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Non Digital Adventures In American Writing (Summer Travelin' Book Vol. 1 & 2) By Andrew H. Kuharevicz
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Originally sold (2012) as two books that were handmade after ripping pages with spit and burning through three small printers and bound with gorilla glue (limited 225 copies each) this book by... More > writer Andrew H. Kuharevicz is an updated West Vine Press Release that contains both volumes of, 'non digital adventures in American writing, Summer Travelin' Book. It contains notes and stories straight out of a fictitious young dying man's notebook and collected manuscripts. The reader will find pages in-original typeset. There are adventures during the great recession with settings such as Key West, Ann Arbor and Chicago. This book is full of lost causes and grammatical stutters, it's harsh and full of learning, but it paints a picture of history that many Americans have already forgotten ever took place. This is for advanced young adult readers as well as humans that consider themselves adults. It's about writing and the summer and losing friends you never needed in the first place. This is where it sort of started< Less
Happy In Dirt By Andrew Kuharevicz
Paperback: $10.00
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Note ONE: This is a work of fiction often based on real dreams HAPPY IN DIRT (Part one was a short lived book, Sleep walking Under the Moon Soul of Lake Michigan)NOTE TWO: HAPPY IN DIRT is a choose... More > your own adventure book for humans that call themselves adults, and in the end you realize that you only have once choice, and that’s to learn how to become HAPPY IN DIRT. Society has a plan…I'm going to hide in the Literature section of an old book store, and here's why...Question everything. That was the plan. By, Andrew H. Kuharevicz . Great. Now. Go. Nothing. I'm a complete mess of a man. WEST VINE PRESS< Less
From Far Out There By Andrew H. Kuharevicz
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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(eBook PDF Digital Download)This is a book that isn't necessarily time sensitive, as it is Post just about everything. This book is a song. It is a heartwarming story of stuff you will love. It is... More > one of those rare books containing multiple sovereign invasions and hangman executions...and it was written by a writer who thinks he's been kicked out of society. The story is about a fake social experiment and the future that is now. It's about Modern America and full of dead writers and late night bottom shelf booze stained discussions about the present tense of the novel and sex and hate and fear...and what happens within the stutter of silence. Written by A.H.K. Published by West Vine Press.< Less
Summer Travelin' Book, 81 Adventures in American Writing Vol, 1 By Andrew Kuharevicz
Paperback: $4.80
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Volume 1 of A Summer Travelin' Book, Written by Andrew H. Kuharevicz. Almost a dozen stories that span eighty one pages. See preview and West Vine Press for more information. Fiction and writing... More > about the world in which the fiction is created. This book is about the modern or as its been called the post modern times. This is an interesting look into what we all look at each day we wake up. A book about life.< Less
An Untitled and Written E.P #2 By Andrew Kuharevicz
Paperback: $11.88
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This is not for children. It is a loaded weapon. It is not always a nice book. It is often inked with rage and bewilderment. Within the following pages you will find words that come from many... More > different projects and books, draft pages as well as notes and cuts. Many of the selections have been shortened. This E.P is a sample of an overall body of work. (WARNING: This Book might make you mad, sad, happy, or confused. This Book might make you think a different way. How you feel is up to you, but the editors promise you, that it will make you laugh, at least once.)< Less
State & Stasis (Book One Future Dead Writers Series) By John Withee
Paperback: $6.52
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First book in the Series. Future Dead Writers. People from around the United States. Poetry and Prose about existence. First book by John Withee. Poet from Kalamazoo MI. See Preview for sample and... More > for more about series and about writer.< Less
A Few Healthy Moments & Random Film Scenes (Future Dead Writers Book #2) By Rob Haskew
Paperback: $5.00
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Book Two In The Future Dead Writers Series. Now For Sale. Rob Haskew and his words are about the circus. His words represent the minutes you sit in a chair and simply think. His words are... More > there… just like you, just like the sky, just like the present moment, the moment that comes before the point in your day when you’re all done with work, maybe getting ready for bed; his words are about that moment that comes just before you turn off your mind.SEE WEST VINE PRESS HOMEPAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS BOOK AND OTHER WEST VINE PRESS PUBLISHED MATERIAL. THANK YOU FOR READING.< Less
Summer Travelin' Book, Vol. 2 By Andrew Kuharevicz
Paperback: $4.68
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Click on Preview for more what these books are about. Volume 2 (all different Adventures in American Writing as Vol, 1) of A Summer Travelin' Book, Written by Andrew H. Kuharevicz. Almost a dozen... More > stories that span eighty one pages. See Andrew H. Kuharevicz and The West Vine Press Site for more info:< Less
The Napkin Book By Jorge de Leon
Paperback: $6.00
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The Napkin Book, by Jorge de Leon, is the third book in The Future Dead Writers Series published by West Vine Press. It is a book originally written by hand at night on napkins at bars. And as the... More > editor of the book says, “Writing (and writing by hand) is important. Handwriting is how we’ve made sense of the world ever since we were in grade-school. Writing by hand is natural. It is vital to the definitions we make, and that will never change. In most regards words are more powerful than any other medium that exists. A writer can get inside of our head and under our skin more than a photographer. I don’t know why that is but it is the truth.” “I hear the most beautiful nonsense I have ever not understood.” From back of the book: “This book is about lust, desire, the female figure, mystique and words better left unsaid. It’s the unfiltered words of a girl crazy romantic lover, fueled by beauty and vodka. The Napkin idea was born out of necessity.”< Less
Paperback: $9.16
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More Adventures of a Dying Young Man (Book A) is a book that starts at the beginning of The Great Recession. A young suicidal college graduate who majored in philosophy of the mind drops out of... More > graduate school and somehow decides to be a writer. Along the way he works in factories and travels around the United States. Using a stolen typewriter that was owned by a famous dead writer he learns more about the human condition than if he would have stayed in school or just watched television, and after falling on some hard times he meets a young energetic agent (Babushka) who sells him (Henry Oldfield) on the idea of writing Science Fiction Pop-Up Books for adults. It’s an amazing story about the first video game and the art of drawing three-dimensional boxes. This literary chronicle is about one young man’s journey into adulthood. After living in the woods he walks out of the wild only to learn that it’s all wild…WEST VINE PRESS. BOOK A. MORE ADVENTURES OF A DYING YOUNG MAN,BY ANDREWH.KUHAREVICZ< Less