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The Lone Star Ranger: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Fairdale, in Pecos County, Texas, is a crossroads of crime. Every bad guy in West Texas makes it a stopover or a base of operations. Facing budget cuts, the Texas Rangers agree to clean up Fairdale... More > in less than a year as a way of justifying their continued existence. Rangers Vaughn Steele and Marshal Sitter tackle the job, with Sitter going underground to ferret out the brains behind the criminal operations. This exciting yarn will be of special interest to Zane Grey fans. It is one of the few Grey novels written in the first person and is therefore much more character-driven than his usual work. Further, it is appearing here for the first time in its original form. As Grey's son notes in an introduction, significant changes were made when the story was first serialized, and subsequent publications either maintained the alterations or added new ones. Wes Lukowsky -- From Booklist< Less
The Spirit of the Border: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The book follows the life and adventures of two brothers Jim and Joe, Jim a Christian missionary and Joe a gregarious newcomer to frontier life. Wetzel always known as a loner, develops a friendship... More > with the young man Joe and trains him in the ways of forest woodcraft. All the while Jim struggles to strengthen and protect the already established Morvian Indian mission. All of this set against the intrigue of Indian politics,war and the rampaging murders and kidnappings of the white renegades Simon and Jim Girty. Although an historical novel, Zane Grey uses the various characters and happenings as a vehicle to give us a clear picture of the sentiment surrounding the precarious daily life for both the defenders of the Indian nations and those who acted as the American border rangers.< Less
The Desert of Wheat: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Hero Kurt Dorn is the son of a German immigrant, which puts father and son at odds during the war. Most of the book is taken up with Dorn's fight against the I.W.W., a socialist labor force that's... More > backed by German money. (A double whammy as the two things America hated most at this time was Germany AND socialists!) It's not until the last third or so of the book that Kurt goes off to war. Author Zane Grey, through his fictional character, is able to go off on a tangent about American women going ga-ga over a uniform and throwing themselves at men. (Like that's never happened before.) Once in the trenches of France, Dorn - who had been so anxious to go kill Germans - suddenly realizes the evils of war and the wrongness of wholesale slaughter. Not that that stops him from killing a few Germans anyway.< Less
Lonesome Land: Classic American Western Novel By B.M. Bower
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Valeria had come to Montana to marry a cowboy named Manley, expecting a future full of companionship and bracing freedom, lodges with great fireplaces and bearskin rugs, manageable cattle and sleek... More > horses, and dazzling sunrises. If Val had known what was really waiting for her, she simply wouldn’t have gotten off the train. Oh, the country was impressive, but it could be cruel in winter and lonesome for a woman stuck on a ranch miles from the nearest neighbor. Val is cast into circumstances that test her temper, strength, and sanity. Married to an alcoholic, she is forced to revise her back-East notions about men and women, duty, and the West itself. She goes from romanticization to "blind unreasoning terror of the empty land" to decisive action.< Less
The Day of the Beast: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
"Our ordeal is over -- the Hell is past and we must bury memory . . ." Lane, Maynard and Payson stand on deck as the ship glides toward New York, in the shadow of Liberty -- a war-weary... More > trio of soldiers, home at last. Time has marked them, and the battles of France have left them disabled . . . but what awaits them on land, beyond the empty dock? Who will be there for them, at home? And will they ever be able to lead a normal life? Zane Gray (1875-1939), master storyteller of the frontier and the outdoors, in "The Day of the Beast" gives tribute to the unsung heroes of the Great War.< Less
A Texas Matchmaker: Classic American Western Novel By Andy Adams
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Excerpt from Chapter III There is something about those large ranches of southern Texas that reminds one of the old feudal system. The pathetic attachment to the soil of those born to certain... More > Spanish land grants can only be compared to the European immigrant when for the last time he looks on the land of his birth before sailing. Of all this Las Palomas was typical. In the course of time several such grants had been absorbed into its baronial acres. But it had always been the policy of Uncle Lance never to disturb the Mexican population; rather he encouraged them to remain in his service. Thus had sprung up around Las Palomas ranch a little Mexican community numbering about a dozen families, who lived in jacals close to the main ranch buildings. They were simple people, and rendered their new master a feudal loyalty.< Less
The Man of the Forest: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Milt Dale is the Man of the Forest. Living alone in a camp in the wilderness called Paradise Park, he prefers the company of bears, cougars, and wolves to that of the surrounding ranchers and... More > troublemakers. But one day he overhears a conversation that changes his life and convinces him to leave his wild paradise to save a young woman from certain doom. The pioneer spirit runs in Helen Rayner’s blood, but it may not save her from the nasty end that tough guy Snake Anson has planned for her. To get his hands on her uncle’s ranch, he needs to get rid of Helen—by any means necessary. But luckily for Helen, the Man of the Forest is not about to let that happen.< Less
Rebel Spurs: Classic American Western Novel By Andre Norton
eBook (ePub): $1.99
In 1866, only men uprooted by war had reason to ride into Tubacca, Arizona, a nondescript town as shattered and anonymous as the veterans drifting through it. So when Drew Rennie, newly discharged... More > from Forrest's Confederate scouts, arrived leading everything he owned behind him-his thoroughbred stud Shiloh, a mare about to foal, and a mule-he knew his business would not be questioned. To anyone in Tubacca there could be only one extraordinary thing about Drew, and that he could not reveal: his name, Rennie. Drew had come west from Kentucky to find a father he had thought dead until the year before. Kinship with a man like Hunt Rennie, however-the legendary Don Cazar, owner of a matchless range and prize stallions-was not a claim to be made quickly or lightly. Posing as Drew Kirby the young veteran contrived to get himself and his friend Anse hired as corral hands at Rennie's Range, but he was hardly prepared for the suspicion and danger which stood between him and his father.< Less
Starr, of the Desert: Classic American Western Novel By B.M. Bower
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A COMMONPLACE MAN WAS PETER Daffodils were selling at two bits a dozen in the flower stand beside the New Era Drug Store. Therefore Peter Stevenson knew that winter was over, and that the weather... More > would probably "settle." There would be the spring fogs, of course—and fog did not agree with Helen May since that last spell of grippe. Peter decided that he would stop and see thedoctor again, and ask him what he thought of a bungalow out against the hills behind Hollywood; something cheap, of course—and within the five-cent limit on the street cars; something with a sleeping porch that opened upon a pleasanter outlook than your neighbor's back yard. If Helen May would then form the habit of riding to and from town on the open end of the cars, that would help considerably; in fact, the longer the ride the better it would be for Helen May. The air was sweet and clean out there toward the hills. It would be better for Vic, too.< Less
The Mysterious Rider: Classic American Western Novel By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Rancher Bill Belllounds had brought up Columbine as though she were his daughter. Out of affection for her foster father, Columbine had agreed to marry Bill's son., Jack-a drunkard, gambler, coward,... More > and thief. But the man she really loved was cowboy Wilson Moore, and he was everything Belllound's son should have been. Then the strange, clairvoyant little man they called Hell-Bent Wade came to work at the ranch. "You can believe me when I say somethin' will happen," he declared prophetically. "Columbine isn't goin' to marry Jack Belllound's." I loved to read the dialogue, Zane Grey's books may be a little dated to the time period when he wrote them, but it's still a good book.< Less

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