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For Birmingham and the West Midlands. For Everything you are. By Carolyn Bayliss
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I photographed this area with fondness and people have influenced many of the images. Walking around the St. Patrick’s Day parade I saw a mix of cultures come together and “Rotunda... More > Bubble” with tricolour balloons and the bubble, made me think about how fragile relations can be. You will find photos and digital creations about how wonderful this region is as well as the tensions that have existed at times. “Jack the Hat” mixes with the green, white and gold, or yellow if you prefer to debate and “Jack” flying over the Wolverhampton Art Gallery has been described as “tired”. Whether that is so is for you to decide. Take from these images what you wish. “Reflecting” sees a woman outside the Selfridges building watching the world go by and “Discs” recognises Birmingham as the economic power that it is. At times it may seem like the sky is falling but I welcome all aboard the skylark and I hope that you enjoy the ride. Dougal the dog did.< Less
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Volume 4301, List of Singapore reptiles --- List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in the West Midlands By Print Wikipedia
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Volume 4301, List of Singapore reptiles---List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in the West Midlands Print Wikipedia is a both a utilitarian visualization of the largest accumulation of human... More > knowledge and a poetic gesture towards the inhuman scale of big data. Michael Mandberg wrote software that parses the entirety of the English-language Wikipedia database and programmatically lays out nearly 7500 volumes, complete with covers, and then uploads them to for print-on-demand. Print Wikipedia draws attention to the sheer size of the encyclopedia's content and the impossibility of rendering Wikipedia as a material object in fixed form: Once a volume is printed it is already out of date. It is also a work of found poetry built on what is likely the largest appropriation ever made. As we become increasingly more dependent on information and source material on the Internet today, Mandiberg explores the accessibility of its vastness.< Less
Beer Froth a Collection of Poetry By Richard Archer
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Beer Froth is a collection of poetry from Walsall poet Richard Archer. The book is a selection of poetry from his successful poetry blog and new work written especially for this collection. Richard's... More > poetry is a mix of what he observes in his daily commute and whatever is in his head when he the urge to write overtakes him. His poem "Obsessive Compulsive Poetry" explains why he will never stop writing, whereas "Marmite Covered Jelly Babies" shows just how difficult it can be to understand the opposite sex. From Were-Hamsters and office ghosts, to seagulls and take away kebabs, this is a collection designed to hopefully make you laugh and think. Not necessarily in that order.< Less
Just 14 By Andy Dale
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Fiction and fact merge in this story of a teenage boy (Jonathan Stadler) following his beloved Aston Villa's glorious 1980/81 season. As he turns 14 (one year for each of the Villa players) his life... More > begins to change in many different, funny and unexpected ways. Step back to a time of; Big Ron Atkinson's flamboyant Albion, Andy Gray's Wolves League Cup winner, Cloughie conquering's Europe and Star Soccer on TV. This is a must for anyone who followed Midland football in the early 80's. It will bring memories flooding back of a time when a staggering eight Midland teams were in the top division. A time when going to school on Monday was a nightmare if your team had lost on Saturday. But this isn't just a football book.... 'Just 14' really has it all; from the shooting of John Lennon, the ripping skirts of Bucks Fizz to a guest appearance from Pele this book will make you laugh, smile and probably even cry.< Less
In a world that is oh so small By Carolyn Bayliss
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A look at Birmingham, the West Midlands and the people who have lived in the region. Multiculturalism and a look ethnic minority people photographed against a backdrop of an iconic or historic... More > Britain. Thank you to the people.< Less
Poems On The Bus By Richard Archer
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Poems on the Bus is the third collection of poetry from Richard Archer. The poems in this book came to life on the bus from Walsall to Birmingham and back again. Much to the surprise of the fellow... More > passengers. Inside discover the perils of commuting in sub-zero conditions and just what might have been the contents of your school dinner.Read on and discover why people don't queue for the bus anymore and the secret fate that befell your favourite childhood pets. This is a collection of poetry that can be enjoyed on your journey to work,at home or with a glass of your favourite tipple in the pub.< Less
Black by Day Red by Night By Cynthia Clark
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Phoebe was born on Christmas day, the only child of MaryAnn and John Horton. She was raised in a Victoria household and as a young girl sent to live with her Grandfather, Benjamin Jones. Strict and... More > rigid, Benjamin acquired great wealth and left a healthy portion to Phoebe upon his death. John Caswell, a handsome talented young man, courted Phoebe and won her hand. He gave her nine children and took away her fortune. Phoebe, born into wealth, died almost a pauper far from home. She and her husband, John, lie in separate graves on two different continents. This is her story.< Less
Holiday Nightmare and other short stories and poems By Kobi James
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from Writing West Midlands' Birmingham Young Writers' Group in Bartley Green
The Pearl Necklace By Sofia Carpinato
Paperback: $1.91
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from Writing West Midlands' Birmingham Young Writers' Group

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