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Forskolin Fit Pro: The New Turn to Supplement for Effective Weight Loss By Weight Loss
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As per the official website ForskolinFit Pro is 100% premium Forskolin Root Extract that helps you burn stubborn fat, build lean muscle, and help improve your metabolism. Aside from being the ideal... More > supplement for moms with stubborn hard to lose fat it is also a great supplement for men as well. Forskolin is a powerhouse compound that is derived from the roots of Forskohlii Plant which is a herb belonging to the mint family. Research has discovered that this herb actually helps break down stored fat and helps increase lean muscle mass. It is the ideal weight management herb that helps tackle belly fat all the while toning muscle naturally. Weight loss of up to 5-10% is known to not only help improve psychological health, improve self-esteem, and most certainly improve health.< Less
The Psychology of Weight Loss & Management By Zahid Ameer
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How Your Brain Plays A Role In Weight Loss & Management. Weight loss is one of the goals of most men and women. If this is one of your dreams in life too, you have to be aware of the aspects... More > that will help you achieve the results you expect. One of these aspects is your mindset. Without a strong determination and fixed mindset, successful weight loss results would be hard to reach. In This eBook, You Will Learn: + The Reason Goals Are Important In Weight Loss + The Reason Goals Are Important In Maintaining Weight + The Reason Goals Are Important In Body Image + Tips For Setting Goals For Eating Right + Tips For Setting Goals For Exercise + And so much more!< Less
Weight Loss And Management Goals By Zahid Ameer
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"Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Managing Your Weight Loss Goals!" This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To What You Need... More > To Know About Goal Setting For Weight Loss And Management! In This Book, You Will Learn: + The Reason Goals Are Important In Weight Loss + The Reason Goals Are Important In Maintaining Weight + The Reason Goals Are Important In Body Image + Tips For Setting Goals For Eating Right + Tips For Setting Goals For Exercise ...And so much more!< Less
Weight Loss Management By Anthony Ekanem
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Over the years, the rising obesity rates in the western world have become a cause for concern. According to new global analysis, no country has been able to succeed in curbing obesity rates in the... More > last four decades or so. This current obesity epidemic has been put down to a lot of things but mainly stem as a result of modernization. Years ago people needed to live far more active lives to get things done. In this day and age just about everything can be automated or delivered to your door step. Also, another major factor has been the invention of processed foods. It has now come to the point where obesity is considered a disease and requires medical attention and intervention. This problem is fast spreading all round the world posing health threats everywhere. Anybody who is overweight is at risk. A major risk is that of heart disease, which usually ends up in a heart attack.< Less
Alternatives to Weight Loss By D Johnson
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There are several different types of weight loss surgeries you can chose from. Gastric banding, which is a restrictive method; gastric bypass, which is a malabsorptive system; the Roux-en-Y Gastric... More > Bypass, which is a combination of restrictive and malabsorptive procedures; the Biliopancreatic Diversion (BPD), or Scopinaro procedure, which is a "malabsorptive" operation, and can be performed alone or with a duodenal switch (DS); and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, which is a restrictive bariatric operation.< Less
Complete Weight Loss Program By Nazia Aron
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The latest medical science has proved that because of the certain abnormalities of the hormonal system, our body weight begins to add up in different portions like belly. If we can manage this... More > hormonal imbalance, we can easily reduce our weight overnight to whatever extent we want.< Less
eBook on 15 Holiday Weight Loss Tips (eBook 4u) By eBook Shelf 15 Holiday Weight Loss Tips
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The Holiday Season is one in which we all indulge ourselves in over-abundance. Especially when it comes to food. Food has become a central part of our get togethers and parties around the holidays,... More > so it is important that we remember to make smart food choices. And this is something that is almost always easier said than done when you see some of the decadant food choices made available, made with love, by your friends and family. In most cases, the majority of the party-going people, won't be concerned with watching their weight, so they are less inclined to bring healthier versions of their best recipes. Then it becomes our own burden to stick with our diets or to watch what we eat as the food choices are always so tempting! The following 15 holiday eating tips are here to help you when going to holiday parties to better watch your weight by giving you some great ideas.< Less
eBook on Amazing Weight Loss and Health Tips (eBook 4u) By eBook Shelf Amazing Weight Loss and Health Tips
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A FUN and EASY way to get more vitamins & minerals into your diet is by drinking freshly made fruit juices, vegetable juices, and by blending thick and frothy smoothies and shakes from frozen... More > fruit. A friend of mine describes drinking freshly made fruit juices like this: "If you have never taken a mouthful of cantaloupe juice or strawberry juice mixed with apple, you simply have not lived. Blueberry juice is a taste of liquid heaven." Freshly made juices are a tremendous source of bio-available vitamins and minerals which are the partners of enzymes and co-enzymes. Vitamins activate enzymes and without vitamins, enzymes could not carry out their work, and we could not live. Another benefit of drinking fresh juices and smoothies is that your body can absorb MORE of the vitamins and minerals than if you were to eat the fruits and vegetables whole! Many of the nutrients are TRAPPED in the fiber and by blending fruits and vegetables, you break down the fiber and release the vital nutrients.< Less
Greate Weight Loss System - The Weight Balance By Dmitrii Shamparov
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My really working Weight Loss System - The Weight balance In this book, I have systematized all the knowledge I gained while trying to lose weight. Over the last 10 years, I’ve tried and... More > tested almost all weight loss systems known to mankind and finally established my own system which has remarkably changed my body as well as my life. As these years passed, my weight dramatically changed back and forth several times from 150 kg (331 lb) to 90 kg (198 lb) and it was my inborn tenacity that kept me on track towards my long-awaited goal - to live a balanced and healthy life. What is most important for me now is not the fact that I managed to lose weight myself. BUT THAT NOW I KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU DO IT TOO!< Less
4 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $2.25
Here's what you'll learn in this ebook : + The ONE Key Element Everyone, Regardless of Age, Weight or Ability, MUST Possess In Order To Change Your Lifestyle and Improve Your Health. + How A Kiss... More > Can Be Just The Thing To Help You Finally Lose Weight and Feel Great + The 4 Questions That Will Absolutely Change the Way You Think, Act, Feel and Live these 4 questions could change your life forever! + What To Do In Order To Have A Solid Plan To Walk You Day by Day, Week by Week, Until You Reach ALL Of Your Health and Weight Loss Goals + How to Lose as Much as Weight as You Want And Keep it Off Forever + The One Thing You're Currently Doing That's Is GUARANTEED To Sabotage Your Every Effort To Lose Weight and Improve Your Health + Are You Dieting Your Way to Weight Gain Even Though The Scale May Say You Weigh Less Than You Did a Week Ago? (if you're doing this there's a 99% chance you'll gain the weight back and then some) ... and so much more.< Less