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Ken Ward in the Jungle: Classic Adventure Novel By Zane Grey
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“What a change from the Arizona desert!” Ken Ward joins his brother’s trip to the jungle of southeastern state of Mexico. Hal, Ken’s brother has to finish his job by... More > collecting specimens for a museum. Then his unexpected adventure begin. They catch sight of a river with the most beautiful waterfall. Moreover, they face gigantic snakes, poisonous ants’ army, gigantic snakes, wild pigs and dangerous crocodiles. This adventure challenges Ken to prove that he is the best jungle explorer and can help noisy Hal out of problems. Ken Ward in the Jungle; Thrilling Adventures in Tropical Wilds is one the book series for boys. Although this novel is not the typical Zane Grey’s American Western fiction style, it maintains several unique characteristics to confirm it was a genuine Grey’s work. Grey create this adventure in a manner such that all readers who read this novel think that they are there. It can guarantee this book definitely satisfy the true Grey fan and other readers.< Less
The Western World Picturesque Sketches of Nature and Natural History in North and South America By William Henry Giles Kingston
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: William Henry Giles Kingston (28 February 1814 – 5 August... More > 1880), often credited as W. H. G. Kingston, was an English writer of boys' adventure novels.William Henry Giles Kingston was born in Harley Street, London on 28 February 1814. He was the eldest son of Lucy Henry Kingston (d.1852) and his wife Frances Sophia Rooke (b.1789), daughter of Sir Giles Rooke, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Kingston's paternal grandfather John Kingston (1736-1820) was a Member of Parliament who staunchly supported the Abolition of the Slave Trade, despite having a plantation in Demerara. Excerpt from:< Less
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Death Steppe: A World War II Novel By Judy Bruce
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Merriam Press Historical Fiction Series. This World War II story, set in western Soviet Union during Germany’s retreat, follows the lives of a Russian war widow, a dissident, Christian, and... More > black marketeer, as she serves as a medic on the front lines, and a disillusioned German lieutenant, a former professor and concentration camp officer, as he fights in a losing effort. After our heroine is forced into service as a navigator in a women’s air force regiment, flying plywood and canvas biplanes on harrowing night missions, she encounters the injured yet violent German when her plane crashes. Together they embark on a turbulent journey, first as enemies, later as lovers and disheartened deserters.< Less
Lord of the World: A Catholic Novel of the End Times By Robert Hugh Benson
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Set in a near-future in which a socialistic, scientific and coolly secular Western "paradise" stands threatened, from within by Catholic believers who refuse to deny the reality of God and... More > the supernatural, and from without by a mysterious "East" reminiscent of today's global Islamic culture, the world finds itself tottering on the brink of either blossoming into a glorious new age of peace, or of dissolving in a final bloodbath of all out global war. Enter Julian Felsenburgh, the world's greatest diplomat, peacemaker, charismatic world leader, and - unbeknownst to his eager followers - Antichrist. The world's only hope is a beleaguered and globally persecuted Catholic Church… A science fiction bestseller when it first appeared in 1907, Robert Hugh Benson's prophetic end times thriller reads as if culled from today's headlines, and chillingly predicts the path our secular, post-modern, and largely "post-Christian" world is even now following straight into the clutches of the Enemy.< Less
Dostoevsky, The Bible, and History: A close look into the layers of the novel Demons By Sean Cameron
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Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Demons (1871-1872) is a novel that depicts a real event in Russian history, the “Nachaev affair” of 1869, in which an individual, Sergei Nachaev, a Nihilist... More > revolutionary who was sponsored by another famous revolutionary, philosopher, and anarchist: Mikhail Bakunin—who has been called the father of anarchist theory, was involved, if not totally responsible for the murder of a student who was intent on revealing some of the activities of Nachaev. Nachaev represents a new form of revolutionary spirit which Dostoevsky imparts to his character Pyotr Steponovich Verkovensky in which what was only a product of intellectual ideation becomes a wild and uncontrollable force unto itself. Dostoesvky translates this anarchist drama into a powerful myth that serves as a testament and warning of the dangers of revolutionary methods and ideas. An important message for today's heavily polarized world.< Less
O Foolish Galatians: A Study Guide for Learning About the History of Christianity and Western Europe By Dale R. Pfeiffer
Paperback: $18.95
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This study guide was written as a companion for the historical fiction novel trilogy by author Dale R. Pfeiffer: The Pfeifferberg Chronicles:Book Three: O Foolish Galatians.
Mihawhenua: The Adventures of a Party of Tourists Amongst a Tribe of Maoris Discovered in Western Otago, New Zealand By John Alexander Barr & R. W. Brock
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Mihawhenua: The Adventures of a Party of Tourists Amongst a Tribe of Maoris Discovered in Western Otago, New Zealand by John Alexander Barr. A lost race thriller with the race being discovered in a... More > lush world around a warm lake hidden in the mountains. Barr published a few novels all in a rush, including two Australian thrillers, under the name Gilbert Rock but his own story is perhaps more exciting than Moa riding Maoris, cannibals, and treacherous French sailors. A Dunedin lawyer, he petitioned in 1888 for a protective tax on all imported literature, assuring the government that he was "prepared to supply the colonial market with literature if inducement offers." All his known novels then appeared by November. Soon after he did 'the Pacific Slope' (a great term I hadn't heard before), abandoning his family and absconding with many thousands of his clients' pounds either lost or in his pocket.< Less
George Arliss in DISRAELI: A Graphic Novel Based on the 1921 Silent Film By Robert M. Fells
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Russian meddling in the affairs of western governments is nothing new. Over a century ago, George Arliss starred in a play that told the story of British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli's efforts to... More > purchase the Suez Canal for his country. But his plan was almost thwarted by Russia. The play ran for five years, then Arliss starred in a silent film version, later followed by a sound film version that won him an Academy Award. This graphic novel faithfully recreates the 1921 silent film DISRAELI that today is considered lost.< Less
Greatest Works of Joseph Conrad: Nostromo, Lord Jim, Heart of Darkness, Victory, The Shadow-Line, The Arrow of Gold, The Secret Agent, The Nigger of the Narcissus & Under Western Eyes By Joseph Conrad
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Joseph Conrad was an English novelist of Polish origin. Regarded as one of the great novelists in English; he wrote stories and novels, predominantly with a nautical setting, that depict trials of... More > the human spirit by the demands of duty and honour, brought a distinctly non-English tragic sensibility into English literature. His narrative style and anti-heroic characters have influenced many authors. This collection contains his best works (Nostromo, Lord Jim, Heart of Darkness, Victory, The Shadow-Line, The Arrow of Gold, The Secret Agent, The Nigger of the Narcissus & Under Western Eyes), in their original editions. Review, design and indexing by Century eBooks.< Less

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