for global domination is approaching its finale. With the war balance tipping toward the communist forces, the United States and its few remaining allies is all that is left to defend the values of Liberty and Freedom against the impeding onslaught. With the Americans racing to find a weapon to stop the communist advance, the Soviets have their eyes set to seize the naval stronghold of the Pacific: Hawaii…< Less
Evolve or Die By Anna Carson
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An analysis of the Prague Spring as political movement and historical event; its origins in Czech history; its consequences and implications as to Warsaw Pact and Soviet internal politics.
Exiled By Tomas Jina
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Seeing it through Daniel, Jana and Carl’s eyes, the author describes personal experiences from turmoil years of 1968-69, when led by Soviets, a bloody invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies to... More > Czechoslovakia stopped the mild improvement of the Socialistic regime called Prague’s Spring.< Less
To Whom This File Refers By Frank R Long
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At last from the murky files of MI5 anti-espionage archives comes this account of a KGB endeavour that was as much attempted Hollywood publicity coup as it was conventional Warsaw Pact stratagem. ... More > Red Square awaited its success with baited breath and the Kremlin was decked in bunting in anticipation. But at the eleventh hour, an MI5 part-time employee turned the tables and in dubious reward the whole story was inexplicably shrouded by HMG from public scrutiny for a generation. Now it can be told.< Less
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The war in Europe has reached critical mass and it is a race between the Red Army and the newly arrived US and Canadian 4 Corps. The winner owns Europe. Just one last push by the New Warsaw Pact... More > will clear away SACEUR's gambit and the last division standing between the Red Army and the Channel Ports. It is the Longest Night for everyone, and the last night for many.< Less

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